The humidity is getting into my brain and turning it to mush. 



Twice I have left the water running while filling animals water. Once in the chook house, which wet their floor and all the bedding so completely that I cannot lock the chooks in there at night until it is cleaned out. The heat and that soggy pooey mess is a health hazard. I will start the clean up today but it will be a long hard slog of my own making.

And water is such a precious thing. To waste it hurts.


The six got out yesterday morning and did some overnight vegetable gardening but I cannot see where they escaped so they are locked down into their interior field until Ii have worked out that mystery.


But the threat of rain is dropping which is a good thing. There is enough water in the air to keep the grass growing.

Hot again today I think.

I will go and check for you.

Have a good day.


WEATHER: Slightly cooler today.

Thursday 50% Precip. / 0.11 in
Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. High 88F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Thursday Night 50% Precip. / 0.03 in
Partly to mostly cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms during the evening. Low around 65F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

43 Comments on “SLUGGISH

  1. I know that feeling rather well… The sensation that all the barriers of the body are melting and the brain is just a porridgy puddle inside the skull. My memory’s bad enough already, but in high heat and humidity, I can lose the thread entirely and walk from one end of the house to the other several times before I remember what I was going for. And you have a whole farm to look after!

    • They say if you walk through the right doorway you will remember / I guess that’s why we are treading the whole house looking for what we forgot.

  2. There’s nothing I hate more than making my own messes, and then having to clean them up — especially in the humidity. I have a tiny bit of that ahead of me today, though nothing as demanding as your chook house. If I could find an errant cool breeze, I’d send it your way.

    • I know!! I understand completely. I am doing the chook house 17 scoops at a time and remarkably it is easier than I thought it would be

  3. Oh dear about the pigs. And the soggy chicken coop. SO hot here, totally know the feeling. ): Bless WaiWai’s fuzzy little face. Great photo!

  4. Funny, when my brain goes to mush I tend to leave the water running too. I once turned on the bathroom sink on to wash undies and got in the shower. When I turned the shower off, I still heard water running! I didn’t realize that I’d left the sink running through my whole shower. The sink had, of course, over flowed, water filled the cabinet below and was pooling on the floor… A mess and a colossal waste.

  5. Willing to swap you some cold and dry for your hot and humid. Love your IG Pic of morning team waiting for shift to start 😊 Laura

  6. It’s been hot for weeks here and turning muggy. There was a promise of thunder which might have cleared the air, but it seems to have floated off with the clouds.

      • It gets hot enough in the summer here, though it’s usually humid with outbreaks of sun and thunder. The last three weeks have been unusual, as it has been mostly sunny, almost completely dry and there has been a nice cool breeze in the evenings. Yesterday however, it stated to become more humid. So far it’s been a bit like a summer reminiscent of the school holidays – where memory makes it seem like everyday was perfect.

  7. It’s foggy and cool at our coast but very hot inland.

  8. Mushy sister here! Again 90 and serious humidity. Just looking at our garden got me dripping and that was before 9 am! Walked with a friend and while warm, we stayed to the shade and it felt okay. Guess you have to keep moving ahead of the humidity, and not stop until you’re in the cool house.

  9. Oh, dear Ceci! Sounds like your yesterday was NOT the most ‘Wonderful Day of the Year!’ Surely hope today is better! Love the ‘picture’ in your window glass! Looking at the piggies and chickens, they seem a bit sluggish too! How is the calf with the heat stroke holding up in this humidity?

  10. Replay of a conversation with my inner Amish farmer: “How about this heat?” “Yep, ain’t it great!”

  11. I’m very sluggish in hot, humid weather too—or when our temps get above 36c here, which is often in the summer. Last summer we had 30 days out of 90 total that were above 40c. Does me in. And now we have had a streak of sustained cold (for us) days, but at least I have some energy. WaiWai is finally getting the life he deserves. What a wonderful thing you did for him.

  12. Hot humid weather of our sub tropical summer tests me out, I grew up inland in dry heat summers, cold winters, but spending much of my working life in airconditoned comfort deacclimatised me to anything but 22 degress Celsius, and the cold makes my joints ache now… at not quite 53 oh deary me 🙃
    However, your verandah looks like an oasis which of course they are if one can linger a while.

  13. And as the third Aussie in a row passing on the local weather report from the Southern Highlands of NSW: well, ’tis midwinter and yesterday we hit 27C ie 81F – the highest July temp ever recorded . . . . yup, cold damaging gales for the next two days! Oh, I love the heat and do not even have AC!! And loved your working companion photos just now on Instagram . . . .

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