TonTon Chooses

All the names of the people who put their names into the hat to win the little photo book of the Farmy were written on paper and balled up and popped into a basket.

The audience gathered – yawning. competition-time-012

TonTon loves a good competition and decided that the paper balls needed a proper stir up before the choosing began.








The audience decided that was enough now. Time to choose.

TonTon is a good dog and leapt to the command – Gimme. He found a name immediately  and brought it to me.

Tonton is a gentle fellow so he laid it at my feet gently.
competition-time-054I opened it for him and smiled to see that he had chosen the very first person to comment that day. Good boy. And we have a winner!! Congratulations!

Lovely Miss Aria send me your address and the little book of Farmy Pictures will be in the mail today, hopefully to reach you before Christmas.  Congratulations!

Trouble has begun in the back of this shot. I hope Ton does not see-  he does not like kittens, he thinks they make the place look messy.

Best I get those kittens busy with something else!

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


49 Comments on “TonTon Chooses

  1. The air was thick with excitement! Congrats to Aria! I bet Ton would be good at picking the lottery balls for the drawings. Not only would he bring in extra cash but the drawings are in the evenings so he’d still be able to do his farmy chores. And he’d be famous! 🙂

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  3. The audience was thrilled with the performance! Good dog!
    (C. Grannymar does bring up an idea you might consider. Reading specialists adore wordless books with high quality pictures – the pictures can be story starters/ topics to write about. Some have wipeable “primary school ruled lines” like a paper notebook so kids can write their thoughts or a story. Some used post-it type ruled sentence strips that were stuck at the bottom) ESL/bilingual teacher discovered the wordless big books (In front of the class sized. 2×3 or larger) are not only good for language acquisition, but also for motivating reluctant/ESL students to write. Product for preschool to high school if the pictures are of nature, animals, environment, occupations….There used to be a huge demand for high quality wordless books for schools. They were desperate for new/additional topics. I knew at least one small company doing this in addition to SRA/MacGraw-Hill/Edu publishers. Would take some effort, a website, and someone who has time to market them. Might be too much unless you can partner with someone. Not me – have interest, but not time!)

  4. Did you bury a treat at the bottom of the basket to get him to upend it? Ton is such a dear, sweet dog. Congratulations Aria! Time for Boo to take over his nanny duties and Ton to get back to his outside animal surveillance duties.

    • No treats, first he just brought me the whole basket, so I put it back and told him to get one of the paper balls, that is when he decided to tip the whole lot over.. c

  5. I guess Ton knows one can’t herd cats! Congrats to Aria! Ton did an excellent job.

  6. congratulations to Miss Aria, I do so hope that you will enjoy the Farmy Book…Ton Ton is extremely clever and his selection attributes are second to none…love to all xxxx

  7. I love this sequence of how events unfolded. Hilarious! I knew TonTon would get the job done with no nonsense and no cheating. Congrats to you, Aria!

  8. The shot of Ton holding the winning piece of paper is priceless! He is amazing…you can just see the intelligence in his eyes! Congrats to Aria! Lucky lady!

  9. Why thank you very much Ton and Miss C!
    We will enjoy the book very much.

    { I normally show up here and comment as Marmepurl…not sure how or why I commented under aria3020 (my email) in the giveaway?! }

    • I knew though! But let it be. Thrilled to bits for you.. I will mail it asap, Really hoping it gets there before christmas.. the mail bottle necks at this time of year in all the new ‘centralised’ sorting sheds.. c

  10. Sorrygnat told me that this was her favorite blog, which she reads every day. I can readily understand why. And now that I see the unbiased way in which the little book winner was selected, our National Lottery could well learn a lesson here at its weekly drawings.

  11. How wonderful the Aria won! Especially knowing that she was the first to comment and join the competition! And well done Ton!!! Such a smart, fabulous dog!!! xo

  12. Congratulations Mamepurl: am certain everyone at your place will enjoy: and surely it should arrive by Christmas!! And Ton showed that if called upon he can manage indoor tasks as well as those outside: very professional effort 🙂 !

  13. That’s how I used to pay my bills as a young photographer ( without the help of a dog). All the bills went in the hat,….first three picked got paid…..if I got hassled the bill didn’t even go in the hat:)

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