TWENTY days until I take off for Greece for a week. Merciful heavens I had better get a wriggle on. It is shocking how much slower I am without my help.  I am simply not as driven. The gardens are way behind and yesterday I was sitting on the step with my head propped on my hands, my elbows propped on my knees staring at the sky. I can very easily achieve everything on my list but I just don’t feel the urgency yet.


And I hear you wanting to say but you need a rest and it is good to take it easy but those are platitudes designed to encourage laziness. To sit around reading books about Greece while the dishes pile up and the lawns are not mowed and dinner is not cooked, and the windows are filthy and the pig pen needs scraping out and the piglets need weaning and the electric fence needs building and cows need selling and the spring seeds need sowing, and there is something rotting my asparagus stems and with not one worthy thought in my head to write here in my daily journal? I need to get focused. Wandering from one thing to the next in this low grade haze achieves none of that.


Don’t get me wrong – I am perfectly happy to fall into slovenly ways. But I do know that when I finish my days after good solid toil and accomplishment I am happier.


Anyway today I will put up the electric fence for the big pigs and at least wean Poppy from her big fat babies. They have had a wonderful start and she seems perfectly happy to stand and feed them but it is time to take her and Sheila down the back  and set them up for the summer.

And finally John brought home a new battery for the mower so I can mow the damn lawns. If I mow for an hour every day I keep the grounds looking nice, and I am way behind on mowing.

Today I will make a proper list! That will help. And at second breakfast I will get my calendar totally up to date – that always helps my brain too.

I am trying to work out what self motivates me – what is my trigger. How to light my own fire. Working alone with no emotional back-up is a whole other mind-set. Without a partner or coworker to say Good Job. This is hard. It needs lots of good self talk. Usually I have an endless stream of young people working with me. This is an excellent challenge for me this year – to become even more self reliant. It is good. I will work the problem and see where it leads me.

Twenty days until  I leave for Greece.  Time to “rattle the dags”

I hope you have a good day.

Love celi

WEATHER: My hopes of getting hay in before I go to Greece are slowly receding. The fields are ready but now we have rain forecast frequently. On the weekend too so sileage is also out of the question.  Today – clouds and showers. And warm too – the asparagus will grow fast today.

Monday 05/14 40% / 0.15 in
Partly cloudy with afternoon showers or thunderstorms. High 87F. SE winds shifting to SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Monday Night 05/14 80% / 0.24 in
Scattered thunderstorms early, then mainly cloudy overnight with thunderstorms likely. A few storms may be severe. Low 63F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

5:36 AM 8:02 PM


Waning Crescent, 1% visible 5:25 AM 7:11 PM


25 Comments on “TWENTY DAYS

  1. There are no days of rest on a farm from what I heard my parents say. Even if you DO take some time off, you have to arrange for someone to take care of the animals, the plants etc. so the worries/concerns still weigh on your mind. I envy you your trip to Greece. My bff from high school went there on a school trip in gr 11 … and all I got was a charm of the Parthenon. (Seriously though … it was a lovely memento though I wish I could have gone too.) Enjoy your trip.

    • I am looking forward to it too – and yes it is always on my mind as I am settling the animals in their areas. Always thinking I must make sure they are escape proof.

  2. What happened to the stream of helpers? I seem to have read something about it but it has slipped my mind. Btw, if you need any info or help re Greece, don’t hesitate. Whereabouts are you going?

    • my husband is retiring at the end of this summer (way too young but there you are – he is tired and wants to be re-tired) and I need to watch the pennies a bit more closely. The stream of helpers are wonderful but there are always costs. My daughter and i are going to Kalymnos through Kos IN and out of athens. One thing I do need help with is an hotel close to Athens airport. I have one night by myself in Athens on my way back to heathrow (and a connection I have no hope of catching.) Any suggestions? c

  3. I had to laugh reading your post today Celi, because when my interns aren’t here I really have to kick my own butt to get going. Somehow when others are scheduled to arrive, I have to get in gear. But those ole excuses sure can pile up otherwise. Your list sounds similar though on a greater and larger scale then my little 100 bed, orchard space. Even if it is on a hill that can’t stop a ball from rolling way way down. Especially when it’s hot. Which it is now – in the 90s. When I can get away with it, I do my little rain dance on the porch because we really need rain!!!! Otherwise I’m out there with sweat dripping down into my eyes watering everything. We’re contemplating a drip irrigation system. Anyone out there have a good one that doesn’t cost a ton? We have a lot of beds needing water.

    • Jake uses a drip line. I will ask him. I need to return your kind email too – it looks like a fungus is the cause of it which means shifting the good plants and abandoning the beds which means abandoning the asparagus. So Ii will soldier on. c

  4. Yes, lists are the way I must organize my tasks for the day as well! But sometimes there are so many things on the daily ‘To Do’ that I become overwhelmed, which entirely defeats the purpose of being efficient and organized! Instead of becoming distraught at day’s end, I’ve decided to just put what I didn’t get done that day on tomorrow’s list, and be grateful for what I finished today. That has helped! 🙂

  5. I always admire how much you accomplish with the the usual structure of working for someone who has given you a set of tasks. It’s something of a relief to realize you also struggle to get the next thing done. I’m sure I would not have that self discipline. The sky is always so pretty. The porch swing always comfortable. The book always asking to be read.

    You seem very disciplined. I think you are just used to have a different system in spring. A system that includes someone to share the tasks with. New systems always feel weird until we figure out their routine. Once you work out the kinks, the routine will run like an engine again.

    • typo correction “without the usual structure…” typos changing meaning are so annoying in notes you can’t edit…

  6. One thing got achieved..trying to think of something to write in your journal..without a doubt. You have much to do and little help…but where are all your helpers this fact..we used to have helpers to do our small garden but this year..none..all disappeared…and the garden still got me and him.. Every morning when l go out there it is my intention to find at least,if not more, a handful of weeds…so far l have achieved it. Your problem is the same except on a much larger scale and involves living creatures… So l am full of bright ideas but sadly none that will help your situation…but tell you what! I will pray for rain only sun, plenty of energy and maybe a helper. I send you lots of love….meinbg

  7. Myself, I favour a list, mainly because I get a real kick from ticking things off. But I do know that insidious lure of ‘just a 5 minute sit down…’, and the problem compounds, doesn’t it? I hope you get the important stuff done before you go, so you can travel with peace of mind.

  8. Take it from one who knows from recent, personal experience, those 20 days are going to fly by.

  9. Isn’t that funny, I always called sheep dags, sheep tags. Never knew they are really dags! Thanks for the vocab lesson! Good luck on getting everything done. I have been dreaming of Greece lately, and longing for a visit. I look forward to your photos!

  10. Love the tired/re-tired play in your comment above. So funny. I always thought I’d be independently wealthy or otherwise able to slow down a little at my age, but WHO WAS I KIDDING? I think we work even harder now! Do you have that feeling? Love it that you are going to Greece with your daughter…and can’t wait to see your photos. I know you are no fan of laziness, but the thought of you with your head in you hands, elbows on your knees, eyes on the sky makes me very happy.

  11. I have always been told that I should get out more and travel. I know I should. I really want to get back to Oklahoma . . . . and Arizona, and many other places. However, as hectic as life is here, I have never felt any ‘urgency’ to go anywhere else. I mean, I live in a place where other people vacation. I enjoy where I live very much. I would really like to see Greece (almost as much as Nevada), but if I never get there, that would be fine too. It seems that your lifestyle is so idyllic, that if going to Greece were not necessary, that it would be easy and actually tempting to stay home.

  12. I find I do best with a list too, at least a mental one, otherwise I wander around accomplishing not much of anything. I was, I’m afraid, a bit manic in the couple of months after my John died, simply burning from one project/task to the next until a nasty bug put me on the couch for a week. I did get a lot done but I’m a bit more circumspect now, still snipping away at things but at a much less frantic pace. (And sometimes you just have to sit and look at the sky.)

  13. I read this early this morning but my list of to do’s was long before the heat came to run me in. I just tried to do some pressure washing of the deck thinking the water spray would keep me cool. Not a chance. So here I am again, reading again and know one thing for certain. A retired husband is a wife’s full time job. Best of luck with that. I too had wondered why you were no longer having helpers come in to learn and work. Now I understand. Knowing you get to travel and see your daughter would be very distracting but of course, you will always get the work done before you go play. Only 20 more days. 🙂

  14. I have yet to figure it out. I never seem to finish my To Do list; triage and reprioritising remainder jobs for another day is the best I can do. Books etc, blog posts for the most remain unread and unwritten. The house and garden survive with less attention than I would have thought. I have more time but it’s a tricky beast, and wrangling it is an art I continue to work at.

  15. How about you tell us the plan of the day when you post in the early morning? Then we all know, and you can be accountable to us, in a friendly kind of way of course. The next day you can tell us what you ticked off, and we can congratulate you. I find this works for me: just someone who knows my intention, and is glad when I fulfil it.

  16. it is worth the trip to take a boat ride plane ride to a few islands in greece n walk around for half a day or more

  17. I’m excited for your trip! I completely understand feeling overwhelmed by all that has to be done at home, and being motivated to get things done with little or no help. I’m trying to study a bit about Germany before I leave the middle of June… but there’s so much to be done here and plan for while I’m gone, that I get overwhelmed. I guess I will fly by the seat of my pants once I’m on the plane!

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