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Aunty Del

Poor Aunty Del cannot quite understand why she is not allowed in the  milking room eve-ery morning.  She leans her head over the door and looks quite perplexed watching her friend Astor loudly munch her GM free treats while being milked. Molly broke through… Continue Reading “Aunty Del”

I got it wrong

This little calf does not want to be called Aida she  wants to be called Del.  She is so calm and so sweet, there is not one fussy bone in her body. She has no aspirations for the stage, and no interest in tragedy. She… Continue Reading “I got it wrong”

An Angry Sow is not to be trifled with

Early in the morning as the dawn is dawning I take the tractor out into the sweetcorn field and pick two big bucket loads for the animals. I cut the stalk at the base with my sharp spade and throw the sweetcorn, with its… Continue Reading “An Angry Sow is not to be trifled with”