Not from today

I have been going through my old photographs.  Looking for the TWELVE for the calendar. And when I went out with Camera House to take some shots in the last of the light, as the Cadet and I worked through the chores, I discovered  I had run out of a battery in the camera and then ran out of time on the light, so here are a few shots I found in the files,  these are not good enough for the calendar or the little book but good enough for you and I and our memories.

So here you are – a little wander through memory lane for us. Just a little though – just so you know all is well.

Back to work for me!aa5






Maybe this picture of Poppy can go in the Little Book. She is such  funny pig. There now.

Love celi



28 Comments on “Not from today

  1. I love going through pictures. They always bring back long forgotten memories. Poppy will give a giggle in the little book. I’ve been going though photos of my adopted niece who is 16 to compile a book of all her years so far. While doing that, you stumble on other photos that can write their own story. Such fun to take time for that. Have a wonderful Friday.

  2. I vote for that first photo of La Belle Sheila and Ton to go in. It just says Farmy: knee high grass, contented pig, alert, responsible dog.

  3. I’m voting for Queen Sheila and Guard Ton!! So many pictures are priceless so ~ Celi ~ I think you should make a 365 day calendar!! The we can enjoy our Farmy Buddies everyday!! Yes more expensive ~ but it will be worth it!!

  4. Such great-but-not-great-enough photos. What has happened to all the sickly calves now? All gone to other homes?

  5. Our blogging is a form of journaling isn’t it; in good company rather than the traditional form of solitary journaling. When I had an images blog, at the end of the year I did one post of the pics that never quite made it… they do tell a story in themselves.

  6. Oh dear, those boring grey and white gravatars are still in place! Have not bothered with a ‘selfie’ for a decade or more [and no, I don’t sport three eyes nor two horns!] . . . if this goes on I better comb my hair and smile 🙂 ! Love the top-and-tail pig photos . . . Poppy looks ever so fashionable with that designer mud coat!!

  7. I’m surprised you were able to post anything on a day you’re reviewing photos. Once I open that Pandora’s box, I can easily kill an afternoon looking at them all. That’s why I do it so rarely. As for Poppy, what a ham!

  8. Just a wonderful remembrance of past summerdays !!! Made me happy… Love the one with the cute piggy babies best…

  9. This memory lane is a good memory lane. The wandering was peaceful and quiet and reflective . The year is coming to an end.

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