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The Bee Hive goes Up a Level

Still wrapped in the gentleness of the summer glide we had a productive day yesterday. Summer sauce went into jars. Dried capsicum into jars. Stuff I am not going to eat came Out of jars and into the mouths of my piglets. I have… Continue Reading “The Bee Hive goes Up a Level”

This is why I can never be called Organic.

This is Daisy eating her GM free corn stalks.  She always pulls the best faces! Minutes later the little red plane roared back overhead.  And this time the spraying was very thorough and very close. The USDA has approved even heavier sprayings of crops… Continue Reading “This is why I can never be called Organic.”

Look what I found yesterday morning!

You will have to squint your eyes and look very, very carefully.  Pania has come back…  … with One teensy weensy peachick. Of course his/her name will be Chickpea. However it is a dangerous world out there so we will only whisper that name… Continue Reading “Look what I found yesterday morning!”

Good Bees.. Close Up

Only two pictures today… because yesterday nothing topped the honey in Nefertiti’ s House.. and the Brood in Cleopatra’s. These are hand held shots so the images are not brilliantly sharp at this magnification. But … wow.  I could not resist. They had a tough… Continue Reading “Good Bees.. Close Up”

The scents of spring help soften the hard decisions.

Thing One on the walk, ruffed by the wind. Tulips. Mia and two Murphys.  It is going to be a short year for pasture, we are still recovering from two dry years. And to be truly sustainable I can only run a very small… Continue Reading “The scents of spring help soften the hard decisions.”

Walkabout with TonTon

TonTon and I spent a good part of the afternoon going over all the animals and making lists as to what needs to be done and taking stock. Queenie is in Pat’s Paddock with Hairy and there is  enough feed in there to keep… Continue Reading “Walkabout with TonTon”

Cleopatra is enthroned

She had a rather low key arrival on the passenger seat of a rusty white courier van. Rather weirdly (and this happens to me so often I don’t often think about it anymore) I decided to walk the dogs to the end of the… Continue Reading “Cleopatra is enthroned”

New babies in the loft!

(I have it on Good Authority!) Now I know what all the squawking was about the night before last. I tried to tell you. Says Tui. Two tiny tiny kittens. As long as my thumb. I heard their mewling after the milking yesterday morning… Continue Reading “New babies in the loft!”

Sometimes piggies are not pretty but bees always are …

At last the farmy is looking springy. I even mowed the lawns yesterday. Gardened for hours wearing a heat wrap to protect my back. And look at our new header, it says it all. Charlotte’s shape is slowly changing. I told her to open… Continue Reading “Sometimes piggies are not pretty but bees always are …”

There’s a sheep in that sheep! Shearing Day.

Before I even started looking for Mama the sheep I began asking around about a local shearer. Sheep need to be shorn every year, they are mountain animals, they thrive in the winter but to leave all that wool on a sheep in the… Continue Reading “There’s a sheep in that sheep! Shearing Day.”