Filthy Weather

Yesterday was spent driving through the filthy weather to the airport to deliver Hugo to the plane.

Then driving back through filthy weather home again.

Filthy can be beautiful though. It just depends how you look at it. And who you look at it with. On the way up I had two young men and on the way back only one. Hugo has gone but Jake is still close by. And we will both miss Hugo and his every present laughter. rain on road

As you know every night I load my pictures and make notes on what I will write about in the morning. And last night, after John had gone to bed at 7pm as usual,  I sat alone in front of the fire and listened to the wind howling through a crack in a window. I knew I should get up and shut the window properly but instead I sat with the laptop warming my lap, staring at the fire and thinking about the weeks ahead. I listened to the intense quiet. Then I looked at the diary properly and GOODNESS! I had better get a wriggle on with the calendars and things! It is getting LATE.

So tomorrow I will finish the calendar and the little picture book. Then I will set up a page for orders.  Once I know how many people want a calendar I will proceed with the printing. The calendars are often quite beautiful I love making them and love looking at them as they collect over the years.

For those of you who are new to the Fellowship – Sheila my big fat pig never bred, so never produced piglets. Usually on a farm this size she would have been sold because she could not contribute to the farm. I am not running a zoo. This is a farm to grow food or  animals to sell or barter for food.  Sheila is probably over 500 pounds (about 230kg) so she is too big to be a pet.  So The Fellowship of the time offered to adopt her and donate to her feed with the calendar and the T shirt.  So she could make money for the farm this way. (I need to get to work on the T shirt too!)   Sheila is quite a clever and loving pig (and not all pigs are clever and loving believe me!)  and I am so glad we kept her. And the calendar celebrates all our animals, as many as I can get onto 12 pages anyway!

So now it is time again for our annual Sheila calendar – my season went long this year so I am a little late getting onto it but I will work fast!

I will set up a page tomorrow with all the prices, etc, it will be above the Header tomorrow you can go there to see the prices and register for a copy.  This is just for fun remember – You are NOT EXPECTED to buy a calendar – Sheila does not eat that much – it is just a lovely way for those of you who wish to – to contribute. The calendars themselves are 24.99  to print and most donations are usually about 5 dollars. We will ask Connie what the postage will be this year – I usually do a flat rate.IMG_1717

When I make the calendars I only choose 12 pictures  (which is terribly hard ) so last year I popped all the left over (and still very good) pictures into a little picture book. This will be for sale this year as well. I like to print the best of my pictures and the little book is a perfect way to do this. And might be a fun gift!

So now that the house is quiet again and Hugo has helped me get up to date – I will begin work on the pictures.

I just looked at the weather forecast and there is SNOW forecast for Friday and Saturday. SNOW! Are they out of their MINDS!  Surely we will not get snow yet.

Have a lovely day.




34 Comments on “Filthy Weather

  1. The weather was befitting a hard goodbye. I have never had a farmy calendar. I hope I can get this one this year. If you need help with anything graphic, please let me know! x

  2. You’ve got such a marvellous selection of outstanding images. That calendar and the accompanying book are going to be really something. I hope the silence in the house isn’t going to get too much on your nerves, once you have got used to the luxury of solitude once again 🙂

  3. Even busy with “non” farmy things C. Strange how you aren’t ready for the snow and me, well I have never seen snow!
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. SNOW!?!? Yes, most surely they are out of their minds!!! What a silly thought, and prediction!!! Let’s just not pay a bit of attention to that!!! 🙂

  5. Oh dear, no snow please. Your weather shot today is superb – it was like that here too yesterday, I didn’t stir outside all day. Now the sun is shining and I shall get out there as soon as I’ve finished this comment.
    I’m looking forward to the calendar and little book.
    Lots of love,
    ViV xox

  6. ‘snow way of knowing with the weather. Our heat wave was broken with huge storms the last two evenings – at last. We have had hailstorms with stones the size of golf balls, so what didn’t die of thirst because of water restrictions, got flattened but our gardens are so grateful for all the rain, not to mention the farmers and their livestock 🙂 Did Hugo arrive back safely? Laura

  7. Our corner had torrential rain (such as you picture) and hours of 40 and 50, and even some 70 mph winds in places. We are left with trees down, power outages, flooding from overflowing rivers and buckets of mountain snow…which can stay exactly there for right now, where it belongs. I say no snow in the lowlands until January!

  8. You just reminded me of something I have to get done in short order. Oh my, who turned the dial up to race?? We had weather just like that yesterday. Fortunately no one here had to drive far in it. They are prediction rain and snow with 29 degrees for Thanksgiving and all those people including my niece and her family driving to have dinner somewhere. I moved away from the snow since I’m no longer able to shovel it. No shovel required for the rain but I don’t have to muck about in it. I guess the weather was reflective of your mood yesterday at seeing Hugo go home. I’m glad you are all safely home again. Have a good one today.

  9. I can hardly wait for the Little Book, my grand-daughter will be so excited!

  10. Our weather is quite fickle here. Very cold for a few days, which made walking around the zoo in shorts much less pleasant, and now we’ve sailed back up into the 70s.

    I am very interested in a book.

  11. OH! I will be getting a calendar for sure and the book and a t-shirt- you have those? I can give books to all my little Great nieces and nephews…and believe you me they are great!
    Cheers! and hugs!

  12. Hope you include yesterday’s inside of the barn for whichever –calendar or book.

  13. Our storm finally blew out of here…we are basking in very cold sunshine…but it IS sunshine so I’ll take it!


  14. It’s always good to have something to look forward to (inside projects) when the good weather goes South for the winter. Boise, Idaho had snow two nights ago, and our crazy chicken “Blondie” still slept on top of her house.

  15. C. I’m so glad you had Jake along to keep you company and I hope drive back in that filthy weather. That would of been the most miserable of drives alone. And SNOW?? wtf??

  16. Your weather looks a lot like ours did yesterday. We had such a storm that it closed I-84, the major east-west highway. Too many trees and boulders on the road. But this morning there is sunshine coming through my window. No snow for us, but another rainstorm tonight.

  17. We have had driving rain for about four days, It must be tired ’cause it only came in spurts today. I drove cross country in thick wet fog yesterday and shocked with the number of drivers not using lights of any kind! Our temperatures are forecast to drop by Friday, but tonight we need to be well battened down for the promised stormy weather. If you never hear from me again… I’ll have blown away!

      • 😆 I am well tied down and heading to bed early, my eyes are tired tonight – blaming the driving in the heavy rain. I owe you an email, will get to it before the weekend. GM.

  18. I’m looking forward to a 2016 calendar, hanging it in my new-old kitchen but this year seeing it every day 🙂 And I think my new niece will love a book. The only thing consistent about the weather is that it’s a topic for conversation… over the past half week we’ve gone from quite cool & rainy to bloody hot… in the 40’s Celsius predicted tomorrow. I mentioned I love plans… projects too; it’s good to have projects. As well as organising our move, I’m finishing off a 60th birthday photo book for the G.O., only 5 months after the event.

  19. City girl just LOVES that freeway photo in the rain! Everything is nicely blurry, adding to the rainy feeling. As for snow, I spent 4 winters in Vermont. Snow Oct. 1st was no surprise, although lamented. Much love to all, Gayle

  20. Yes, pretty dangerous and miserable driving weather up your way . . . am not particularly enamoured at the 38C we will reach today and low 40s tomorrow either – for those used to F, that is way past 100!! The bushfires have already wrought terrible losses in WA and I remember those out our way two years ago only too well. Have no AC in my cottage either: think I can say ‘filthy’ also . . . snow – that will complicate matters up your way with over 3 months of the white stuff ahead . . .

  21. Oh yes, I would like to order, really. I am so sorry not being able to afford nor calendar or book or Tshirt, nor can I order that beautiful cookbook of John. Being unemployed for a very long time now (two years) I have to count on every single cent now. So sorry… On the other hand there is the height of the overseas freight costs to Europe, so it would be a very “heavy” order nevertheless… You say, there’s no expectation to order. Ok. But I think it would be kind of honouring or expressing one’s appreciation for anotherone’s work. And you (and ChgoJohn) do a very good work! If there’s a change in my life once, I’ll be with you again in that matter. Hopefully. –
    In the meantime I am so glad by all means being able to follow your blog daily, so I can watch all your great pics on my PC. And that is, of course: Very very comforting (and comfortable) for me.
    Hah, and we’ve been forcasted SNOW too, for Monday. – Its kind of strange: Our whether lately corresponded with yours: From mild, sunny, stormy, very stormy – and now it’s getting colder until that said snowy Monday… – Have a great time, Celi, in preparing all that lovely things.

    • Irmi – I know your situation well 🙂 ! But you have a computer – have you tried to make extra money with that? I live rurally, not in the best of health and carrying a few too many years for employers to be interested. BUT : for the last six years I have been registered at over 20 market survey companies [just Google: Global Test Market’ is a very good one!]. I am on survey panels for our three best TV stations + our largest pay-TV one. There are many food related panels: say Nestles, Heinz etc et al. I work for Australia’s largest bakers. If one watches TV with advertising there are great panels for ‘ad’ judgments etc. I don’t 🙂 !! And if your name becomes known a lot of other firms ‘come out of the woodwork’ asking for your opinion – HONEST opinion: never ever lie – IT will catch you out. I am beginning to get asked for ‘my persona’ and belief systems by a number of Australian universities. Then it becomes fun not work!! You won’t make a living, even with the 70-hour pw workload I have at the moment, but you can afford the socalled ‘extras’ and luxuries. Some put money in your PayPal account, others send gift cards for your largest supermarket chains, our pay-TV gives you a regular chance to ‘rate it, keep it’, sending you out something to try [yes, you have a choice] – you write a critique and can keep the goods. That alone can amount to a thousand dollars or way more if you get a new fridge, washing machine or similar . . . it’s all on Mr Google and yes, Europe is far richer in such opportunities than we are in Australia. Just an idea 🙂 !

      • Thank you very much, Eha, for your so kind reply to my comment and for sharing your own experiences. Very interesting. I never have heard of this ad-market online money making before. I googled a bit and got some pros and cons. I will think over it. As much as I understood they take/want all your datas and infos and you make yourself very very transparent to them. It is said that you often are being thrown out (english? sorry) towards the end of a survey after having invested lots of time just to tell you that you’d not fit to the target group. So no money (or no points) for spending lots of time. And after you get thousands and thousands of ads virtually and into your physical post box as well as lots of phone calls… It is said either that some are waiting in vain for being paid by globaltestmarket, just to see later that their “points” have been totally cancelled. I think, that’s not quite my thing. Sure, pros and cons. Will see…. On the other hand I have no TV, I do not watch TV at all. – Thank you, Eha, anyway. So kind of you to lend me a hand, to reach out to me… 🙂 But did I get you right: You are working 70 hours per week? Seventy?! So you must be very rich already?! 😉
        Hugs and good morning to you! Have a nice day!

  22. I’ve seen forecasts for snow the last few days, Celi, but didn’t want to mention them. I knew you’d find out on your own. I haven’t even cleared the flower beds yet! Well, they will just have to wait until after the snow melts. With any luck, that will be Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Besides, everything is sopping wet after all that rain. I couldn’t have done much with it anyway. (That’s what I keep telling myself.)

  23. Last year’s Sheila t-shirt got lots of comments around here… and traveled to other states too. She’s such a beauty!! My family in Nebraska already has snow on the ground. We’ve still got decent temps down south and the trees are hanging onto a little color yet. Freezing temps are forecast this week though. Snow this early tends to make for a long winter. 😦

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