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Lady Astor has decided that she is going to have Aunty Del’s new baby. Just gently mind you. She is a big cow and does not want to frighten anyone. 

no more milk

Yes. The  milking cows have been milked for the last time and … – loaded up into the old trailer with its new tyre and driven over to the West Barn. We made a bit of a mess of the paths and pastures as… Continue Reading “no more milk”

Gardening Chooks

You have not seen much of Mr Flowers lately, but I have – him and all his wives up on the veranda. This year I decided to employ the meat chickens as gardeners. With this endless rain, combined  with the terrible heat earlier in… Continue Reading “Gardening Chooks”

Here’s a problem!

Three and a half months ago there was a big bad storm that blew in the big door at the West Barn. When I got to the barn the following morning Manu (Hereford Boar) was in with Molly and Tahiti(Hereford gilts) .  Do you… Continue Reading “Here’s a problem!”

A side of country

Today we left the lovely farm and homestead and drove back through the parched landscape to Wellington, New Zealand. This (above) has to be my favourite image of the New Zealand I saw this time.. New Zealand country. We were driving through  the Wairarapa.… Continue Reading “A side of country”