Cows Love wallows too

But only for the feet.


In the heat cattle will stand in one area and urinate then stomp their feet until they have made a puddle for their feet.


went one better and have them a wee pool of water.

cow in water3

They seemed to like it!

sheila my big fat pig

Sheila finally got her big body outside and dug her wallow. Once she had got that sorted she lay out there in the water all day and did not come into the barn last night.

3 little pigs

The three little pigs live in their wallow. It is getting deep too, I cannot tell them apart anymore they are so covered in dried  and wet mud.

3 little pigs

It is very hard to creep up on a pig. Their ears followed my progress.


A Frenchman was my Dairy Maid yesterday.


And that job includes feeding little Talia. Talia is a vigorous little calf for being early. She drinks very well – I did not need to train her to the bottle at all. She latches on like a pro.


Today the crew and I go across to help Jake get his vegetables ready for the farmers market. Our contribution this week is sunflowers which we will go out and pick shortly.

But first the milking and feeding of everyone all over again.

I hope you have a good day

Love celi


49 Comments on “Cows Love wallows too

  1. Goodness, sunflower blooms already, seems just like last week the seeds were planted? We had our first frost this morning, keep cool everyone. Laura

  2. Things seem to grow very quickly where you are. Not a single sunflower out yet here in the Dordogne. But, my first courgettes are ready and will be picked today or tomorrow. I have never grown them before. You were my inspiration. Merci.

  3. Little Talia’s a hungry girl, she has some catching up and growing to do.

  4. That little Talia is a winner. She seems like a joyful little thing, tugging on her bottle. The pigs are too cute in their mud boudoir.

  5. Ha ha – I knew cows did that, but it strikes me as weird nevertheless. Talia looks quite sleek and healthy and of course those warthogs look as happy as a pig…

  6. Oh she is so cute your little Talia heifer. Where is the farmers market? I’d be so happy to buy sunflowers. My Gerbera daisies have failed so miserably I could cry.

  7. Awww, Talia is a wee lovely girl. Somewhere there is a photo of me 60 years ago holding the bottle for one of our twin heifers who arrived early. Their mother wasn’t able to feed both of them and became hypoglycemic so we bottle-raised the beauties. Thanks for the memory, Celia!

  8. those wallowing piggies look so contented. I love the photo of the French dairy hands bottle feeding little Talia.

  9. I had absolutely no idea that cows did that – it’s a pretty darn smart thing to do. I’m just happy that people don’t do it!! ; o )

  10. Those 3 piggies all in a row in their matching color wallow is truly a calendar worthy photo! Love it! Our youngest son, Shelby works on a lavendar farm here and only has one thing to work with all day…although it smells lovely I think he would love the diversity of the Farmy for a change. Maybe you’ll see him one of these days! 🙂 And oh yes, I’m sure glad too that people don’t pee in their shoes when they’re over heated! Hah!

  11. I thought of you today, Celi! I gave some private tours to a pair of Kiwis who had come to the US for a visit. They were a lovely couple.

  12. Clean, feed, sleep, repeat. Then throw in a little fun and diversion every now and then. Sounds like everything is humming along. Glad to hear. Enjoyable to read about and your animals all look so strong and healthy. Thank you.

  13. Sunflower photos…….PLEASE!!!!! They are so cheerful. Have fun at market.

  14. I love the three piggies in the mud hole. – They look like heavy hippopotamuses to me…. Hehe.

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