Sheila goes walkies down by the creek

Sheila the big pig is getting a bit too big. Fat I think.  So Ton and I took her for a little walk. After she had managed to get past the new compost heap, we had a nice wee trot around the back.


Going back in and out of the Logan’s gate often so she knows her way home. Each time we came out just a little further.sheila-goes-for-a-walk-074

She followed me very closely. I could only really get one shot of her as she was at my heel the whole time.  Though once she broke into a frolic, which made us all laugh. Sheila, TonTon and I.


Boo stayed inside with Marmalade. He is not calm enough to be around Sheila when she is nervous.


I pruned some mulberry as we walked and we brought it back .


To have with dinner.


Then back to work I went.


Although I know that today it is going to get cold again, these last few days above freezing have been very productive. A reprieve.

I am hoping that Sheila and I can go for a wee walk every day that it is warm enough. We usually walk about the fields doing the chores. This is the first time I have taken her through the gates and down the back where there is long wild grass to munch on and space to run that is not rutted mud and ice. And she was very well behaved.   Being cooped up in a paddock must be awfully boring for this pig. Plus she loves to follow me around.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


70 Comments on “Sheila goes walkies down by the creek

  1. Always been my dream to have a pet pig, trouble being that they do get so big Having my pet pig slaughtered would be out of the question so no pig its ever since I saw the film Babe..
    lovely walks and lovely pics … Happy New Year

  2. Aw, that’s so sweet. 😀 She must be such a grateful walkies pig that I bet she would behave herself no matter what. Yesterday on our road trip we passed several fields with critters. Most with sheep, but a couple with pigs. I loved to see the pigs just running around rooting in the fields. Boy the pig fields are dug up something proper. They all seem to have little pig houses…like dog houses. All the pigs round us seem to be something smaller, like the Oxford black and sandy or the British saddle backs. Or maybe just those breeds have lovely fields to run around in. On the closest field to us are a bunch of white sheep and one black one. I must walk up there and take a classic photo. 🙂 Morning C, hope your day is shaping up to be lovely and above freezing.

    • I like the idea of the little Dog Houses.. soon i am going to have to get clever with my hands and build some myself.. they would be perfect shelters.. c

  3. I was there, beside you as you walked along. That’s how it felt, anyway. These are the moments of your life I so appreciate sharing, the walking along with critters, talking with them, laughing with them.

  4. You could say it is a case of pigging out up the creek without a paddle!
    I am shuddering at the thought of being happy to get a few days above freezing temperature …

    • That is something I have thought too. i give mine sticks (actually prunings from the fruit and mulberrry trees) and they carry them around and fight over them and even take them to bed with them, plus balls, we have two bowling balls that they push around, but I really can only let sheila out for walks.. the others get to run in their fields every day but not for too long or they would tear the winter grass up.. c

  5. Having an ecstatic frolicking full size pig running towards when you are out walking is something else. Trust is the word, so far mine have always swerved at the last moment! It is worth it though to see those giddy piggy moments. And I think they enjoy our company just as much.

    • Daisy is even worse, she runs at you at full throttle and you look at her gangly legs and her huge body and wonder how on earth she is going to stop in time, but she always does.. so far .. c

  6. You’re so lucky to have such animal friends and vice versa. I love how much Sheila loves you! Did you always have this rapport with animals? Or did you have to have the farm to realize it? It seems like they provide so much companionship…speaking of which, I’m missing Kupa a bit. Funny how that works even over the blogosphere.

    • Dogs and babies have always loved me, but birds think i am special..sparrows particularly will often surround me as they fly past.. I think my brain is very simple, so it is easy for me to think like a pig or a cow.. I am missing Kupa too.. the days are drab without our flash of blue.. c

  7. What a lovely walk. The French meteo said it is going to rain virtually non-stop while my family is here, but the sun is blazing out of a beautiful azure sky and they’ve gone for a long exploring walk while we prepare a Christmas dinner for tonight. Jock’s doing the potatoes. I’m still not ready to walk with other people as I am very slow and get tired after ten minutes. I wouldn’t suit Sheila at all!.

    Enjoy the reasonable weather while it lasts.

    • Sheila walks very very slowly, in fact she might be the perfect walking companion, she would come up to your hip, unless you are taller than me, so when you are tired you can lean on her and she would very slowly walk you home again.. the nice weather is not gone, back to grey skies and cold.. poo.. glad your family have a lovely day today though, a good walk builds up an appetite!

  8. A very hard frost and blue sky today, which is a welcome relief from the storms that have blown through here. More storms due on Monday, so we’ll enjoy the winter clarity while it lasts. Happy Sunday to you and the farmy!

    • blue and white.. your garden will be looking lovely.. you have had a bad run of weather, but i guess it is winter! morning misky darling, how is your mail by the way, still being attacked?

      • Yes, still attacked but I can move faster than her now. And now she’s decided that there’s something growling at her inside the fridge — it’s the motor turning on. The problem is that her hearing is going, poor old dear, so sounds are distorted. It must be scary for her.

  9. I was surprised to learn you have 5 roosters! I’m wondering too what do you feed TonTon, Big Dog, and Boo? They all look so healthy. And how do you know when a pig is overweight? You mentioned Ton being overweight the other day but I couldn’t tell.

    • They eat a lot of raw meat, bones the lot. When i am too lazy to defrost the meat I have bought a rice based dog food, no corn or soy at all, and lots of milk and eggs.. I think Ton got a bit chubby when I was down with the injury.. but we are back on our long walks now so that should help.. c

  10. Aren’t pigs supposed to be fat? I love the idea of Sheila trotting along behind you like a pup. It must have been quite an adventure for her. 🙂

    • They are large animals but Sheila has been raised to be bred and if she is overweight she has less of a chance to breed.. I don’t even like the pigs I breed for the freezer to get too fat.. it is not healthy.. but she is a good size! c

  11. I have often wondered what it would be like to take a pig for a walk… now I know and it didn’t cost me any energy at all, you did all the walking…

  12. Sheila is such a lucky pig! They are intelligent animals (a dog trainer here once trained hers to do basic obedience AND scent discrimination) and are far too often relegated to a boring paddock, or worse; a tiny pen.

    • I look forward to getting the kunekune, so Sheila has a friend (though i am not sure she wants one) but he will be smaller, training Sheila is like training a bus crossed with a rhino. She knows that she can outrun me or wack me if she wants to. I could not possibly have her wandering about the garden for instance, she would dig everything up. But so far she chooses to be a good pig. I think they like order and create habits and these are the key to training. Plus food. Food is good.. c

  13. A nice sunny day sure does feel nice doesn’t it! 🙂 Sunny here today too! Blizzard yesterday into the night and finally quit around 9:30…
    Love your photos and especially the one of your front porch!!! So nice to sit out on a nice warm day and sip some iced tea I’ll bet! I love porches!
    Sheila I am developing a real liking for you! Such a very smart and friendly piggy! What good company you are while our Celi is out and about!!! LOL
    Boo and Marmalade look comfy cozy by the stove…:)
    I was rushed yesterday…wanted to tell you that I love what you are doing to your coupe! What a lovely place for your dear Matriarch! She will spend the rest of her years when she is ready in a very warm little home with privacy andwill be quite safe!!!
    Everyone likes their own space and that is precisely what you are designing for her! Nice colors too. I know she will love it! 😀
    Will be picking up my puppy this Friday! I have waited a very long time for her and soooo excited!!! Will send you photos!
    Well, I think I am going to make myself some tea and eat a nice ham sandwich! The ham is almost gone!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to have ham but it has stayed it’s welcome and will finish it off today!
    Take care and peace, love, and joy my friend! Hi to all the fellowship!

  14. Dear Sheila, such a lovely, clever, happy pig. Such fun for her to get out in the sun, play a little, see new things, smell new smells, and enjoy your company. Maybe she does need a companion, to exchange piggy conversation and snuggle up to at night…

  15. When I lived in Malaysia many years ago, we lived opposite a kampong…traditional village…..and 2 or 3 times a year a man would come wandering along the road, the main road, full of whizzing cars, with an enormous pig! First time I saw this I thought it was so funny, taking your pig for a walk, but as they got closer to the kampong, the pig would break into a trot, and then the squealing would start from inside the kampong…..and I realised what was happening….he was off to visit the ladies. As he headed into the lane leading into the kampong he’d be racing at a full gallop, his owner right behind. Loud piggy noises would be heard all day until early evening when they’d head home again, his feet dragging, head drooping, a tired but happy pig.

  16. That Sheila is one lucky pig! I doubt there are many farmers who take their pigs for a stroll like this, Celi. Our temps are falling and there’s a fine mist in the air. It’s starting to freeze, making things slippery. I was in the dog run, slip-sliding around. You know things are slick if gravel is slippery. I won’t be going anywhere tonight! Have a great night, Celi.

  17. You keep surprising me with what animals are capable of. I never thought a pig could be taken for a walk. This blog is teaching me so much, as well as giving me many laughs and sometimes tears.
    How nice to have that little reprieve about freezing. Here, as I’m sure you’ve heard, we are having our wettest December for many years. Yesterday I walked to the sea in the rain and stood in the salty water, which was surprisingly warm.

    • Sometimes I think only our own expectations limit what we or an animal can do. I have all my sheep inside fences yet in iran the boys let them out and walk them about the mountains all day looking for food then walk them back home.. I think about that sometimes and am very tempted to walk my sheep out to the creek too.

      • You will have to get a shepherdess outfit and a crook! I can just see the scene: Celi and her flock.

  18. I love how you make the everyday chores feel like an adventure, one we all want to be part of. I was just picturing myself with a ‘Sheila’ and walking down the hill to the town with her on a lead! How is she on hills, could she push me back up the hill on the way home?

  19. Another ‘smiley’ post to enjoy! Actually I remember a photo of you walking with Sheila and Charlotte in different days and they followed you in perfect line! Remember too wishing it had been more of a closeup so we could have seen you up close and personal [!], but have learnt not to wait for those 🙂 ! Have to laugh at Boo and Marmalade ostensibly quite ‘disinterested’ one in the other . . . is the love affair fading?

  20. Hi Celi, I hope your back is better, having a nice walk with Sheila makes me think it is. It looks like your weather was similar to ours but tomorrow it’ll feel like -20C with the windchill. Glad our power is back on now!

    • thank goodness my ‘back’ is doing SO much better, now Ton and I can start walking some of this weight off, being laid up was awful.. Thank goodness your power is back on, did you lose many trees? Your weather is terrible, we are going to be very cold tonight too, bad wind and very cold.. c

  21. these photos had me wishing i had a piggie to do walkabouts with….

    [gee….marmalade is growing up!!]

  22. When I was doing research for my M.S. in psychology, I came across a number of research articles that said pigs had the intellectual abilities of the average 6 yr. old child. Pigs are also the animal who are the most anatomically similar to humans. When you see 4 year olds running all the electronic gadgets in the house better than their parents can, it makes you really wonder what a pig is capable of. Shelia seems to be an above average piggy so she may have the mind of a 7 yr. old, so it must be really boring for her when she is penned up with no stimulation, She probably loved figuring out how to open & closed the door to her pen. Her walks with you through the fields, must give her lots of things to ponder when she is alone with her thoughts. Maybe she needs some things to play with when she is alone. I think your walkies with her with greatly enrich her life. Shelia is “Special Pig” as E.B. White wrote of in Charlotte’s Web. But, we already knew that.
    Marmalade & Boo are so sweet together.

    • I think that Sheila and I have figured out a kind of language too. I talk to her as I walk about and work and when i pause she grunts in reply. She is actually seldom alone which is nice as she is in a barn of other animals plus TonTon the border collie is seldom far from her side. If I am not outside Ton is with Sheila. She is got up in the morning and even tucked into bed like a 7 year old at night. I swear she even says goodnight. She refuses to have anything to do with the other pigs preferring to hang out with cows and dogs. When I am not there she closes her eyes and sleeps, quite contentedly actually. I imagine carrying that kind of weight around must make a pig very tired. Good reminder about her toys, she has bowling balls but keeps pushing them straight out the door, she does not like them inside, they have been mired in the ice and I forgot to get them out when it thawed. Lets hope she can be bred, I think she will make a lovely little mother. c

  23. The compost must have been calling her name. She’ll be one tired piggie if she follows you around all day!

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