Sheep in a box

Marcel has taken to spending his entire day in this box. bees-039I think he may have been bullied by these two.bees-042

Though I am sure butter would not melt in their mouths.

It may be time for Marcel to join the flock. bees-043

Here is the angel who keeps me safe from lightening storms.bees-052With his little tucked up feet.

It was Kim’s last farm stay day yesterday. I told her she is doing so well with everything I could go to town and leave her in charge.  We will miss her. Now remember, if you want to come and stay you can do this without being mentioned on the blog at all. It is your choice. The Coupe is a wonderful space for a retreat or as a writing space. There is no need to be involved in the farm at all. bees-028

Though Kim literally jumped in boots and all. She is fearless and has done so well with her charges that her chicks are laying themselves at her feet trying to make her stay on.


The trailer is ready for the next batch of meat chicks.  Watch out Post Mistress there should be chicks in the mail today! bees-013I am going to have to tidy my work bench now that I don’t have a pear tree to hide behind.bees-008

I put another super on the bees hive a week ago. My very quick look Yesterday showed that this hive is growing at a massive rate. Russians are a bit untidy with their comb making but there is honey and brood. I think I can put my first honey super on in a couple of weeks. I am feeling cautiously optimistic about getting honey this year. Honey and chickens are an important currency around here.

Note my new gloves. They reach up to my elbow! Very posh.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy




40 Comments on “Sheep in a box

  1. I have finally caught up on what happened at the Farmy while I was gallivanting and getting up to mischief for a week. Everyone looks healthy and happy. Pity about the trees. I still have my fingers crossed for your book editing etc.

  2. Awww, precious Lambie 🙂 Look at that lovely white wax! I couldn’t imagine coming to the Farmy and not being involved with the animals. Laura

  3. Marcel almost looks like the captain leaning over the bow of a box ship there in that photo. Poor guy, I’m sure he felt protected there and am glad he’s out amongst his own kind now. I know you’ll miss Kim!

  4. Yes, bless Marcel for sure. Such a pitiful sight. I’m glad he is now with his own kin. Who was it who mamma-ed him? Not Mama, I know. Not Tilly. Meadow!! Yes!

    • Minty, yes you are right and she is the one in the shot touching noses .. they have been together through the fence for a few days so now is a good time. He is big enough now.. c

  5. I secretly wish Kim had been an all-thumbs kind of gal, so if I came along I wouldn’t seem so bad.

    • Everyone has a talent for something, I am sure you would fine your niche very quickly.. Do keep it in mind, you wold be most welcome.. c

    • There were many times that I was all thumbs, for instance, I think I might have accidentally pulled up almost a whole row of baby kale during a weeding session.

      • Oh I don’t think so.. (she says rushing outside to check!!) .. phew.. no they are still there!! Got me that time.. c

  6. Love the gloves – my kind of blue! And up to your elbows – they certainly ARE posh, almost like evening gloves of old!

  7. Those bees are just going to town with that honeycomb! How lovely.

  8. Good morning, c. I think you should put 4 wheels on that box, and see where Marcel goes.

  9. “Sheep in a box” is better than the Justin Timberlake alternative … I’ll let you google that, Celi

  10. Surely such soignée calves wouldn’t dream of troubling Mixed-up Marcel. I’m glad he’s integrating in the herd; sometimes one does need a bit of time with family to feel more secure. The idea of a stint as a farmhand, living in the coupe, has tremendous appeal. If only there were any way to fit it in the schedule! Maybe someday…. Meanwhile, it’s always a joy to get caught up on some of the farmy’s citizens and their shenanigans. So sorry about the blighted trees—we lost a big limb from the red oak a few weeks ago and the arborist was worried we might be losing that beauty, but it turns out it’s been attacked not by disease but by squirrels (little rats!) and we’re going to cable the other most damaged limb to give it better protection against those pests. I hope all of your saplings will withstand the pestilence, too. Much love from here!

  11. I’m with Marcel, there are days I feel I could happily curl up and sleep peacefully in a box in the sun…
    It’s wonderful that one of the Farmy Commenters Lounge members actually got to take the stage with the cast, and to hear everyone enjoyed Kim’s visit. Almost as good as if it was me 😉

  12. Hmm, EllaDee . . . . perhaps our commenting brood from Oz should all get in the big plane, cross the ruddy Pond, land on Miss C’s doorstep, bring our sleeping bags and line up on The Coupe floor and offer whatever work gifts any of us possess! Methinks we would have an absolute hoot [and possibly not get THAT much work done] 😀 !!!!! [OK, I bags Tima for a sleeping partner!!!!!!!]

  13. Poor Marcel. I hope the others are kind to him. Lots of bee activity!

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