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Sheep in a box

Marcel has taken to spending his entire day in this box. I think he may have been bullied by these two. Though I am sure butter would not melt in their mouths. It may be time for Marcel to join the flock.  Here is the… Continue Reading “Sheep in a box”

Bobby gets the Boot

We streamed along yesterday.  At first it was so hot we were pouring back the water. Everyone on the farm that is, not just me. I have to say you were absolutely right, my days are so much better with someone out here to… Continue Reading “Bobby gets the Boot”

How to settle your 47 chicks in on their first day.

The Post Mistress found a chirping box on her counter when she got to work this morning.  She called me straight away and I zoomed down in my little cooking oil car to collect them. I could hear the strident chirping the minute I… Continue Reading “How to settle your 47 chicks in on their first day.”

The Naughty Boo’s Chair

Look at this dog with his mouth full of melted butter. Like butter would not melt.  In his big mouth. Now look at the destruction. I shall have to add sunglasses to my shopping list. And he has begun to pick himself sweetcorn too.… Continue Reading “The Naughty Boo’s Chair”