I have a friend who loves yellow.  The moment I saw this tree from the tractor, as Boo and I rounded the corner at speed, on the way to feeding hay to the mothers, I thought of her. She once wrote a blog post called Yellow. Funny the things that you remember.  These pictures are for you, Good Friend. 11617-016

Can you see the red door peeking out? This is where you will enter your rooms – the entrance to the AirBnB




Our trees are slow to turn this year. Many are still quite green. The oaks are raggy. But the maples are lovely.


Boo was driving me around on the tractor while I took these shots yesterday afternoon. He is a dab hand for a dog.  Though he complains that the pedals are too short.  John Deeres are ridiculously easy to drive – even a dog can work out the little turtle and hare and the arrow pictures on the pedals.  Boo is a little too fond of the hare setting on the throttle.


We drove past Sheila (who also got some lovely alfalfa hay).


And  Molly who had put her babies to bed under a tomato plant so she could get on with some gardening.

In the barn:11617-002

I look forward to seeing how these three sleep when it gets really cold. Already they are getting closer.  Inching across the divide like very very slow moving heat-seeking missiles.


Wai will put his head into his fishbowl winter house but that is all. He still refuses to sleep in there.  I feed him in the blue house to get him used to entering and exiting but he puts up such a series of whining complaints. He is a most unusual pig. Very different from the kunekune. Tima and Tane are all about Tima and Tane and food. WaiWai seems to actually talk. Lifting his snout and very softly touching my hand to get my attention.

My milking room.


Lady Astor.


And now look out the West milking room door.


Where mother and the new baby are hanging out in the sun.


Calves love the compost heap. They can always find a spot out of the wind and the compost heap is always warm doing what compost heaps do.




Later the newest Bobby brought herself back into her deep straw bed inside the barn and tucked herself in for a sleep.

She is filling out fast this wee girl. Drinking well and evenly too I think.  Even though I want to leave Aunty in the hands of this calf and not milk at all for the winter I am reluctant.  I have started Aunty Del on once a day milking last night and she was very eager. She gave 15 pounds (low production is quite normal when the udder is still swollen). but her udder is nice and small and compact, and low production works for me, she was not a big producer last time so I am going to see how much the calf takes and how evenly and take it from there.  The less I take now the better.  But the health of the cow is paramount.

Milking when it gets below freezing is not fun for anyone at all, either.

Of course, my main worry is when I go to New Zealand for three weeks, leaving John and Jake in charge. I hate to leave a big workload of high-value tasks.

That bull!

I hope you have a good day.


Tuesday 11/07 10% / 0 in
Mostly cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. High 47F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph.

Tuesday Night 11/07 10% / 0 in
Some clouds early will give way to generally clear conditions overnight. Low 29F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.

6:31 am 4:41 pm
Waning Gibbous, 80% visible 8:10 pm 10:09 am


31 Comments on “YELLOW

  1. Such a clever boy, Boo!! The new baby is beautiful 🙂 And that yellow!
    I wish it was getting cooler instead of hotter here …

  2. That is a gorgeous little Bobby. What a cutie. But the photo of Boo is the best! Wish I had such a good looking chauffeur to get me around on our John Deere!

  3. That is just the most luscious, beautiful, INVITING series of images. The sun was your friend yesterday!! And that YELLOW tree in the foreground with that RED door in the background. Well, I gotta say it: Yes!!!

  4. Laugh, yellow is my favourite colour too 🙂 My mother always used to say about me, if you want her to pay attention paint it yellow and stick an picture of a dog on it … I’m still the same but baby piglets work now too 🙂 Laura

  5. All of your photos are wonderful today, of course, but Boo driving the tractor is a most wonderful one….just love it. Hope you have a great day too. — Mame. 🙃

  6. Just love the milking room photo! So much happens there! It’s great to have a look at the space and to imagine how the daily milking operation runs!

  7. Our yard trees & garden are lit up with yellow leaves now too, & yellow grasses & bushes; against the November grey skies & rain puddles, everything seems aglow. I just love yellow too & could absolutely Not resist the bright sunny Pig Art apron for painting in the studio.

  8. Our fall colors have been absolutely stellar this year! I love todays photos and your hilarious captions! Wai certainly is a different pig…amind of his own!

  9. What a fun post! And i just love how all your animals live in such a natural environment. They’re all very happy indeed!! ; o )

  10. I am desperately envious of your fall colors and (still) green fields. We are already monochromaticly black/ white with our deep and early snow. I can’t even blog about it because, with me stuck on crutches yet again during winter, all my pictures look like last year’s pictures. Being stuck in the house is low on the adventure scale. At least we are eating well! Maybe, just for this season, we will be a food blog instead of a farming blog?

  11. Hi! Yellow, orange, rust – colors that suit me just fine! Love the Fall! Seems to have chippered you up too, Ceci! Glorious photos, delightful comments!

  12. Yellow, my favorite color as well. I painted my sewing room yellow, even the ceiling! A happy color. Boo is an excellent driver. I hope you will get sunshine today as well.

  13. Love the yellow trees!! Love all the pictures – but my favorite is my good ole boy TonTon sitting on a John Deere!!! best machinery in the world!! And so sorry to hear about Aunty Del’s loss ~ her other calf is cute!!!

  14. That Boo…. So, he can’t leap around like he used to any more. Driving the tractor’s the next best thing. The expression on his face says it all: “Yeah, yeah, whatever… What you mean, you’ve never seen a dog drive a tractor? We can all do it, but mostly we get you people to do the work”.

  15. Beautiful photos here and on today’s post. I’m obviously behind when I can’t even get here. 😦 I LOVE yellow too and I have a quilt group friend who will not work on any quilt that has yellow in it and no one wears yellow for our meetings in deference to her. She won’t use it in flowers or trees in any kind of project. Crazy. It’s everywhere in nature. I was wondering if there would be more snuggling up of animals as the cold creeps in. It’s good that Boo doesn’t need a license to drive farm equipment on the farm itself. 🙂 He’s such a handsome old fellow behind the wheel. Stay warm, all of you.

  16. I’m late seeing these, but glad too because our yellows have faded and today seems rather sad about it –but not me, I’m smiling and saving the joy, tinged here and there (and suddenly THERE on the green tractor, what a delight!) with the warm humor of fam life. . . I meant, farm life, but there’s a family element here too. And big life. So glad I could be here today!

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