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Bees on Marble and the Cow’s Dining Car

Bees are great ones for sleeping in. Only the scouts were out and about in this early morning shot. But once the worker bees get the message this will be a busy plate later in the day.  As the demand grows I will put… Continue Reading “Bees on Marble and the Cow’s Dining Car”

Periscope Pig

Sheila lives in the Corridor Paddock and sleeps in the Sun Room of the barn. But when she lays down she makes sure that her snout is poking through the gate that leads  to the corridor in the barn.  Like a short stout periscope.… Continue Reading “Periscope Pig”

When life gives you mud: Wallow in it!

Well you know where this is going don’t you. Sheila has to have a new wallow as the old one by the chook house is actually above an electrical cable. John pointed this out yesterday. I did not know that. All this mouldy hay needs… Continue Reading “When life gives you mud: Wallow in it!”

A day in the life of the Piggie Shush Sisters

I thought I would show you what the Shush Sisters get up to during the day. Charlotte and Sheila. My naughty Hereford piggies. The Shush Sisters have a night time residence in the barn. It has big inside sleeping quarters, that can be closed… Continue Reading “A day in the life of the Piggie Shush Sisters”