What are you doing with your independence? Are you using it well?


Cows and pigs are not too independent they prefer to work in teams.


Cats are pretty independent.


For those reading in America with me.ย  Have a lovely day.

A day of independence


oops pigs out must run

WEATHER: I should get a job that is independent of weather but I guess that would be a tough ask.

Wednesday 40% Precip. / 0.02 in
Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. High 89F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Wednesday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
Some clouds. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 74F. Winds light and variable.






What – Who are you independent from?


  1. Top cloud picture looks like Winnie the Pooh sipping straight from the honey jar ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Happy 4 July to all. Laura

    • Just love the image of Winnie the Pooh sipping straight from the honey jar!!! And your right! Is does look like that!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They have declared their independence! Happy Fourth of July some of us & a lovely summer or winter day to the rest. I’m going to putter in the garden, draw, sip cold drinks & watch fireworks tonight with my family. A glorious one for me.

  2. Independence can be a tricky thing…how much might be a little too much, as in knowing when to ask for help/guidance is often harder than you might imagine. A one year anniversary of sorts for me this month. My divorce happened this time last year. That is independence I will gladly celebrate proudly!

  3. Happy Fourth! I think independence is the freedom you truly want, versus the freedom that others decide you should have.
    I count myself very fortunate. I have freedom from hunger, fear and desperate poverty, freedom from most forms of prejudice, freedom to love as I will, freedom to create and write, to reach out, to travel, to express my opinions and to give freely the work of my hands without needing to be paid for it. Five years ago I gave up the freedom of being a single woman, but the rewards have been greater than I can express. Yes. I am fortunate. And free.

  4. We will be quietly celebrating our day of independence with hearty lunch in celebration of the day as well my husband’s birthday, which is tomorrow, but, family coming today.:) Brats, homemade potato salad (I make my mom’s recipe – yum) and tonight – watching the fireflies light up the skies.

  5. So far this morning it’s been quiet, but last night a neighbor was shooting fireworks. The cats and I do NOT enjoy loud noises. And I imagine it will be more of same tonight. I wish they were outlawed, but I guess that wouldn’t be freedom or some such. And since I only wish it because of the noise and not the danger I can’t even make a reasonable personal argument for outlawing them. BUT – the danger is real. So I will cite it anyway.

    • I have to agree. Many pets run away do to fireworks, and the noise is very triggering to those with PTSD. I won’t deny they are beautiful though.

  6. Morning Celi!! I love the cloud picture ~~ another calendar shot!! And the cute little calfie butts!! And my Kitties!! I’m always very thankful for the freedoms we are blessed with with in our Nation ~~ and deeply thankful to our Veterans. And I’ll be working in the garden today ~~ more weeds to hoe out!!! They never give up!! Happy 4th!!

  7. A year ago we were in Prineville, Oregon for the 4th. Hubby particularly wanted to go to see if was still the same as when he was a kid. Sure enough! Parades, bands and picnics in the park, and at night the fireworks were set off on a mountain at the edge of town. As always, the sparks set the mountain afire. Huge cheers from all over the city, horns honking, patriotic music. The on-purpose burn is controlled and the next day, you never would have known anything happened! Miss C, Those photos are wonderful! The clouds phenomenal and the best kitty pictures yet! Tell Sam thanks for the inspiration – the tin shed is nearly cleaned out – just finishing up today – Independence from that mess day!

  8. Overshadowed by the beautiful images above is this little tidbit: “oops pigs out must run.” A down to earth version of indepedence and its consequences. Also a very poetic (and may I say, accurate) description of the way many of my friends who are voters felt yesterday, and will likely feel tomorrow.. Wonderful post today! Another reason for celebrating.

  9. Beautiful post!! Simple and thoughtful!!
    Happy Independence Day!!

  10. Beautiful post!! Simple and thoughtful!!
    Happy Independence Day!!

  11. When you have such spectacular photos, I make my husband come look at them–he has trouble walking–but he always loves seeing stunners!

  12. I sat down and watched Sam’s Youtube just now. Now I know where he gets his energy! What a fun show — at least for watchers–and so professionally done. Not a boring moment in the entire video.

  13. Hope it’s been a happy, happy day. I love to think about the independence my mind has to wander at will, then my freedom to try and make some of my dreams come true. Lucky me, I’m very fortunate and blessed.

  14. Your Independence Day: hope one of peace and contentment . . . my independence: methinks the maturity of increasing years leads to the security to think and do as an individual accepting the results of one’s actions and so enjoying the resultant freedoms . . . .

  15. Sometimes I think I’m not very independent at all, so much I conform and worry about fitting in with society’s ‘normal’. I would love to be independent enough to not worry what others thought of me, and to truly live the life that makes me happy. You are an inspiration Miss C, and little by little I hope I’m getting there!

  16. I am trying to use it to have the determination not to be bossed around by government.

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