Still Here

Still plodding along. I want to write “through the gloom”  but that would be gloomy. Better to say I am sure yesterday was the worst day (of this stupid cold – where is my raw milk?)  and today will be better.  The fire is roaring and the house is warm,  even this early.even-sicker-008

All food smells disgusting pobably because I cannot smell the whole of it, so I am drinking copious amounts of builders tea. even-sicker-013But I will mention that the little weather fairy forecasters are whispering a little about sun for today. Sun would be good. even-sicker-040

I have had to avoid the pigs altogether, no scratches or cuddles with sheila,  it is very easy for a pig to catch the flu from a human and the result can be disastrous. So I make sure to wear my gloves and only serve food from he barn. No home made from the kitchen until I lose this wheezy cough.even-sicker-048



Good morning. I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,




80 Comments on “Still Here

  1. I, too, am fighting off the sniffles and am just dragging through the week. We aren’t expecting sun until sometime Saturday, so they say. It really is dreary! Can’t wait for the Solstice. Hope your chest clears up soon!

  2. I hope you feel better today. Evie is still sick, she sounds like a harbour seal. To make this week even better we got 25 cm of snow last night. Winter is definitely here. Any tips for soothing sore throat s and barking coughs in small children???

    • Everyone has a favourite remedy but I honestly believe in honey and lemon – lots of honey – in hot water, drunk quite warm,gallons of it, the honey actually helps take the sting out of the throat. Those barking coughs are the worst.. that is if you can find some local raw honey.. which is sometimes hard to find/..c

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to you Celi, The sun must come out and shine on you today 🙂 Many, many more happy returns. Laura

    • Oh mercy, no talk of birthdays! Actually John wheeled in an enormous box last nigth for my birthday which turned out to be a gorgeous metal filing cabinet, I have been dying for one for ever! I have no memory for papers so filing things makes life so much easier.. c

  4. Into a mug put the juice of one lemon, two teaspoons of honey, raw if you can get it, a chunk of fresh ginger and top up with boiling water. Stir well. Drink. Feel better. And if you can get rooibos tea, drink that instead of Indian for a bit. It tastes nice, and is full of antioxidants. You can use milk if you want it, and it’s nice cold too.

    • yes I am the lemon and raw honey girl.. though I seriously hate ginger.. i make the lemon drinks by the jug full and drinnk it all day..I hope you are well kate and things are a bit more settled now.. c

      • Pity, because ginger is a great antibacterial and makes you feel like your insides lit up, which is quite cheering when you have a cold. I’ll send you an email about the rest…

          • I wonder if chilli would work instead. It might, it’s a great endorphin stimulator, and it sounds to me as if you need your endorphins stimulated, Miss C.

              • Oh, please! You’re so accustomed to having superhuman energy that when you come down to the level of the rest of us, you feel sluggish. Rest is not only permissible but necessary when you have a cold. See if you can’t make time for a little of that this afternoon… Perhaps with a nice warm kitten in your lap 🙂

  5. What’s this I’ve just read? It’s your birthday? You should give the Fellowship a chance to send you good wishes on this auspicious day. Next time, give us advance warning so we can do it properly, with cards and presents. Right, I must go and rummage in the cupboard to find something to make for you….

    • Oh no no..never mind all that.. I have no interest in birthdays i am the UN birthday girl. I give presents and best wishes when ever I feel like it. .. even christmas feels too restrictrive for me and you just sent me a wonderful Unbirthday pressie!! c

    • You ok up your way Kate, I see there’s severe storm warnings, heavy rain and flooding warnings in force until tomorrow? Think we passed it on, have had days of heavy rain, afternoon thunderstorms and hail and the humidity’s through the roof. Get your head out the pressie cupboard and go batten down the hatches 🙂

      • Doors and windows firmly closed. I just have to feed the ducks out the back, and then the rest of day I’ll be safely inside. Gladstone’s getting a real drubbing, but we’re missing out on the worst of it, sadly, just getting the fringes, and it could even peter out before it reaches us…

  6. i hope your birthday present is someone to help with your chores.
    good luck.get well

    • did your throat turn into anything? I have not felt this sick in YEARS! Hope it did not get this bad for you.. c

      • You know it’s weird. During the day I’m fine. Feels like a cold, but manageable, however, every morning I wake up with the worst sore throat and am completely stuffed up. I’m hoping it starts to go away soon. Hope you’re feeling better now!

  7. Awww! Feeling poorly on your birthday is a shame! I hope the sun really does come for a visit. We got our Sheila shirts yesterday – love them. Many happy returns of the day, Celi, and I hope you feel stronger soon. xo

  8. Oh, poor you! Only one birthday per year (unless you’re the queen of England!) and you’re poorly! Fancy not being able to spend time with your pal Sheila on your big day! At least you can be entertained in the warmth by those wee kitties!
    Happy birthday anyway,

  9. Happy Birthday my dear friend and I hope you feel better soon! Thyme tea is good for chesty stuff. Put teaspoon of dried thyme in a cup and cover with boiled water. Let seep for about 10 minutes. Strain in to clean cup and add spoon of honey and sip. Clears the old tubes!

    • Builder’s tea …called wharfies tea here in Oz….is tea so strong “the spoon stands up in it”, often including lots of sugar if that’s your preference. Only way to drink tea 🙂

  10. Oh dear poor you, hope you shake it off soon! Happy birthday! 🎂. My Sheila calendar came yesterday. Love it. Sending healing thoughts X

  11. Yes, pigs get sick so easily, and our illnesses can easily sicken them. Take care of yourself Sweet Celi!!! xo

  12. Goodness, you must be so sick that you’ve forgotten it is your birthday??!! Since there was no advance notice of this special day, I will wish for a bit of sunshine for you. I hope you can go outside and get some sun on your face. I’m sure that will make you feel so much better. Is there cake in your future??

  13. Hopefully getting better soon Miss C 🙂 I have been hearing on the news just how hard hit Illinois is with this years flu. Please take care of yourself, perhaps put Nanny Boo in charge for a bit to run things on the farmy

  14. Take care and I hope you feel better soon! We are expecting a huge rain and wind storm here this afternoon (the same one that’s hitting northern California so hard they closed the schools). Maybe the sun will come out after the storm–it always does eventually.

  15. Well what crap luck… this cold/flu still hanging about! I hope you do find the sun shining today… it is not shining here. I did not know pigs were especially susceptible to the flu! I learn something new here all of the time. I wonder what was going on in that photo where Tane seems to be fleeing the food pan? It looks like he’s in motion… no telling. In all of these photographs I find myself wondering what the the critters are thinking! Feel better, and Happy Birthday to you my lovely friend. 🙂

  16. The second you see that sun, drop everything, get yourself a chair and go out and sit in every second of it!! Love the photos today. 🙂

    • no sign of it yet, but I am working on a lovely simplified version of a GF- vegan lasagne to practise, so soon the house will smell sunny!… c

  17. I’m so sorry your feeling poorly. Keep warm. Drink lots and lots…put a towel over your head and breath just boiled steamy water with two spoons of baking soda in it.
    This will (in addition to the thyme remedy) absolutely help clear nasal passages and lungs. I’ve had troubles with Bronchial stuff and this has given me great relief. Please take

    • You know .. I have never ever heard of that particular remedy and I don’t have to drive anywhere to find it as it is in my pantry.. I will try it tonight.. many thanks darling.. c

  18. Good morning, and HB! I will mark the day on my Sheila Calendar (which arrived yesterday – joy!). Since that cat is out of the bag, I’m sure the rest of the Fellowship will be doing the same! I felt like a little kid reading his first “big kid” book yesterday – what – no pictures? haha! I hope you are feeling better soon. Please don’t let it settle into pneumonia. BTW – when do you need our entries for Letters to My Baby Girl? I don’t want to miss the deadline – unless I have already. Oh my.

    • No you have not missed the deadline.. I said the end of december, then I will begin the collating across january.. I need to do quite a bit or writing for it too, this one has a slightly dfferent format.. c

  19. Feel better Celi and oh no, is today your birthday?! Happy Birthday Doll, plan something festive for healthier times. You are the only person I know who can make having the flu seem so cozy and charming. I got my Sheila Calendar! I don’t want to look inside so I’m surprised. Can’t wait for January.


  20. I’m sooo sorry you’re still feeling lousy. The sun is out here in Chicago…it’s just got to find its way south pronto. Some burthday!! Not many women would be pleased with a file cabinet for a birthday gift, but you, Miss C, are no ordinary woman. There you are taking pains to protect Miss Sheila et al from catching whatever you’ve got. Just like Sun Dog said, I too learn something every day. Who knew how delicate pigs are?
    I love the photo of Boo yawning so very much. It made me laugh out loud. He has–like Jackie Gleason in “The Honeymooners” –A BIG MOUTH! He’s wishing you an HB! Me too.

  21. Feeling sick is the pits, especially if you’re not usually. A filing cabinet’s a wonderful birthday gift, I told my kids for years I wanted a wheelbarrow but they scoffed at me and bought me smelly bath stuff instead. Feel better soon, and maybe feel just a tiny bit of birthday excitement.. And enjoy watching those naughty kitties climb all over your furniture…….

  22. My parcel arrived yesterday 🙂 I love the calendar and T shirt, thank you so much. I’m still down with flu as well so you have my full sympathy. Happy Birthday.

  23. I hadn’t considered that you’d be contagious to the pigs… oh no… it’s bad enough in humans, that’s why you/we haven’t felt this bad in years. The G.O. managed to not catch it off me, so it’s possible to keep it to yourself once you know you’ve got the lurgy. I hope your day and your birthday is at least passable. Yep, food is blah but drink as much as you can of anything, any kind of tea helps 🙂

  24. Happy un-birthday to you Cinders! I hope you feel better very soon! Why don’t you put a glug or 2 of your favorite spirit in that hot lemon water and then you won’t even care if you’re sick! 😉

  25. Dear Celi sore throats are caused by a lack of Vit B complex – we can’t store Vit B so have to keep it topped up.. stress uses it up…. If you can get some Vit B complex, you could take four straight away with food, and then three night and monring with food for three weeks. After that two daily indefinitely through the winter as a preventive.
    If ever I feel a throat coming on, I get stuck into the Vit B,and haven’t had a cold,/ flu in years… a couple of Vit and mineral pills daily through the winter also helps

    • Yes the vitamon B’s are rather a complex collection..and you are right vitamins need to be present in your diet daily as you cannot store them, with the vit B’s if you take too much of it,it will actually decrease how much you can absorb, tricky vitamin. But easy to find in a normal fresh diet thankfully. I so seldom have a cold and am well on the way to recovery today.. thankfully. thank you valerie, I hope all is well .. c

  26. Yes, I’ll agree with ‘Anonymous’ and wish you an improving un-Birthday also. [With big hugs] Have to celebrate twice as hard when all signs of the lurgy gone!! Did that misery have to land on your doorstep just now!!!!! About raw milk: took up half the news on all our stations last night. It seems it has been sold in most of our health stores as ‘Bath Milk’ with a warning it could be dangerous. Well, one batch unfortunately was and four children died. Real shock-horror over the country and methinks one really will only be able to get it straight from friendly farms from now. Remember drinking it as a child back in Europe with no problems at all . . . Oh, here had long lectures on Louis Pasteur also . . . 🙂 ! Take care, Miss C !!!!

    • I would never buy it in a store, that makes no sense, unless you see the milk man bringing it down the road.. goodness.. Bath milk! c

      • Yes, one does wonder whom they were trying to fool!! Looked ridiculous : big ‘Bath Milk’ a la Cleopatra sign in fancy script on top and half a page of print about what it really was and how good for you on the rest of the 2 litre bottle. Big fridges full in a number of stores – so there must have been buyers wanting it in the ‘raw’ form!! And honestly, half the people interviewed did not know the difference!!! Milk supposedly was milk!!!! . . . hope you have a better night and can sleep . .

      • Raw milk in AUS only can be legally sold as bath milk……since the 1940s! If you order raw milk you can collect on the day it arrives. I’ve never had a problem; I always make fermented products with mine. Hope your feeling better soon. C You obviously need some leek and chickpea soup.

  27. Oh geeze, don’t get me started. Here in “America’s Dairyland” we cannot legally buy raw milk! Dumb dumb dumb. It’s not like it’s schlepped from buckets to milk cans to a cold water trough before it even gets on a unrefrigerated truck to go to the dairy plant any more! Now it’s straight from the cow to the cooled bulk tank. I was fortunate to have a couple weeks milking the neighbors goats so had plenty of raw milk then and it’s nothing like goat milk you buy in the store, much much better. Celi, the alternative to birthdays is not good – ha. We had small bouts of sun here today, hopefully that will travel on down to you.

  28. Rest well. Sometimes the body insists on it. Wishing you a good recovery in its own good time, and some excellent books to read.

  29. So sorry you’re sickly. I did *not* know pigs could catch the flu from humans! At least the tumble-cats will entertain if the couch is needed.

  30. Looks and sounds like winter on the farm. (But you have a snug house…it could be worse…our little farm house was wood sided with some ancient wall paper but you could really see between the cracks – lots and lots of heavy quilts…being kids we didn’t complain or know better – the main room with the fireplace was warm -sometimes too warm- and the kitchen warm and smelled good. Memories and character building…giggles)
    Happy birthday. Filing cabinets are delightful – even with electronic devices that save….paper: something solid seem so trustworthy. (Caution, may be a generational thing..more giggles)
    Do hope you will feel better soon – maybe this is the worst and it’s all uphill. (That towel over head of steaming water with or without herbs/peppermint is an old for me, but not husband). Lots and lots of water. (and smiles that the bathrooms are all indoors now. How did pioneer women manage themselves and children?)
    Juliet is right – sometimes we are forced to slow down.
    Sweeping up some of this 70’s and bright sunshine and sending it your way.
    (Ha! tree done here, last present bought and wrapping is planned for today. Somehow just backing off blogging a bit has lifted a bit of weight and added some energy. Must learn to manage too high expectations and guilt over “obligations” somehow for future. Don’t know how you manage C. You are so inspiring…even with the cold. Hang in there – less sneezes and sore throat here today…of course the weather probably helps)
    HUGS and sunny warmth sent!

  31. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Hopefully, you are by now. Looks like the kittens are exploring. Glad you have the heat going.

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