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The weather channel says it is getting colder.  It is 40F/4C and windy this morning.  Time for an extra layer when I go outside. 

Calendar on Sale

I have finished the calendar this second. And I have just discovered a CYBER sale on the site that prints it. Otherwise it is just getting too expensive. The SALE is for today and tomorrow and is significant. 55% off.  If you want to take… Continue Reading “Calendar on Sale”

When you feel Sad – WORK

Work hard. So I worked hard and felt much better. The cows are now in their winter quarters. And their feeder has been carried by the tractor from one farm to the next  and set up for the cows feed this winter.  You will… Continue Reading “When you feel Sad – WORK”

Filthy Weather

Yesterday was spent driving through the filthy weather to the airport to deliver Hugo to the plane. Then driving back through filthy weather home again. Filthy can be beautiful though. It just depends how you look at it. And who you look at it with.… Continue Reading “Filthy Weather”