For days now the weather people have been warning us that heat is coming. Well, I guess it is here for a few days. It gets really hot tomorrow. But it is not the heat that is uncomfortable it is the humidity.

All the pigs will lay about in their wallows for the duration.

Sheila has the best wallow. Deep and on the North side of the barn.

Aunty Del has adjusted to milking once a day really easily. Her production is low enough for it to be a healthy option for her and now I don’t have to milk in the hot fly-full afternoons. She just hangs out under the trees and does not even think about it.

John cut a small field of hay yesterday so if a little breeze comes up with this heat those will be nice bales. But heat does court showers so we will see. Smaller cuts of fields at a time means less risk though.

I am glad not to be in charge of that department. Hay making is no longer my problem. And I will have only a small herd this winter so we don’t need massive amounts.

Well I had better zoom. More Airbnb people coming tonight. Then Anna has visitors coming on Friday for the weekend.

Look at Tane getting mudded up.

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With all this mud you may not want to talk baking but my bosses wife sent us these gorgeous little muffins – down to The Mill yesterday- she made them from this apple bread recipe. I got her to take a photo of her recipe for you.

I think I really prefer photos of recipes with the cook’s personal notes. Much more fun.

Have a good one


29 Comments on “HOT HOT HOT

  1. Ducks and pigs are easily pleased!
    I posted a response with some links to corn bread and chorizo recipes, but WP seems to have quarantined the post – in the spam no doubt…

      • Most people don’t use the best ones for cooking. This kind of dish is peasant food (my favourite cuisine).

  2. I’m so glad to hear the rain is holding off for a bit, fingers crossed it’s long enough to dry that hay cut. Those little muffins look lovely, must give the recipe a try.

  3. High heat here as well and wishing I had some mud to wallow in. I agree about the recipes, I love them with the cook’s notes and changes )

  4. With that heat and moisture you sound like you will be in a sauna, hot and steamy. Laura

  5. Last night the phrase “Make Hay while the Sun Shines” struck me as I saw the big round hay bails in the field near our home. It is the first cut of the summer. I stopped to talk to the hay man of the field as he was quitting for the day and he said by July 15 he usually has two cuts and a third growing. He and I just shook our heads and pondered if we should stock up on beef in the freezer….

    • No need to stock up – they will be selling the beef fast and cheap cone winter – if there is not enough hay in the barns. I am going to set John on Baling the ditches and road sides.

  6. So nice that you are not juggling as many of the farm chores and decisions and that Our John is orchestrating the farmy chores as well. Is he is charge of the tomatoes this year as well? We are hanging in here with the heat as well! 🙂

    • Yes! He is in charge of all gardens but that means no favorites – in fact just tomatoes really – John does not much like eggplants and peppers and kale and all that good stuff so it has not been grown – I will get more involved again next year.
      He does all the birds though which is good and eggs are all gathered and cleaned straight away.

  7. Of course Sheila has the best wallow! Would you say the heat (even with humidity) is better to manage than the extreme cold for the animals? I hope they all do well over the next couple of days. And you, too!

  8. the recipe sounds delicious! I just made my version of banana bread- I add unsweetened shredded coconut along with lemon zest and a bit of lemon juice I’ll be trying your recipe soon!

  9. Oh wow. I am making that bread. Looks GREAT. Tane is no less than a MUD MASTERPIECE. Regarding Sheila, I spot a tiny pink spot on her left ear…is that just her skin showing through the mud, or does she have a wee crack, irritation in her skin? Stay cool my friend.

    • The old pigs have big problems with sunburn and cracked ears in the summer. I try to keep as much mud on them as possible but it is one of those problems for out door pigs. Then the flies bite on the abrasion – very nasty

  10. Cold cold cold here……2C …..35F……I’m in sub tropics and we’ve had a week of this, some mornings down to the minuses! Admittedly the days do warm up and it can end up being hot -shorts-in-the-sun – weather. Love the pigs in mud.

  11. Gets too hot here, I ‘wallow’ in the bathtub in cool water. A mud bath would be better for my skin, though! Our swamper is useless in humidity….. Love that rainbow!

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