When you feel Sad – WORK

Work hard. So I worked hard and felt much better.

aunty del

The cows are now in their winter quarters. And their feeder has been carried by the tractor from one farm to the next  and set up for the cows feed this winter.  You will remember this feeder, John made it for me from a photograph I took of a similar feeder in New Zealand.  The cows put their heads through individual spaces and grab their hay without jostling and tend to stay with their heads in place above the pile, munching and no feed is wasted.  I love that feeder. I have created all the draft stoppers out of bales of straw.  And the last of the gates are hung.

cow in barn

Here is comes Queenie’s Bobby posing for you at the feeder – waiting patiently.


Manu is happy to have the cows in the barn with him now. He pretended he did not care but I know he loves cows. I have a cow loving pig.


This image is for Kate and Mad.  Showing our Manu’s eye.  The flip side lions eye.

Our new little Dexter Bull (Carlos IV) comes on Monday if all goes well. He will be a great addition to this trio.

See? Hard work helps.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

PS And, just for the record,  if you are feeling cold – mop the floor.

Calendar Register Page is UP!

6.42 am The register page would not allow comments – I am working on it – in frustration. I will take  it down  and see what is going on.

6.55 am OK I fixed the Calendar page  and it is up again. Now I am off out to work I will come back in for coffee and a chat in a few hours!


50 Comments on “When you feel Sad – WORK

  1. Celi, I am the same with work. It is about the only thing, that and walking, that cure me of deep sadness and other emotions that need to be “dealt with.” I am full of them these days. The goings-on over here have me deeply rattled and equally saddened. Sad sad sad. I have tried to leave a comment on the calendar page but can’t figure out how! Would love to register to have Pat send me a calendar! Maybe the comments are not enabled on your new page? Please let me know. Back to work work work. Love love love.

  2. Dearest C, I Cannot Comment for a Calendar… But I want one, please. If you fix the problem tell us, and I will go back and put a comment in. Thank you for the lovely photo of Manu; he has the eye of a large and gentle man, benevolent and kind. I hope this is his true nature and that he will engender a long line of lovely gentle Herefords to counteract Poppy’s exuberance.

  3. Lovely post. Work does have a way of distracting us and making us feel better. I love that photo of you! That hair!!! Ditto on the comment. I’m ready to order once you put in a comments field!

  4. That really is a wonderful hay feeder!!! Well done John! We have gone to round bales for our goats this winter. They are so much cheaper than square bales, and our girls can have a bite whenever they so desire. So far so good! Nice to see Manu! He is getting big, as pigs tend to do!!! 🙂

  5. My last comment disappeared? I am sure Manu will enjoy the other boys company. Laura

  6. I’m sorry you have been sad – but it’s only to be expected given the departure of Hugo – and glad you’re able to work it off. Your John is very clever to make that lovely hay feeder.
    I don’t mop the floor when I’m cold: I light the fire! And it is now lit and very cheerfully roaring on leftover bits of wood from the shelves Jock made for our friends.
    Lots of love,
    ViV xxx

  7. I’m with you, Hard work heals so much. Whenever I’m troubled, I go clean something. If I need to figure out or find something, I take a short nap. Life has it’s way of fixing things. That was a wild hairdo in that photo. Very glamour girl. Manu looks to me like he is sizing things up and taking notes. Funny how we all see something different when we look at the same thing. I popped over to the calendar page but have waited to make a decision. It’s raining here again but I need to get the shelter for my plants finished to protect them from the freeze that’s coming next week. Oh my goodness, winter is almost upon us! Cozy up and have a lovely day.

    • Once you go to the site you will see it and decide.. it is really just an offer – I make no money from the calendar – it is just for a bit of fun.. So don’t feel pressured. c

  8. There is just something about Daisy’s bobbie…I think it is the curly coat, that makes me happy. And to see that very insistent moo in the header shot just adds to his charm. I also have to jump on board the wagon with those who find Manu’s eyes to be intriguing. I am glad he seems happy with his bovine friends. Distractions and keeping busy go a long way in staving off sadness…a good technique indeed.

  9. Oh, what is Queenie’s Bobby complaining about? Nice header shot… Oh, and I love all your today’s shots. Again Queenies Bobby in front of his yet empty bowl – patiently waiting as you said. So lovely. And an eye and a glance from lovely Manu, thank you so much. Your entourage is a great one, Celi!
    And yes, work makes you forget your sorrows. There happens kind of magic (sometimes called flow) and all is well. The best magic thing (and forgetting my problems) happens while crocheting.
    Happy ongoings, Celi! 🙂

  10. I find putting my attention & energy to work or walking lets everything else sort itself out in the background, sort of like running a program to clean the files on a computer. And having stuff tidy and organized can only make things better.

  11. Dearest Celi, Of COURSE you are sad! You and Hugo spent so much time together. Now ask yourself, what kind of a person would you be if you were NOT sad? Much love, Gayle

  12. Celi, I have tried to comment today and also have written a long reply to Irmi re our discussion yesterday: my logo is not coming up and my comments are refused.

    • This came thru’ but still without my usual logo . . . out of time . . . . shall reply to Irmi during the weekend as she has read some very incorrect information . . .

      • Been twice refused again: last try 🙂 ! When things do not go according to plan my first helpline is music: put on a favourite opera, parts of a symphony or chamber music, even trad jazz or something from the 1930s Berliner nightclub scene . . . a long walk, in nature and alone is always calming . . I guess work does make up the trifecta, but do not choose matters which require imagination or language skills 😀 !!

      • Was just ‘refused’ again so last go for today. Yes please Celi tho’ I won’t be offended if she wants to keep it private. Might get around to it by Sunday. Over 40C and stormy her – perfect bushfire weather: cold change forecast in about 6-7 hours. And my back roof seems to be collapsing: just what I needed – thank God I live in a gated community – at least there is maintenance staff all wringing their hands outside! And of course it is Friday and they want to knock off, like now 🙂 !!

      • Oh, what problems are there today? For the matter to discuss with Eha it’s maybe better to do it aside from your blog, Celi, isn’t it? I think you’ve got my email adress anyhow – I agree to pass it to Eha. Thank you. –
        Btw: Since today there are just Gravatars with photographs visible – not the “usual logo” as Eha said – instead of that tiny drawings/signs there’s just a grey&white head symbol for all commenters who have no photo as their gravatar. Do you see them too, Celi? It must be a WP-thing (on other Blogs I’ve seen that, too), has nothing to do with your very own blog. Maybe it’ll be normal tomorrow…
        Good night, Celi!

  13. I vacuum when I’m cold, works every time. I also find that when I’m upset about something or other a job as trivial as cleaning out a drawer can make a big difference. Must be a feeling of control maybe?

  14. When I walk out of our front door and look right, there’s a barn with long feeder like yours….it used to be full of beautiful Charolais cattle quietly munching away. The farmer has retired and the barn lies empty. Of the three farmers that were here when we arrived in this little hamlet one has died, the second has retired which just leaves Patrick, a dairy farmer, still working. In the 15 years that we have been here the old La Moussiere has nearly disappeared ….c’est la vie.

  15. I am behind with reading all your tales – needed to be out being active – doing rather than sitting and fretting. Must be a primitive response to get up and work or do something – which probably kept early humans alive?
    Barns and fields area such healing places.

  16. I love the boys’ dormitory. And there is either amazing wisdom in Manu’s eye or a great capacity for laziness—I can’t tell the difference!

  17. It’s so easy to forget how much hard work fixes a mood. Sitting still tends to prolong the mood at the same time as continuing the internal dialogue that one is in no mood to do work, because of one’s mood. Around and around the mind goes…but yes, hard work stops the cycle and clears the head funk quite well.

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