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Good News – with Hope attached

It looks like there is more action around the troubled bee hive  than I thought there would be. (Here are two little old tractors waiting to go and live in the sand pit of two bright little boys.) Anyway, the scene yesterday outside the… Continue Reading “Good News – with Hope attached”

It looks like we lost a hive to the cold

Or at the very least a lot of bees from one hive. The night they were installed it got very cold.. and I suppose they did not get huddled together close enough in time.  The other hive seems fine though, noisy and active. In… Continue Reading “It looks like we lost a hive to the cold”

Well beehaved bees

The bees have arrived and not only did they survive their travels with very few casualties, but they even tucked themselves up into their own new homes without terribly much bother. You see, yesterday morning early I hurt my back. Not badly but enough… Continue Reading “Well beehaved bees”

Waiting on the bees

Today I hope. I have placed a red rug underneath the hives so that the weeds don’t grow through but now that I think abut it maybe I should turn that upside down. Can bees see red? I can’t remember. I shall look it… Continue Reading “Waiting on the bees”

This was not yesterday

Yesterday I went back through some of our old shots so that I could compile an extra page that new people can refer to if they need to identify one of the animals or birds. It sits up there, (look up) right next to… Continue Reading “This was not yesterday”

Whose tracks are these?

This is not a rhetorical question. Are these from a rabbit?  Have to be a rabbit. Our snow hung around for most of the day but it was one of those calm, warmish cold beautiful days that slowly melted into the afternoon. Here is… Continue Reading “Whose tracks are these?”

Human Error Kills Bees

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time researching the bees problem. Trying to work out how my two hives died over this winter. I checked all the links you sent me (thank you) and these links took me to other links, I made notes and… Continue Reading “Human Error Kills Bees”

Bad news about the Bees and a Chance to Vote.

We have snow on the ground. Not much. Almost everyone likes to play in the snow, even if you do not have hands for snow balls. Mama continues to get larger and I can literally see her lambs doing flip flops inside her.  Some… Continue Reading “Bad news about the Bees and a Chance to Vote.”

Now you see me, now you don’t

As the temperature rose yesterday the earth exhaled a blanket of  cloudy breath dripping with whispers.  I took you for a wee walk down my road.  Now, turn your head from this moonscape, look out to the West, can you see the farmy? Take… Continue Reading “Now you see me, now you don’t”

Shuffling the cards of cows.

On the way out to milk yesterday morning we were greeted with a cheerful little shower of powdery snow.  Just a little.  Then it melted before our eyes. Ah well.  When I counted the hay bales the other day, and after doing the rather… Continue Reading “Shuffling the cards of cows.”