BooBoo gets a shock

The four kittens left are wilder than ever.  As though the lightness of their numbers has lightened their thoughts.


I almost caught Godot in flight. We are getting closer to that perfect image. His wings are so glorious.


This is a very long away shot of Godot raising his tail. His unfinished tail.  A promise.

Yesterday was so warm and so still I brought the tractor over and started cleaning out a corner of the barn. Where there are animals there is manure. limping-024The kunekune were out walking about. I lost Tane at one point and send TonTon out to find him.  Not sure if he would be able to put the name to the new pig.  But wonderfully Ton looked at Tima, kind of nodded and then raced off and found Tane in one of the vegetable gardens.  He knows they have different names. And recognises them. Isn’t that amazing?


The dogs and I were working over at the West barn in the afternoon.

I decided to shift them to a new field, with this warm weather the grass is looking green again.

Ton and I had begun to walk around to the new fields when we heard a great dog scream and in a flash Boo had leapt back up into the truck. As a rule he leaps the top wire of the electric fence, soaring up and over with ease. But I guess he misstepped this time and the electric fence got its own back.

Boo stood in a silent fury,on the truck bed  glaring back at the fence. The whole time Ton and I worked Boo sat. Refusing to budge lest the fence bite him again.

Poor BooBoo.

Of course The moment he hit the deck of the truck Ton brought me a stick.  Boo hates to let Ton play. So Ton dropped the stick at my feet and sat. He won’t be back for a while,  he smiled.  He got a fright. Ton snorted.

Today, after I take Marmalade to the vet, TonTon and I will do the draw for the childrens picture book. I have a plan.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,



45 Comments on “BooBoo gets a shock

  1. Oh poor boy – rotten fence got him good!
    Your Ton is such a great dog, and like his breed can understand so much more than we humans give them credit for.
    Love the kitten photo’s and Godot is looking so Christmassy with his tail up, could almost put lights on him and stand him on a pedestal for a great Christmas decoration!

    • I agree about Godot. His tail looks like the glow the 3 wisemen followed. The picture is so appropriate for this season!

  2. Poor Boo, Marmalade in for a shock of her own today. Sending healing thoughts her way. I just love Queenies woolly faced Bobby. I have always thought TonTon is an amazing dog. 🙂 Laura

  3. Aw, poor Boo! I hope it doesn’t permanently dampen his spirits! Kittens are gorgeous in the photos, and Ton is a wonder dog!

  4. Oh poor Boo. Bet he will never do that again. I am going to miss our kitties when they are head off to their new loving forever homes.
    Have a beautiful and happy day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. Beautiful header shot – I love the colours. Poor Boo. I once got nipped on my inside thigh by an electric fence – I sympathise with him!. Kittens – does Boo miss those that have gone to their new homes. Such innocent wee faces and they get up to so much mischieve. I’m glad Ton has been chosed to pull the draw. He’s really very smart, isn’t he. Godot is beautiful already, he’ll be stunning when he has a fully-grown tail. Nature can be cruel and hard to us humans, but it is can also be incredibly beautiful. Could you use your header shots in something? Sometimes the colours or form are great, and they’re usually v evocative of time and place. I was thinking of something fund-raising, of course. And, no, I’m not trying to load you up with more to do… Hope your day is a good one. Now to write for work… inspiration lacking!

  6. Aww, poor BooBoo. I bet he’ll be extra cautious about jumping over the fence from now on!
    And yes, it is amazing that Ton can recognize different names. I was reading a really interesting NPR article (How Dogs Understand What We Say) about a study that has shown that dogs can understand quite a lot from the human speech stream. For one of my undergrad degree classes, I studied how children begin to segment the speech stream and acquire language, but the canine study is a whole new linguistic area and it’s fascinating!

  7. Poor BooBoo! I hit the fence more often than I like to admit. That smarts for a while.

    Our English shepherd is a herder but she’s also become an excellent tracker. My husband will disappear into the woods (we are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of forest). When she realizes he’s gone she’ll put her nose to the ground and find him. It doesn’t matter if it’s on snow, he’s on snowshoes and the path he’s taken is well beaten, she can pick up that scent in a flash. Aren’t dogs wonderful!

  8. Poor Boo, that was a most unkind thing to do to such a lovely kind gentle dog….

  9. Poor little Boo. I hope he is ok and not too frightened of the fence now. Ton is a very smart dog, I love when they understand, and communicate. Beautiful pic of Godot.
    Oh my dog is barking at me right now, warning me of impending danger, of the construction 2 blocks away!

  10. Well, the fence did its job of reminding animals where the barriers are… He’ll be lifting his feet higher another time. All the same, it was a nasty shock for poor Boo. I’m totally in love with that photo of Godot displaying. He looks like a frozen white firework, or a burst of frost on the window. The incomplete tail feathers just add to the spiky illusion. One day soon, you’re going to catch him doing his angel impression…

  11. Boo gets a boo boo. Poor thing. Godot’s tail is the perfect Christmas star! I love it. I’d like to put him on top of my Christmas tree…and those wings! Gorgeous!!

  12. Poor boo! And ton is super intelligent Godots tail is fantastic, what a great picture. Have a lovely day x

  13. The kittens are looking excellent. Our new kitten, Molly, has turned out to be a boy….changed from being very pretty to extremely handsome. Hope Boo’s undercarriage is recovering from the shock:)

  14. Yesterday was wonderful and sunny here too, so I spent the day mucking out the goats’ section of the barn…… with a pitchfork, shovel and wheelbarrow! No wonder it took me hours! We lust after every tractor we see, and fantasize about owning one. They are just so expensive! We keep a lookout for used ones, but they are super hard to come by too! So we attack what should be tractor chores slowly and steadily, just like the tortoise in ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. xo

    • no sun for us yet, it has been so long now that it hink it will never come back but the warmer temps are a gift..

    • I don’t think so. I trainn the seperately or Boo gets very dominant with Ton. This is why Boo is trained to sit on his chain and wait when necessary.. Boo has different strengths. c

  15. Poor Boo, losing two of his ‘fosters’ and then an electric shock. I stay quiet if it happened to me. Ton is a treasure beyond gold and he will do a great job at drawing a winner for the book. You are sounding so much better today, onward and upward all the way to full health. Already I love Godot’s lacy tail. I warn you, I’ll be stealing a photo when you manage to capture it fully open sometime in the future. I have often wondered if a fully grown Peacock’s tail was heavy. Do you know, Celi?

    • When Kupa had a full tail and I collected all the feathers as he dropped them in late summer, the full sum of feathers was not so heavy. What I wonder is all the tiny muscles that must be needed to pick the tail up, spread it, then shake it all about (literally) .. we need a peacock anatomy course.. c

  16. I think you have the weather that my mom has in Germany . She told me on the phone that it was warm enough for her to go outside for a little while. Lovely pictures of all the animals.

  17. Boo’s reaction isn’t much different than our own would be! I’ve been bitten by electric fence myself and I have a bit of an attitude for a while! Godot is just beautiful in flight! I love your header shot… lichen is beautiful wherever it can be found!

  18. Luckily for me I’ve never been zapped but I can imagine the pain. I hope Boo’s privates didn’t get the shock–so very sensitive. I’m sorry for him. No one so sweet should ever suffer such pain.
    And TonTon! He is an amazing dog–like someone else said, we don’t give them any credit for the intelligence they so obviously have. It kills me really. (I have to brag a bit: my Border collie BJ was very smart!)
    And Godot–I’m wondering if his display is like The Northern Lights.

  19. I wrote a comment and lost it. Today was rather tricky for me. My blog was hacked overnight, but thanks to my Toyboys, I am back in the land of the living again. Now what did I write…

    Poor Boo, losing some of his foster kitties and then getting a shock. I’d certainly sit still if it were me. Celi you sound mush better in yourself today, may the improvements increase with each day! I love Godot’s tail feathers and have to tell you, I’ll be stealing a photo when it is fully grown. I often wonder if a Peacock’s tail is heavy when full grown. Do you know?

  20. There’s a calm beauty in the wintriness of the photos today 🙂 At least Boo had the good sense to hop back on the truck where it was “safe”, away from bitey fences! And good on Ton for making the most of the opportunity, clever dog for that and his ability to find things.

  21. Oh Boo! Know how you felt but was a lot more stupid!! Was on the phone in the Northern Rivers x number of years ago thrilled to bits by the call from a guy I was head-over-heels with. Huge thunderstorm above! So? Next thing light all over the room, a huge crash and no phone in my hand!! Disintegrated!!!! Methinks I thought the ‘thrill’ came from 800 kms down the road, ’cause I walked across the floor to PU the kitchen phone and carry on the rather steamy conversation 🙂 ! Did not have Boo’s very good common sense!! Friends could not believe I could be quite so silly!!! As far as the beautiful kitties go, I guess 1-2 are due to get their ‘marching orders’ soonest and the others to find living quarters perhaps do not consist of living room sideboards 😀 !! Fingers still crossed re your miseries . . .

  22. Our old Griffon slipped into a cow pasture while on a walk. I called him back and he came through the water-filled ditched and touched the hot wire. Ever after when there were cows in that pasture as we walked by he growled at them. Guess he thought it was their fault!

  23. I wanted to let you know that there is an online company called Zazzle that will let you upload your images to various items they have in stock. Then they will produce them on demand and they handle all the payments and shipping for you, for a fee, of course. I know other bloggers use it. It might be a way for the farm animals to earn some income without quite so much legwork from you., check it out. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  24. Ton never ceases to amaze me. As close as Tima and Tane are now, Ton probably knew right away who was missing. I wonder if he raised the fence when no one was looking. 😉 Nah. He wouldn’t do that.

  25. Ouch! Poor Boo! Glad to read that the 2 kittens found such a nice home where they’ll be well cared for. This warm weather was such a treat, even if a bit wet. A forecaster said we were 24˚ warmer than one year ago and no snow. That’s fine with me. The longer that snow blower stays in the garage, the better. 🙂

  26. Boo’s going to be figuring on that a while. (I can just see Ton Ton wagging his head over it)
    We had an electric fence wire at the top of a tall fence when we had 2 large bouviers at the other house. One could easily clear it if he cared, but never showed any desire. The other was a rescue and not quite mentally tethered/recognizing a good home when he saw it yet.) “Raggs” thought about exploring fence leaping possibilities once ( it was on very low). He never forgot and would go stand in that spot and bark at the fence….he’d stop if current was turned off, but turn it on again, and he’d stand there and bark – heard something we didn’t.
    Boo will decide something about that biting spot
    Such a cute kitty pix that second one – Godot is quite a show all in himself ( and now you have me wondering about those tiny tail muscles…)
    Sun for everyone! Merry. Merry we go

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