My visitors from the city brought gifts. PUMPKINS. YUMKINS. Oh we do love those pumpkins out here. And my city friend (Berrit’s Mum you remember her)  had hidden these big tasty pumpkins inside her house  from that nasty cold spell we had a few weeks back and so they are  still orange and crunchy. Sheila thrummed with delight.

Wonderful pumpkins. Sheila and Poppy were in a great state of excitement when they saw them being carried in to the barn.


Even the kune kune were given a portion, though you know Tima, she stole Tane’s  piece when he was not looking.


Greedy little piggy. Adorable naughty girl. She is silly – she abandoned her own portion to steal Tane’s  so he just wandered across and ate hers. (sigh)

pigs sleeping

After their feast  Poppy and Sheila slept. There is something so innocent about a sleeping pig. They cuddle up so sweetly. Their breathing goes soft and slow.

pigs sleeping

Hereford piggies smile in their sleep. One of the reasons why I  love this breed.


Yesterday Elsie allowed me to groom her with my softest brush for a good long while and I did not have to tie her up first either. She is getting friendlier.  Befriending a cow takes a long gentle time.



Good morning. 24 hours have passed since we began the giveaway, so I have created the lists and after reading all your comments I think that Ton would like to choose the winner of the little farmy picture book.  He is one of the oldest of the Fellowship after all. Boo graciously agreed.

Ton will make the announcement tomorrow!

So two kittens have begun their lives in the city claimed by two young men.  One of the young men came to collect the kittens and quite by chance the cat he had chosen from the photos was sitting all alone at the door waitiing for him.  One of  the gingers.  Chance? The other one we sent was the fattest healthiest blonde kitten for his room mate.  Connections within connections.

Have a lovely day.


ps. It occurs to me that if you would like to order one of the little kitchen garden farmy books, (though you might win my copy) email me – celima.g.7@gmail.com – and I will give you the site and the password and you can order yourself one or two. Mixbook will send it to you.  Maybe next year I will print them in with Sheila’s fundraising but this year you could just go to the source.  It is such a sweet book after all. No reason why not.


41 Comments on “Yumkins

  1. The darling girls asleep with smiles on their faces and tummies full of pumpkin. Elsie’s tummy, too, is getting larger, but for different reasons, I suspect. Her ‘Laken’ is stretching!

  2. Full. happy pigs. Have loved seeing the sheep again. Perhaps use the childrens book to fund the Kunes winter food next year? Laura

  3. I was charmed to see Sheila and Poppy sleeping tummy to tummy, smile to smile. ❤

  4. Looks like everyone ate well yesterday with their treats. The adorable house piggy Tima has certainly grown up…the photos lately have shown that she has grown considerabley, but these today, in the field absconding with pumpkin really show the changes. How would you like that sweet girl on your lap now Miss C 🙂

  5. I’m so glad the piggies enjoyed our pumpkins so much!! The adorable kitties are safe and sound in their new home! They are so sweet! Remic named his Winston and his flatmate named his Pokey. Thanks so much!! (:

  6. I am so glad that the pigs loved our pumpkins!! The adorable kitties are safe and sound in their new home! They are so sweet! Remic named his Winston and his flatmate named is Pokey. Thanks so much!!

    • Winston! Wonderful and Pokey.. I am thrilled to bits that they arrived ok.. the lst four have taken to roaring about the house at top speed jumping in and out of boxes.. hope theirs are better behaved.. c

  7. Oh such merriment over the pumpkins! Everyone looks quite content in the photos – I guess your weather is a bit more agreeable? I definitely think the book would make a fabulous fundraiser!! I got my Sheila t-shirt last week and I LOVE it!! 🙂

  8. I am one of the lucky young men that was fortunate enough to take one of marmalade’s sweet, sweet kittens. The both of them slept serenely in my lap on the way home from the farm. They are both lovers and will be lovely company for us in the city. I have already exercised my face muscles quite a bit since having them from the constant smiles. They will forever have a good home and will certainly be loved. Pictures to follow!
    P.s. This was my first time on the farm and I absolutely fell in love with it. I can see now why my brother, Berit, enjoyed his time there this summer so much. I hope to visit again and help out any way I can.

    • I think we’re all a bit envious of you not only adopting the kittens but also having visited the farmy! Much luck and happiness with your little tykes!

    • Dear Remic and Beric: what a fantastic message to the Fellowship! Since many of us kind’of feel we almost ‘own’ what is on the farmy, please, please keep us posted on Boo’s and Marmalade’s progeny . . . the net widens . . . Seasons Greetings to you and hope to see your names in posts ahead 🙂 !

    • I’m so glad the kittens will have a loving, forever home. What a wonderful feeling, face muscles aching from too much smiling. Enjoy!

  9. Great photos of the pumpkin party, it is no wonder your animals look healthy. I hope the chest is easing a little every day for you, Celi.

    • yes it is .. I am going through bags of (Not Local) lemons and almost a jar of honey but I am on the road to recovery now.. thank you darling… c

  10. I can almost hear poppy huffing with delight and talking with her mouth full…..nom nom nom. My beautiful calendar has arrived thankyou, but no email yet with costs! I’ll do some adding up and paypal you. And if anyone is interested, ( I’m sure you all are 🙂 ) I’ve now done a blog post at last about my trip to Tibet.

  11. Next year for a book is perfect for me; my sister’s Bun will have arrived 🙂 We love Yumkins Pumpkins here too, although on our own table. Wonderful that Winston (great name!) was ready and waiting, wise kitty and has Pokey for companionship but what a lovely Farmy start they had to life.

  12. Has Boo been counting and recounting for the missing kittens? 🙂 What will he do when they are all gone? Can’t wait for Kune piggies for Boo to love!

  13. Honestly, it’s either a laugh a minute or copious tears on the farmy. Poppy with her mouth wide open makes me laugh out loud–just like Boo yawning the other day.

  14. And I dare say future good ratters to boot!! Also wondered whether Marmalade obviously missed those gone? Well, the first two seem to have gone to very caring homes!! Madam. you were going to keep three? Huih? [My ruddy fingers and toes are getting cramped hoping for your ruddy cold to be better 😀 !!]

    • is is getting better.. more slowly than is usual for me but today it was a warm day and so I worked outside all day with no flagging at all.. I still cough though and that is a work out for my stomach muscles – that are protesting.. but feeling Ten times better.. One more kitten has a home and still working on the other, but I can easily keep two (or three).. in the barn though ,with Egoli and LuLu..

      • Eha Mama breathes a wee bit easier . . . OK: you are coughing the rotten stuff out!! The first two of Marmalade’s went to wonderful loving care, am certain the next will also – three at home would be ‘nice’!!! Bubs: sleep well!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid can it be that one worries one’s head and heart out for someone to be met 18 months down the track 🙂 !

  15. Happy to hear you and Elsie are getting along well. If anyone can win her over, it’s you, Miss C. Love those delightful piggies and their (or someone else’s) pumpkins.

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