The Two-headed Monster

When we were kids the seats in the cars were bench seats- you could sit four skinny people comfortably across the front seat. (Bucket seats are such a kill-joy). Lovey-dovey couples would sit close together – usually the fella driving and the girl jammed as close as she could get, thigh to thigh, knee to knee.  We were small children then, often travelling in the car with Dad and when driving behind such a couple, their profiles joined into one,  my Dad would say “Look a Two-headed Monster”.  And we would all laugh. When you are five every Dad’s joke seems new and hilarious. Even if you have heard it umpteen times before.

This photo has nothing at all to do with lovely dovey couples but it certainly is a two headed monster. I was trying to get a shot of Geraldine with her lizard feet in focus and her body moving about and  got this instead.  Geraldine the Jekyll can no longer hide her Hyde.


Aunty Anna has decided that the new hay is so good ..

aunty anna

… she just had to bury her head in that new hay smell and wriggle about a bit.




I forgot to lock the chickens up the other night and they were waiting for me yesterday morning.

chickens and rooster

It has been wet for so long that many of the fence posts are green now.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



38 Comments on “The Two-headed Monster

  1. I love the last shot, the row of chooks on the fence. They’re such wonderfully rich colours, and the rooster has a magnificent comb and yellow stockings. The photo of Geraldine really gives an idea of how fast she must have cocked her head at you.

  2. Have the wonderful chefs cooked up anything with eggplant yet? I’m looking for a yummy, preferably easy, recipe! 🙂

  3. Loved all the pictures you’ve posted here.. two headed chicken and the cow rooting in the hay, I’m still laughing over here.. Have a most wonderful weekend.. Take care, Laura 🙂

  4. Snorts with piggy laughter. See, the devil side was coming out in Geraldine. Mom says usually I’m sweet Bacon but my deviled ham side comes out at times. Shivers – let’s not talk about that. Happy Friday my sweet friend! XOXO – Bacon

  5. Lovely photos miss c! My God mother had an old car like that and one year we crammed my mum, my God mother, her mum, plus 4 of us kids in it and drove to Cornwall one yea. It probably took 8 or 9 hours. But it was fun, and a happy memory 😀

  6. The pictures are beautiful, I like how colorful the roosters are. I bet everything going on in the kitchen is so wonderful with the chef’s there. I tried the Apple pancake recipe but I used peaches instead it was so yummy!

  7. Love the photos today. Especially Aunty Anna rolling in the hay! I laughed.

  8. That photo of the cooks looks like “Band Practice II”. (And now I don’t feel so bad that I use spaghetti in the long narrow box–use whole wheat spaghetti, actually.) So happy to see TonTon! And Auntie Anna is bee-you-tee-ful!!

  9. You made me laugh ’cause I kind’of grew up in the ‘neck’ and ‘pet’ [ooh! naughty!!] era of ‘nice’ girls and those ‘loose’ and not marriage material!! Having a ‘partner’ situation simply did not exist 🙂 !! Sex on the second or third date supposedly did not either: you had to retain your respect!!!! But those bench seats sure did !!!! Not having a car one did love the offers to drive one home from all the parties but got very adept at having one’s house keys already in hand when the car engine got switched off – door open, profuse thanks and a smile . . . . at my age just recently, having remet my first university boyfriend in Med School: he remembered I would not even part with a kiss . . . now very close ’tis wonderful to laugh . . .. . . oh yes, THAT era must have had a record number of hugely ‘premature’ babies to the newly married who weighed about 8-9 lbs . . .

  10. Sorry pressed send by accident!! Was going to say: It looks like Geraldine is having an out of body experience! 🙂

  11. The chickens make a lovely welcoming committee! Aunty Anna does seem to be enjoying the new hay smell. Silly Geraldine!

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