Dogging Aunty

As I was going through my pictures to find one last cow picture for the calendar (which is released  by the way, so check it out here).  I realised that we had very few good shots of Aunty Del.
Aunty Del

So I set the dogs on the back of the truck and around the corner we went to remedy the situation.

old barn

Aunty Del is a pure bred Ayrshire, she is not related to Daisy, she was born in March 2014, is gentle, kind and might be bred or might not, we will see.

But she loves a good scratch.

If she is bred I think she will make a very good milk cow.  Ayrshire

There she is. Hullo Aunty.


In the same barn as the cows is Manu – my cheerful and terrifyingly playful boar.


Back at the Home barn are Mrs Flowers and Violet. I am more and more sure that Violet is a hen.


Naomi and Alex running in.

(editors note – sale just finished as of 10am – keep your info and I will tell you when the next sale is)

The calendar and now the Little Farm Book are up and running – though the cybersale is over the book is still available. Put your email address into the body of the text of your email NOT in the comments, so I can copy and paste it quickly and add you to the site so you can order your copy.  Many thanks.

This makes no money for me or Sheila, this is just for fun. And I like that so many of us are turning the pages of the same calendar! If you want to donate to Sheila’s winter feed email me and thank you. 

For any other details quickly pop into yesterdays Calendar post. 

Yes, the wee farm book is finished. I am sorry this was not finished in time for yesterday but I did not want the calendar people to miss out on that deal.  So: same deal – email me with your email address in the body of the email – write for The Little farm Book and I will take it from there.  They will ship internationally. 

My email is

I hope you have a lovely day.


ps. I was looking back at this day over the four years I have been blogging almost every day.  It is interesting how similar these days are. This is a lucky dip. Which door will you choose?

Door 1. December 1 2014

Door 2. December 1 2013

Door 3. December 1 2012

Door 4. December 1 2011



34 Comments on “Dogging Aunty

  1. I love that Aunty Del still has the same sweetness of expression that she had as a calf. I hope she is going to be a mama, she’ll do a good job. Love that photo of Naomi and Alexi running in with that bizarre stiff-legged cow gallop; they all run as if they had arthritic knees! And Manu, so svelte and tough-looking, the latin lover of the Hereford world! I think Poppy will be pleased with him come spring.

  2. Wouldn’t you know, I chose the one featuring Mia…I have a daughter named Mia!! It was meant to be. How lovely to travel back…thank you for being you, Miss C. You are a bright spot in every single day.

  3. Aunty Del is so beautiful! I don’t know how you can get anything accomplished around there with so many sweet animals to love on all day. And the cows running, oh my! Just like children or dogs! I chose door #1. I have a soft spot for those kittens, of course. 🙂

  4. Yep, I hit Mia, but of course had to go back and check the others too 🙂 Aunty Del is beautiful and of course she is bred, looking forward to her calf in July. Laura

  5. Being a vertically challenged person myself, I had to chuckle at how short Carlos looks standing next to Aunty. Love how you caught Naomi and Alex in mid-stride!

  6. Looks like they have taken the CYBER SALE off Mixbook just now. So I am am going to wait to order mine : they often have sales and I bet there will be another sale before christmas – I hope. I will leave the password as is until after Christmas and I will let you know when the next sale comes along. c

  7. I’d like to be reincarnated as a beloved animal on your farm, everyone looks so happy. I particularly love the pics of the cows and pigs, it’s like they are posing, their eyes seem so knowing.

  8. I went through Door 3… pre-prep for a trip to NZ and for the Coupe that has meant so many lovely people have been able to visit you 🙂
    Seeing cows does your heart good I always think.

  9. door #2……Sheila’s blanket, such beautiful prose. Cyber15 seems to still be working. I just tried it. I had to create a username and password and then click on “My projects” to see the calendar. The discount even gives free shipping, for me anyway, in Texas. Try it!

  10. I choose # 1 – it’s kind of a gift. Those beautiful little kittens and Cat Mama and Dog Daddy. So so cute. I’ve not been a member of the Fellwoship yet, when they were born… I hope you don’t mind when I picked it just as a flower to look at from now and then. It has some healing potential… 🙂
    I love the pic of Aunty Del with TonTon. She has such a beautiful face and eyes.

  11. I picked door number 2, Sheila’s blanket. I pit blankets on my dogs, the older two Sunny and Charile, both now gone over the Rainbow Bridge, would heave huge sighs and soon start snoring. Smoky likes his blanket still, he snuggles under it till he gets too warm then sleeps half out of it and finally on top.
    Aunty Del looks so sweet. Naomi and Alex enjoying the crisp day. That’s the best picture of Manu, he looks a good solid fellow. Poppy should be very interested in his attentions.

  12. I’m with Mad Dog on this……and I’m pretty sure that you’re not familiar with the current use of the term “dogging” in the UK ( maybe it’s international by I think the UK is probably the country sufficiently prurient to be using it) :)))

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