And that is all. Just Speed. aunty-002

Talk later.






I wish the big machines would come and take these walls of corn out.


And I hope you have a lovely day.

Coffee then deliveries of pigs.  Then collect chicken cages then more coffee and deliveries of chickens tomorrow.

Fast as this morning.



33 Comments on “SPEED

  1. Neeeeyow! That’s the sound of Miss C breaking the sound barrier as she hurtles around the Farmy and her tasks. We all just stand with our mouths open, waiting for the sonic boom. Remember to breathe….

  2. Poppy sure seems to be chatting about something. Enjoy your day, go and return safely. Laura

  3. That crack in the wall, next to the corn witch, reminds me that “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” I do hope the machines hurry, for she and her deathly friends seem ready to break through into your peaceful dimension. Even the pigs sense something dire.

  4. Speed is good at times. I’m in slow mode this week. That’s good too. I hope you get everything accomplished that you set out to do!

  5. That was speedy — except your photos, which are wonderful as always. Hope your day is a great one too. – Mame. 🙃

  6. Have really enjoyed all the photos of the farm the last couple of days. Nice to check in with so many of the characters as they go about their days and nights. Have a great day!

    • And, just so you know, I wrote that after looking at the header photo. NOTHING ELSE, I swear! Laughing my arse off!!!
      Loving the fuzzy ear outline: )

  7. Love the last photo of the TOTALLY dried out corn with that single yellow corn cob showing – AWESOME!!
    After ‘farting around’ for far too long… I’m not going to have to move ‘fast’ to get my new condo set up before my family comes down here to Florida for Thanksgiving. I think we all do better under pressure!! ; o )

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