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As I had extra help yesterday I decided to move the ducks to their permanent area. There is no house for them yet but they had been too long in their out of the way holding pen. Time to get them into the action… Continue Reading “DUCK DRIVE”

Cameos from California

Actually more of a vignette, but cameo and California rolls off the tongue.. As we speak I am off out this morning to check all our animals on the farmy. c Tomorrow we will get ourselves all up to date on the farm. But… Continue Reading “Cameos from California”

Second-hand Barbie made me do it!

It was way too cold to take children outside yesterday. We need to invent a new weather term for when the wind has nasty hard crystals of snow in it. Not snow that gathers, or drops prettily, just white driving snow that whips through… Continue Reading “Second-hand Barbie made me do it!”

Look who’s back!

Mia: Who? What? What’s going on?  Why is it so dark in here? Mama: Mia let your eyes adjust to the barn. Slow down. Now, who’s here? Are the little people back? Meadow: Is it the little people? Mia: Daisy has one. Minty:What? Mama:… Continue Reading “Look who’s back!”

The Things you find on the dining room Table

Once a year, my mother used to take a week and go away by herself.  Usually on a retreat to a monastry or convent. Though I am sure she would have gone absolutely anywhere that promised peace, quiet and no rowdy children.  Someone else… Continue Reading “The Things you find on the dining room Table”

The Christmas Mist – Alone on Christmas Day

December is on its way. You are all in the countdown until Christmas. I can hear you all wrapping and plotting. Writing lists and checking off names. Putting up Christmas Trees. Rediscovering  decorations. I know you are thinking about what you will eat and… Continue Reading “The Christmas Mist – Alone on Christmas Day”