Look who’s back!

Mia: Who? What? What’s going on?  Why is it so dark in here?abc-30-0161

Mama: Mia let your eyes adjust to the barn. Slow down. Now, who’s here? Are the little people back?

Meadow: Is it the little people?abc-30-007

Mia: Daisy has one.


Mama:  Don’t say What  – its rude.

Minty: Well what am I supposed to say?  When? Why would I say When when I mean what?! I know which when it is  – it is now. What’s wrong with What?

Hairy: Don’t talk to your mother like that.

Meadow: A little people –   I see a little people. Daisy HAS one.

Mama: Tell her to put it down.  Minty move out of my way. I need to see.abc-30-014

Meadow: Don’t eat it Daisy.  Its just little. Mama said put it down. abc-30-026

Daisy: I am trying to ignore it but it won’t go away.

Minty: No licking either. Mama said no licking the little people. abc-30-022

Mia: Aaaah! Did you see that? I’m telling on you Daisy. Mama,  she scared it.  She gave it the look. Daisy scared the little people person on purpose.

Mama: Daisy. Be good.

Minty: I can run rings around them though!  Watch. abc-30-011

Mama: Don’t tease them Minty. They are only little.  They just want to be friends… miss c said they are coming twice a week for a while. We are to help them with their lessons while their own Mama has a break. So be nice. Pay attention.  You might learn something too. abc-30-027

Good morning. For a little while, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, three of the builders children will come to the Farmy for their homeschooling. As well as their regular lessons I have designed a few units based on the farm. This week we are  studying sheep and wool.  They will be arriving soon so I had better get busy with the chores.

We have a strange day weather wise. It is 21F (-6c) now, at 6am and it will keep dropping from here to 2F (-16).  So we have already reached our high for the day.

Have a lovely day – we will be having a lively one.



41 Comments on “Look who’s back!

  1. Heavens C, if you don’t have enough on your plate already, you add given a few lessons to the builders little ones. You are absolutely remarkable!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. Oh the Little People will love these days I’m sure 🙂 Glad to see Hairy in the mix and Mama and Mia looking so expectant 🙂 🙂 Have fun. Laura

  3. what a rewarding and happy life you have..bless you for being an angel

  4. Are your days on the farmy the same 24 hours that mine are up here? I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do, Celi. As for this latest “project” I wonder who will benefit most, the children or you? You have a knack with children and all of you will enjoy their time on the farmy.
    I hope they’re coming all bundled up today. It’s going to be another cold one! Stay warm.

  5. Celi, how lucky you are to be able to revisit your teaching days! They, and you, are blessed for the experience.

  6. Oh what a lucky mum the children have to have a lady like you in her life. ENJOY the homeschooling – it really is very wonderful.

  7. Children and their innocent wonder are such great fodder
    for stories. Their curious natures should bring delight to
    all…..I know you are a wonderful teacher. The kiddo’s
    are in for a treat !

  8. Oh this is lovely C. for the little people, for you, for all the farmy lovelies…I can’t thing of a more wonderful way to start the day than with children and animals! xx oo

  9. Of course – Mistress Celi – why wouldn’t there be little people on The Farmy. Their world expanding courtesy the magic of the Head Mistress. How fortunate for these little ones to have you to guide them on a voyage of glorious discovery.

  10. Phew, I’m gad you’re filling your days with some sort of activity, I was worried you might turn into a couch potato 😉 Lucky, lucky children…I want to go back to scholl (as long as it’s yours)!

  11. That is so lovely of you C, very generous with your time, when you have so little of it.
    Our view is so spring-like, the grass is so green. All of our snow melted, then we got another dumping, then it melted yesterday, it was 10°C, so warm here. Then today, the freeze came again with high winds and snow flurries. It’s still winter. I tried to close my eyes and blink, but the damn thing just won’t move on. Have a great day C.

  12. What lucky children. I’m sure they will have a great time, and it’s so important for children to have an experience of the land.

  13. What an absolutely joyful blog! For the children first and foremost, for you, for us on the sidelines, even for the animals, ’cause can’t see those kids wreaking havoc 🙂 ! Just quietly wish I could fly in across the skies and pull up another chair 😀 !

  14. I say add one thing to the curriculum: creative writing. It goes perfectly well with learning about the farmy… as you so cleverly prove!

  15. Homeschooling is hard work and a lot of fun! How lovely for you to participate in these children’s life in this way. To this day, my children remember those wonderful people who took on the role of teacher during their homeschooling years.

    • Their Mum needs a little time to gather herself, it is hard work for a mum of five (two of whom are very tiny) to home school. This way she gets a wee break and I get to activate my slumbering mind.. c

  16. How nice for both of you a perfect way to help each other 🙂 The animals will grow to love those little faces full of wonder ENJOY! Could you keep that weather out there 🙂 brrrr and he is hunting the beach tonight he is NUTS I swear but last night he found 4 rings to gold and two silver 🙂

  17. Fantastic! Enjoy your time with all these lovelies!! And so nice that you can help another momma out. I’m sure this time that the kids spend on the farmy and taking a few their lessons from someone as accomplished and interesting and fun as you, will be beneficial for everyone.

  18. I bet the “little ones” momma is so thankful to have the blessing of a little extra time. How fun to spend a couple of days with miss c!

  19. I love that you’re teaching the children and that you’re teaching them real life things about the farm. It’s the best way to learn. They’re going to love it. 🙂

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