Tahiti and Molly are the two gilt daughters of Poppy (my Hereford sow) who live here on the farmy.  Tahiti is Jake’s gilt and Molly is mine.

But Tahiti is the noisiest most robust little pig I have ever had here. And she climbs! She has such a fat face I tell her she should have been a boy.  They are both terribly friendly, so friendly in fact that visitors are allowed to climb in the pen to scratch their bellies until they lie down.


I  am not sure how much longer I will be able to keep Tahiti her in a pen.  Soon she will realise that if she raises that back leg she will be over again. In another month or so when Poppy goes to live with her Boar-friend Manu, Tahiti and Molly will go and live with Aunty Sheila. I hope I can keep them in order until then.  Then Sheila can take over!sheila and gloves

Hullo  Sheila my beautiful big girl.  Sheila is a one woman pig,  she will not even get out of bed to visit with strangers. She just ignores them. But with me she talks and smiles and stands as close as she can.


Sheila’s calendars and the Little Farm Book are selling very well.  (Just email me with your email address and I will send you the links and password so you are ready for their christmas sale).  I have had a few of the Fellowship tell me how they ordered by joining Mixbook and getting quite a discount for doing so. If you found a good way to order the calendar or the Little Farm Book please let us know in the Lounge of Comments.


Alex. She was in the setting sun here and it turned her colour quite red. She let me stand by her for quite some time yesterday. As usual I did not look at her directly, this is a challenge for most animals, and does not help if you want to make friends and I slowly sidled along until I was right next to her. Soon I hope to get that halter onto her.

Naomi and Alex

Naomi and Alex are inseparable, they have Difficult with them now and soon they will all go out with Lady Astor.  Then we will have the second herd settled for the winter.


We had a grim morning yesterday, rain and snow and wind. But by afternoon it had cleared up and they say the sun will be out today. Let’s hope so. Everything is better under a little sun.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

36 Comments on “Tahiti

  1. Okaaay …. there I was thinking Tahiti would be your piggy! I think I would be most upset if I travelled all the waaaayyy to the Farmy only to be ignored by Sheila … ah well. Hope the sun comes out there today. We are enjoying a lovely cool overcast day today, but the rain is still teasing us just out of reach. Laura

    • She does warmup to people and has different voices when she talks to them. With me it is a low intimate grunt but with john she is very noisy. With jake it is a different voice altogether. But like a sensible girl she waits to see if someone is sticking around before investing in a relationship!! She is not a casual pig.

  2. Let us hope, then, that Tahiti does not extend her pignastics repertoire before she becomes Jake’s problem! Lovely Sheila has the most beautiful smile and that light makes her look positively auburn, like a nice gingernut! Your new dairy herd is shaping up nicely. Such pretty girls, those two heifers….

  3. Love the foggy last picture. It kid of calms me for some reason. And Sheila – she is all woman – hubba hubba from this little oinker. And Tahiti reminds me of someone… can’t quite put my snout on who though – looks innocently around. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Well Tahiti is definitely her momma’s daughter. What is the age difference between Naomi and Alex? Size wise they are fairly close. Maybe you should consider a raised milking stall for Alex as she seems to be a bit of a low rider model. Every time you put a photo up of Carlos and Aunty Del I keep thinking he is going to have to be one determined little bull to climb that mountain. I think it is good your animals are friendly, it makes working with them easier. They don’t instantly go into flight or fight mode. They trust that you are not out to hurt them. Come on sunshine, We are cloudy and damp this morning and I am hoping the weather people are wrong and the sun will break through later.

    • Carlos and Alex are Dexters, they are very little cows. Aunty Del being an Ayrshire is a tall cow, I very much doubt that Carlos will cover Aunty. Carlos will cover heifers and the other Dexters. Though Carlos is only 6 months old at the moment – he has some growing to do. But having him in with Aunty is a very safe test as to whether she is bred or not. And yes John has plans for a platform for the milking shed, it will be nice to have all the cows a little higher actually. Alex is 18 months old and Naomi is 10 months old. about. I hope you get your sunshine! me too! c

  5. You so capture personality with Camera House…Naomi and Alex are such beauties!
    PS. I can’t wait for the Little Farm Book to get here. 🙂

  6. Alex looks a little Scottish Highlandish….. Beautiful eyes and color 👍 HeAlthy ,happy pigs !
    Love starting every morning on the farmy !

  7. Alex really does have the most amazing coat for a cow. Just makes you want to reach through and pet her. Just ordered Sheila’s calendar on Mixbook. You can get 30% off whether you join today or not. The current sale code is posted at the top of their page and it is 30-50% off, but your calendar comes up at 30% off. A deal! 🙂

  8. Funny pigs they are… Hope, you can tame Tahiti a bit. Isn’t she all the way the daughter of her mother? –
    And so nice that the young cows gathering together to a herd. I think that helps a lot to handle them, doesn’t it? Naomi still looks so sweet. Great shot of little Alex.
    Did your sky clear up?

  9. Hooray-happy to report you can teach old souls new tricks! Internet working much better this am as is my brain, pushed the bales to the gate and got the job done! I wonder what would happen if you taught pigs to use a touch screen with their snouts? Interesting thought…

  10. Seems it’s good to have Alex so close with Naomi. Always good to have a close friend, but also she will take cues from Naomi when it comes to befriending you. It’s interesting to see them together, Naomi with her shiny luxuriant coat and Alex with her tumbled fluffiness… heh heh Another confirmation that it is only with people that colour seems to enter into the equation to create divides.

  11. Alex has a lovely coat… I’m thinking she’ll be needing it the same as the rest of you… that last photo is spectacular but oh wow clearly demonstrates your weather.
    I’d say it’s possible MixBook similar to the other photo sites will have offers/discounts especially over the holiday season into the new year. If you can find the time to create, it’s a great time to make and buy photo books etc.

    • I got no discount! Bought calendar, one soft cover book and one hard cover book. Those added up to $89 and change. Twenty bucks to ship. Arrrggghhh. Still with great love, though… Gayle

  12. Animals are so photogenic… but I love that last photograph of the blustery weather. Your farm place looks as if it’s weathered many a storm… and it endures yet again. 🙂

  13. I have just been doing a bit of a catchup on your latest posts and realised how much vicarious joy I get out of what you are doing. You and your gorgeous animals, despite the challenges, always make me smile. I bravo you!

  14. Now some looked at the misty house shot and said one thing. I say mysterious and cozy. Much love,

  15. Hey, can we get a list of Fellowship Birthdays? I just LOVE birthdays!!! Lots of love to you all, Gayle

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