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Roaming Pigs

Poppy the Hereford sow is travelling again – being the escape artist going under the fences.  She is due to come back into heat this weekend. Last night I went to check the cows and found Poppy the pig sleeping in the corner of the… Continue Reading “Roaming Pigs”

The First Cut.

The grass hay is down. All of it. Gulp. I saw a window of warm breezes in the weather pattern, with low humidity, so I took a risk  and had my hay man mow the first cut of the grass hay. We have even more cows this year, and… Continue Reading “The First Cut.”

Lady Astor’s Bosom

I love that word BOSOM. Don’t you?. It sounds so soft and pillowy. It even sounds good said out loud. “Lady Astors Bosom”. So matronly.  Comfy.  Though if you were to lay your head upon Lady Astors bosom you are liable to get a… Continue Reading “Lady Astor’s Bosom”

15 minutes and 30 seconds

An Interesting Challenge for you for today. For a child: Sit with her or him for 15 minutes a day and allow that child to direct your play. Or direct the conversation. Time it. Give them the power for a whole fifteen minutes.  No… Continue Reading “15 minutes and 30 seconds”

Early Girls

Our new girls Molly and Whitney arrived a day early which was just fine. In fact really good! Their room was ready and waiting and while I did the chores Fede made dinner to eat under the trees. The girls drove from Kentucky where… Continue Reading “Early Girls”