A Give-Away

For the smallest members of my own family, for Christmas,  I made a little picture book of the farm animals. There is one spare. Just one. Would you like it?

It is a collection of favourite images all of which you know well but I think it would make a lovely little gift for a  child. And I know there are many children who actually do read the farmy pages too. There are almost forty images and I just love it. So if you have a young person who might like to find this in their stocking please leave a comment saying you would like to be in the draw and I will enter your name and you might get to win this free copy.


Now – who will DO the draw this time? Maybe you could suggest that too in your comments?  Anyone on the farm but Elsie, Elsie is not ready for that kind of responsibility yet.


Good morning. Sometime this  morning we will have a visit from one of The Fellowship who will be collecting two kittens. It will be good to see them going to a loving home.


I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,



81 Comments on “A Give-Away

  1. Any child including my own Grands would love your book. One of the sheep should get to choose. They have not had much time in the limelight lately.

    • I think that Marcel should choose. We haven’t heard much about him for quite a while.

  2. I would suggest Tima, except that having done the draw, she would probably eat the result before you got a chance to read it… How about Boo? He’s good at looking after small creatures, perhaps he would be a good choice to pick a gift for a small human? Or maybe Our John?

  3. I would love to win this picture book for myself (to be honest) but I also have a great-niece who I would give it to. I think Marmalade should do the drawing as her babies are going off into the world and she might miss them a bit.

  4. Marmalade was my thought, too. We also will miss Marmie’s babies and she deserves a bit of fussing after her spell of hard labour. I would love to win the book, to send to a young great-nephew (having first enjoyed looking at it myself).

  5. ooooh My Mstr 5 ‘reads’ {ie looks at the pics} your blog with me and I am sure he would adore a copy 🙂
    I think Boo Nanny or Our John should draw it …

  6. I get to spend Christmas, for the first time, with my granddaughter. I would love to share the “farmy” with her and I think it would be even better if Sheila was to draw our name.

  7. My 4 year old granddaughter would love the book! Her big sister has visited the farm and could tell her stories about each animal. All of your animals are smart so I’m leaving the choosing of which one up to you.

  8. I would love to give the book to my grandson! Maybe you should print up more and sell them!?! I so wish I was picking up two beautiful little kitties to come join my home! Merry Christmas to whoever is getting them!!

  9. Hi Celi! We would love to have a copy of your picture book of the farmy. My kids just adore all animals and even though we live in the city, we try to get as many opportunities to experience life outside of it! We live vicariously through you 🙂 I recommend your most trustworthy furry family member on the farmy to pick the lucky winner.

  10. I’d live to be entered into the drawing! Thanks for the opportunity. My cousin is pregnant with her first child, a little boy, and I’m already working on building his library 🙂

  11. As you know I have three grandchildren of a similar age and they all love animals, so would love the farmy book. Of course I’d have to have a draw of my own to see who would be the lucky one! Boo I think, for working so hard with all his young charges!

  12. My grandson,Oscar, would love that book but I guess the postage to the UK would be a bit much, so you may not want me entering the draw. It’s a lovely idea as a gift.

  13. I have grands who would love the animals, so I would appreciate being in the drawing. I wish a kitten could come along with it, because since my own cat died in the early spring, it’s been much too lonely around here between children’s visits! I guess I’ll go hunting a stray waif. The picker? Maybe Marmy, for the same reason Vesta gave.

  14. I would love a book to share with my grandchildren I would like to be entered and Boo Nanny should draw! Have a great day and hope you are feeling better.

  15. Oh what a beautiful book! I think Wendy from NY is right – you could sell these. It would be very nice to be in the draw for this. My “other grandson” who is 1-1/2 has a little sibling coming in the early summer. I know he would love the book and learn to “read” to his little brother or sister.

    I think Boo would do an excellent job, but perhaps Our John would not get the slip of paper wet and unreadable?

    Sounds like you are feeling better, hope that trend stays strong.
    Chris S in Canada

  16. what a lovely and generous idea…I have no small children here but I would love to have the little book to give to my youngest great grandaughter Olivia so that she would keep forever and a day

  17. Id like to be in the drawing, these are so pretty!! My girls and I would both like it a lot, thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Please enter me in the drawing Celi! I have a granddaughter who would love it!!! I think Ton Ton should do the drawing! I remember a post where you were training him to find the matches for gloves, and choose the hat you wanted and such! He is super smart and could definitely do it!!! xo

  19. I need one more stocking stuffer for my nephew – please enter me in the drawing! Do you think Godot could do the picking?

  20. My best friend’s grandson who is just short of four years old loves all things about nature. I crocheted him a large octopus as a present when his little sister was born. He carried it around for days, even to the mall! He would love this book. I vote for Boo or Marmy. What a lovely gift for your littles, Celi. Great idea. Looks a bit chilly on the farmy. Stay warm!

    • p.s. The liast pic of the kitten melts my heart. He looks so sleepy. He probably just flopped down right after you took the pic.

  21. Oh goody!! I love the thrill of a drawing. Just having my name in the pot is exciting! I think Boo or Ton Ton might do well as the drawers… I worry a little about the temptation for the others to eat the winning ticket!! Ha ha! What a wonderful and thoughtful giveaway – I have a special autistic great niece who loves books with pictures. I will be seeing her this Christmas.

  22. Oh Celi, that’s an amazing book, and it would make the most wonderful gift for my granddaughters. I’d love to be entered in the drawing, and I think the responsibility should go to Sheila. After all, like you said, everyone on the farmy should be earning their keep, and this might be Sheila’s little side line job to add to calender pin-up girl. 😀

  23. Good morning. I sure do have a little one who would like that. Thank you! I think the Dog Father Boo should draw the name. He’s such a love ; )

  24. Do add me to the draw, Miss C! I would love to share the farmy with my granddaughter (when she is old enough to stop eating books, that is. For now, your animals make it into our rendition of Old MacDonald Had A Farm.) Who should pick the winner…hmm, maybe one of the ewes? I feel they’ve been underrepresented lately.

  25. I’m with dianeandjack. I think TonTon should do the honors…this way there’ll be no nonsense and no cheating. I have downloaded many photos I have loved over these years, and so you need not include me. My dining room table is covered with them.

    I wish you would do a book with a photo of each critter with text introducing himself /herself with a tidbit suggesting his/ her unique personality. And because you are so good with voices, each could be in the character’s distinct voice. And because the farmy has had so many losses, there could be a R.I.P. page at the end that would tell what happened to them. You take such extraordinary care of everyone, this should not be lost. I am thinking, for just one example, the care you gave Kupa.

  26. I think Boo Nanny should do the drawing; he’s such an important part of the farm. Would love to be in the drawing for the book; it would be a wonderful edition to our grandchildren’s library. I agree, you could probably sell these too.

  27. Boo should do the drawing. I’d love to get the book for the little girl next door. She loves animals and is training her hens(really-it is quite entertaining to watch-the hens are incredibly docile)

  28. I too think Mr. Ton should do the picking being the elder, faithful, watches over everyone member of the Farmy! And I hope he picks me as I will save this beautiful book for my future grandchild who ( like Ton ) I will wait patiently and faithfully for!
    Thank-you so much C. for giving us all a chance at winning this wonderful keepsake of the Farmy!

  29. I would love to win the book so I could give it to my stepdaughter Tory who teaches small children; that way many people will share this book year after year. I think you should draw the name C; anything that goes through your hands reflects love; send some molecules along to the pickee from the pickor! Love to all, esther

  30. Oh, I think Ms. Marmalade should do the draw. Since two of her babies will be going to new homes today, it will make her feel better to have such an important job to do. And I’m about to gain a grand-niece or nephew in the coming year, and it would make a wonderful gift for that child!

  31. You are wonderfully thoughtful Celi 🙂 I was thinking, ah not me, the G.O.’s grandkids, nieces & nephews are a bit older but then I remembered “Bun”, my niece/nephew who is due to make their entry into the world late April. I’m not sure if they are eligible but it’s a nice thought for me anyway. It’s wonderful to see via the comments the extent of The Fellowship’s family 🙂 I’m voting for Nanny Boo as the drawer.

  32. Dear Celi – being a child at heart, I would love this book for myself. If you re-printed it, I will have my NZ dollars at the ready to help fund your return to Godzone, much love..

  33. O, your dear pictures are such a wonderful way to begin or end my day as I sip some hot tea or cider.
    I, too, will miss Marmalade’s babies so I think she or Nanny Boo should chose the winner.
    This delightful book would be wonderful to read to the little ones that come to my house….and read it to me, too.

  34. I have two grandchildren who would adore this book…and I, too, think Marmalade should draw. It will give her something to do besides miss her babies.

  35. I’m not a kid, but that shouldn’t disqualify me. Old people like animals, too. And I’ll happily volunteer to do the drawing — that ought to improve my chance of winning, don’t you think? nert nert nert

  36. C’mon – first things first: how is your blasted cold? Not a word, madam!!!! Beautifullest book: of course I’ll put my hand up too – not to give to any one person but to be the ‘magical auntie’ when everyone’s grand and great-grand and great-great-great kids come to call . . . it would make me a very popular ‘auntie’ to visit 🙂 ! Who to do the drawing: I would say Miss A as long as you do not get another cold from her or Big John or why not Sheila [not mentioned at all yet we do try to make her life a little more fun!!!!] as long as she would not try and eat all the names 😀 !! [Well, the one left over 🙂 !]

      • oh miss A is the beautiful girl who frequently visits from Chicago, they were here last weekend. She adores the animals.. c

        • Sorry Equus!! Actually Miss A is mentioned on today’s post and she had a number of photos published on the 7th December on this blog!! Am not quite certain but the family posts may be called ‘Proud Mama’ . . . many of us have watched her and her bro grow up virtually on the blog 🙂 ! Hmmm: her visit may have brought the ‘bugs’ to the farmy actually . . . we love her nevertheless 🙂 !

    • The blasted cold has hit the chest – it is going to take a bit of beating i think, but my body is winnning! c

      • Of course it is but I DO hope our keeping our collective breaths, fingers, toes etc [what else is there to cross?] in the right position will help you to use heaps of nasty swearwords and simply tell the ‘b . . . er to p . .s off’ !!

        • I found Astra Plus Immune Tonic (1000 mg Astralgus Root + other) as Eha urged and started taking today as the lurgy has rebounded for 3rd time in 3 weeks, and I’ve been taking Echinacea, Andrographis plus 2 x antibiotics… and there was nothing wrong with my immune system prior… it is nasty! Celi, please take care.

  37. With two girls who loves the animals on your farm, I’m sure they would love the book. But don’t include us in the drawing. We look forward to coming out again and seeing all in their live form instead of in a book. I think this book should be shared with a child who may not have the opportunity to visit the farmy.

  38. I would dearly love the book and I think this has the makings of a fund raiser like the calendar. Boo needs something to take the sting out of losing two of kittens so he should do the choosing.

  39. Oh, how wonderful. Today, 12/13/14 at 2:21 pm, our sweet Katherine Elizabeth Taylor was born. She is the granddaughter to my cousin (brother in my mind) Bob. I would love to win this book for her to enjoy. Mommy and Kate are doing well tonight after a brief scare of high temps for both. Babies bring such hope.

  40. No book for me, Celi, but what a great gift idea and give-away! The Little Ones in your family are sure to love it, as will the winner. What or whomever you choose to do the picking, I sure hope you can capture a photo or two. That will be something to see!
    Hope you’re feeling better. 😉

  41. What a wonderful and generous idea. I have no grans YET, so I’ll sit on the sidelines and allow those that have, a better chance. God Father Boo should do the selecting. Please watch that chest of yours and take care.

  42. No children, but my mom who is 87 follows your blog every day and has the picture of Marcel as her screen saver. She would love the picture book. Maybe she’s a big kid? 🙂 How DOES Boo take it when his charges go away. I’m glad the kittens are finding good homes. They are adorable.

  43. C. the Houston Livestock and Rodeo donates many many books to inner city kids and is a big promoter of literacy in the city’s schools. One of those children would adore your book. My daughter is on the Lamb and Sheep committee and just called last week about donated books being collected.
    TonTon gladly carries so much farm responsibility, maybe he should do the honor?
    (Big paw waves to new kitten parents!)

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