Hugging Corners

Under the stern eye of Egoli, Poppy’s Nine entered their second whole day.

The winds were fierce yesterday and it was hot but deep in the barn the piglets home was quiet and peaceful.  Poppy had food and water so there was little need of me, but just once I opened the big door for her so she could come out and put her feet into her water trough. Then she ate, then she walked back into the pen, lay down and called the babies out. So I shut the door again and left them to it. That door is in need of repair since she broke out the day before she farrowed  so if she wanted to she could let herself out. I cannot be banging about in there for a while yet.

Poppy feels heavy and tired. Still recovering. Today she will be much brighter and if it is still warm I will open her door for longer.

This week is a warm one – a gift really, these tiny babies would have had a hard time if it had been really cold. Though I was prepared for that too. But by the time the cold comes they will have gathered some fat onto their bones and they will be sleeping inside their little warm house when they are not feeding. The piglets always find their little house in the creep on day three or four.

Here they are. piglets

pigs foot

A tangle of piglets. I shot these pictures while Poppy was eating. piglets

They are still hugging the dim corners, where it is warm and they feel safe.

I hope you have a lovely day.



27 Comments on “Hugging Corners

  1. So little, but so satiny and sleek. They don’t have a spare ounce of fat on them yet, but with lots of good milk that’ll change. Lovely photos, thank you!

  2. They are adorable. Simply adorable. What a lovely bunch of images on this fall morning. New life and fall is in the air. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

  3. I want to be raided by all of them. They are all so huggable. Well…I can just go on and on about their cuteness overload. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. What a bliss!

  4. Egoli is a good watch cat, tho he looks rather sleepy as cats do. Wonderful pics of the new piglets. They are very precious. I tried to count how many were in the pile,….like piglet janga. Have a wonderful day.

  5. The babies are so darn cute. Of course, I may be biased on my opinion – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  6. They are just beautiful. No wonder Poppy is tired. That’s a lot of work for any mama. Egoli looks like he’d let you know if anything goes awry. Poppy should be proud. Delighted the weather is cooperating. Have a lovely day too.

  7. “A tangle of piglets”? Well, call ’em what you like but that’s certainly a precious bunch of critters. As Kate said, satiny and sleek, but also with beautiful markings. And, yes, we’re unexpectedly warm here as well this week. Weather man keeps changing his forecast from rain back to sun again so it’s hard to tell day to day what’s happening out there, but with these lovely temps I am not complaining! Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  8. What DO you call a group of newborn piglets? There are names for every other newborn creature!!

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