Beautiful pictures today. I said to Our John through coughs and snorts and much blowing of the nose, (the best rags for a cold are chopped up old cotton nighties or T shirts. Very soft on the nose. I have a very diverse rag bag just for these kinds of things.)anyway I was saying to him that some times I can go a full month without one decent calendar- worthy shot. Today there are at least two. Can you guess which ones?

Marmalades kittens are eating very well ..


So I am keeping Marmalade outside for longer periods of time so we don’t get this..(see below)  they are just too big and she is so small.. kittens nursing

Though I get this at the door…

mad cat

But it has to be done.  They are old enough.  And this little Mama is going in on Monday to have her tubes tied. I only planned for one litter. Cats come back into heat very fast.  kunekune pigs

Tane and Tima are still waiting for cuddles and other treats.


They never give up on looking cute.

I know Tima.. you are the cutest.



Elsie eats half of what Daisy could chow down and will leave the hay to go into the field if it is offered.  (Though the hay is all gone by the next day) Is that you Aunty Del?



Marmalade still gets to come inside though. For photo ops.

kittens and mother

.. she is a good Mama.


Good morning. That haze is from the lens fogging up when the camera is brought back inside out of  the cold outside.  I like the effect though.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Your friend on the farmy


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  1. Oh the pictures are all beautiful and worthy of inclusion in a calendar, but I especially love the one of marmalade at the glass, and my favourite is of the those two naughty piggies’ noses! They are adorable. Hope your cold and sore throat are getting better now and you feeling ok but it takes longer to get over something than it does to go down with it so keep warm. xx

  2. My favorites are the wheel of colorful kittens, Marmalade knocking at the door, and Tima being the cutest piggy, though I love Tane’s eyelashes too! Aww C– they are all good pictures, so hard to pick just two! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. I do hope you are feeling better this morning – and I love your description of the rags you use (me too!)
    Photo’s are really grand this morning, and any with a cat or kitten in them are the tops with me (I am really a cat person even though I have two dogs who I love tremendously – I think cats and I have the same personalities and love of freedom!)
    Stay warm my friend – big hugs

  4. Well clearly, having a runny nose has not affected your eye or skill with a camera. Looking at the photos has been a rising crescendo of Awwwwwww! Lookit! Cuuuute! That last shot of Tima can only be described as ‘winsome’. How far from the truth; she is a naughty, greedy piggy and looking innocent fools noone!

    • Greedy is definitely her middle name, she will only stand at her own bowl for seconds before she rushes to Tanes bowl to check and see if he has anything better, then rushes back to her bowl and back again, chewing all the time of course.. c

  5. I like the shot where all the kittens are feeding, apart from the one that is staring straight at the camera. And the piggy noses are cute! All the photos are gorgeous though; I like the last one too!

    I hope your cold is getting better. I’m feeling a little under the weather today as well…it’s that time of the year when there are so many coughs and colds around! I’m sure you’ve probably heard of it, but Echinacea herb tincture is great for winter colds/sore throats/respiratory infections: it boosts the immune system and has a natural antibiotic effect.

  6. What fun pictures today. I love each of them for different reasons. Hopefully you are feeling better today and that you will be back in top form before you know it. It is such a bummer to not feel well.

  7. My two favourites would be Marmalade knocking at the door and Tima’s cute nose, on her own. But then ,,,, 🙂 Keep getting better, NZ is just around the corner. Laura

    • i cleaned just a small spot in the centre to get the clarity in the subject and the haze all around so it was kind of on purpose. c

  8. Your kitties have been adorable. Sadly, we had six cat/kittens but some thief of the night seems to have taken every last one of them. We think it is the coyotes that run through our rural Iowa landscapes and howl so loudly every night. We will wait to replace them until we think the critter that stole them (leaving not a trace behind} has moved on.

    • Oh that is miserable, coyotes will do that if the cats too far from home.. and there are many other predators out here in the country, that is bad luck.. To take six like that is just awful.. I usually lose them one at a time which is sad but easier to manage emotionally .. So sorry.. c

  9. Gosh, you are right about getting Marmalade spayed ASAP! Our Boo Bop was still nursing her kittens when she went into heat again!!! I rushed her to the vet to avoid another round of kittens, as she was by then, bedraggled from feeding her babies and just plain ‘wore’ out! One or both calendar shots would have to be Tima, or the second shot of Tima and Tane waiting for treats and cuddles. Sooooo adorable! I’m crazy about those two!!! xo

    • We will start a campaign! You would love one of these wee fellas and that way you will come up and visit me one day!

  10. I have struggled to pick only two but failed, because they are all so good. My choice is down to three: The circle of kittens, mother at the door and the pair of noses through the bars!

  11. Gosh, where do I begin. It’s another calendar. Marmalade at the door is a crack up, the pigs snouts with their cute lips….just cute. The foggy picture of kittens looks like an old photo or painting. Really nice. Keep feeling better 🙂

  12. I picked four, not two, wheel (perfect description!) of kittens, Marmalade knocking, Tima and Tane’s noses in perfect alignment and Tima by herself looking angelic..ha I have some of Bill’s old undershirts that i am cutting up as needed for tasks. Tho I did consider cutting them into strips and crocheting a small rug. It is Friday and overcast, but warm. I walked at 5:00am with no jacket. Have a wonderful day, sniffles and all.

  13. They are all calendar worthy. But I vote for Aunty Del. The smiling pig snout. And the shot of Marm with two kittens and the wood burning stove in the back. That is beautiful. Wow.
    A bloody awful cold/flu seems to be good for your shooter’s eye.

  14. I believe I’m smitten with Tima and Tane… and yes, Tima seems to steal the camera more, she’s got it going on (girls just seem to know that). I’m glad you had a good day with the camera, but darn the luck that ailment keeps hanging on. Be good to yourself – sneak naps in when you can!

    • It is not letting up either. I have fed everyone and once the kitchen is put to rights and the bed changed again (I am not sleeping well) . I am going to download another talking book and retire to the couch with another jar of hot lemon and honey and let my computer read to me.. any ideas on a good book?

      • I just went back to my bookshelves… just an eclectic mix here: “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed, “Deep Survival” by Laurence Gonzales, “The Underneath” by Kathi Appelt, “Watership Down” by Richard Adams (probably everyone has read this book – I have read it several times), and “Wesley the Owl” by Stacey O’Brien. I have so many others… just not sure what you love to read!

      • Have you read The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones……….a charming story, keeps you interested and engaged but not so heavy you can’t have a little nap and then get back right into it.

  15. Impossible to chose. For sheer beauty and subtle elegance, the last one does look like an oil painting.

  16. Don’t those piggies have the most kissable noses…love the kittens, adorable, love the chook and Boo and Elsie in fact I LOVE THEM ALL xxxx

  17. Beautiful photos indeed C. Like everyone else I like the last one and the one of Tima alone! You can just see her little brain working and thinking about food! 🐷
    Have you read Three Cups of Tea?
    Get well soon C.

  18. At least two… and the rest! Perfect timing, as on Sunday mornings -tomorrow- I have the G.O.’s company for coffee and blog reading and we do a recap of The Farmy week 🙂

  19. They are all wonderful photos, but the little piggies noses are the cutest. Plus Mom cat wanting back inside!!!! Love them all.

  20. I think I have the very same thing you have, and I’m right about where you’re at with it. Have been going to work and dragging back home. Great photos. The one of Marmalade is very expressive!! 🙂

  21. omg that photo of Marmalade is gorgeous ♥ ♥ she reminded of Garfield, so much determination to get back inside on her face 🙂 🙂

  22. Well, if you could produce these memorable pics just perchance you are a little better!! Most worthy of the next calendar, but, in no particular order [as always said on TV] – the circle of kitties eating, mother Marmalade attempting to get in and the ‘artsy-craftsy’ last one with all that steam! Hmm – no, have not gone off pigs and cows 🙂 !!!!

  23. your disease is known in this area as, the boar hog flu,
    gruntin and snortin all day long

  24. loving the moments in time C. especially smitten on Mama at the door saying “are you freaking serious?! and the ‘Tima only’ eyeballing the lens! too many choices but!!

  25. Aww! I followed a link from CeeCee’s blog to find you. What a bunch of sweetest faces you have. Your photography is beautiful. I’ve subscribed through Feedly and will be back often.

  26. Marmalade trying to get in and the first pic of Tane and Tima smiling through the slats, and the last shot of the kittens…those are my pics but I love all of them.

  27. I count 3: Tima, Elsie, and the last one. Is it just me, or do Elsie’s markings look like a fist with the index finger pointing up? “I’m Number 1,” she proclaims.

    • There is certainly something about that side .. I keep staring and trying to decipher it, maybe that is it.. a number one..

  28. The pictures are all calender worthy but I have to say, the look on Marmalade’s face when she’s at the door is my favorite. 🙂

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