Fifteen Teats

The big digger has done his pass along the bank and left behind a huge ugly mess but he did not tear down the trees I have up there and evidently the path is still intact but I am not walking it anymore.

The smell is just awful and we have rain due so it will be a while before we can get in there to start the clean up.  But until then I am not going to think about it.

Molly is still not showing signs of imminent birth. I hope she does not wait too long because Poppy is also pregnant and I only have one farrowing pen. I put Poppy in with the boar a good six weeks after Poppy hoping to avoid a clash.

But we will see. I was cleaning in her run yesterday and she followed me back and forth. She loves the company.

When she lay down to show me her widening belly I realised that her teats do not line up. so I counted them and she has fifteen. How did I miss this before? Or had I forgotton?

Here is a close up so you can count too – yup fifteen. Usually the teats line up in pairs and we have an even number. So, Molly – no more than fifteen babies please.

Every other animal i have worked with has a uniform number of teats but it varies with pigs. Don’t you think that is odd?

She is getting awfully wide!

Now that the digger has scraped his way past I can relax again. I can deal with problems or extra work – I just like to see exactly what I have so I can make a plan of action.

I worked within sight of the digger man, in a very bright hoodie so he could not miss me moving about, after we had our very amiable wee chat. So he could see I was still there guarding my Fellowship Forest and making sure the pigs did not escape. They spent the whole time he was close running back and forth in high excitement.

I will take a picture of the mess for you today – it is pretty widespread.  I did not want to look closely yesterday.

I hope you have a lovely day.


35 Comments on “Fifteen Teats

  1. So the big machine was out to clean out the ditch so the run off from big storms could run smoothly away and not back up causing a flood?

    • The ditches are for draining the fields, but they are so deep that nature keeps filling them back in with slips and slides then wild trees and plants grow along their banks.Often there is almost no water in the ditches so trees even grow IN there. All this must be cleared away to below the drainage tiles, so the fields drain properly. Putting drainage tile into the fields is very big business here – in fact there is a govenment subsidy for tile, but unless the ditches are clear and freely running all that plastic in the ground is for nought. The farmers maintain their ditches and pay the man with the digger. However the land he is dumping all the muck onto is land in the wetlands program. The farmer is paid to leave it be. So I am not sure who is paying this company to clear these ditches and what their objective is. c

    • The beavers dam has been destroyed. He had very precise instructions from his employer. However he was going so slow they would have out run him. Then he discovered whole garbage bags of rubbish in their little pond so someone had taken advantage of the depth and hurled their trash bags off the bridge. I hate people who dump their trash in waterways.

      • My “like” is in response to your comment about (jerks) dumping their trash, not the Beavers. (They will be back and – even if trapped out – there will be others who move in eventually: )

  2. We always knew Molly was special! And I agree – 15 babies – yikes. Today we will have winds around 40 mph! I never like high winds.

  3. Love that photo of her belly – she looks like a challenging corsetry problem for Rigby & Peller! I’m so pleased to hear that the digger didn’t wreak absolute havoc, just a nasty smelly mess.

  4. Maybe that is why she had 13 piglets last time? That is one happy and relaxed pig lieing on her side 🙂 Laura

  5. What’s the smell all about? It shouldn’t be stinky, should it? Probably wise to stay away… if it was me, I’d just get really angry every time I went near. Rain is coming, so plant your wildflower seeds and then stay away for a good month and hope the wildflowers take over. Your piggies appear so slim to me; hard to imagine they’re anywhere near ready to give birth, especially to the size of litters they normally have. I love TonTon’s ever watchful eye, keeping everyone safe. Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

    • The smell is from what’s called anaerobic decomposition and happens when organic matter is breaking down underwater (without the presence of oxygen) like in marshy places, farmer’s “nutrient management” lagoons or municipal water treatment facilities…
      Good luck with how the wind blows until things dry out for you, C!

  6. Great photos. You will have more pigs than you know what to do with soon. 🙂 It’s interesting how everyone does what they want to do with no regard as to how it affects anyone or anything else. It goes on and on. Mother Nature will eventually have the last word. But tossing trash into waterways is just low. Sorry you get stuck dealing with it.

  7. Why oh why do people throw or dump there rubbish anywhere, it drives me insane. Yuk I bet that smell is like when we clean out our pond when we have to, but worse. Shouldn’t they clean ditches in the winter before the frogs ect spawn? Thank goodness your trees are all ok, at least that is one big plus. Molly fifteen teats how strange, though to be fair I have never really thought how many teats pigs have, you live and learn. 😀

  8. Molly’s belly looks like it could use a gentle massage. All those babies growing and moving around. It is good you can shelve things you cannot control and deal with the moment. Conserve your strength. How big is Poppy’s belly? I hope your plans develop smoothly.

  9. Thank goodness the digger did not destroy everything- and wouldn’t it be funny if pigs had to wear bras!
    That would be a fashion statement! Cheers!

  10. Good on you for wearing the bright hoodie while digger man was working nearby. Some guys have sort memories. I know. My Dear reminds me.

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