Early Girls

Our new girls Molly and Whitney arrived a day early which was just fine. In fact really good!


Their room was ready and waiting and while I did the chores Fede made dinner to eat under the trees.


The girls drove from Kentucky where they stayed on a farm where they were picking cherries. We are lucky to be picking kale! Though I think our slow spring is good for the plants.


Naomi has found the Baby Boot.

The goats have a new water barrel with a float in the top attached by a piece of hose to a blue rainwater tank that collects rain off the roof of the shed. So it will automatically refill.  It works like a charm.  Now that the plan is proven to work we will proceed with two more.

chicken tractor

Jake’s chicken tractor has arrived and it is huge.  There will be no crowding in this pen.  I am calling it The Enterprise. Naturally John is appalled. Today the girls will help Fede finish it, then they will transfer the Accident chickens (who look to be all hens)  in for the summer. Followed closely by the Easter chickens and once we have ironed out any kinks I will bring in the meat birds. I  need the Meat birds to get a tiny bit bigger first.  Hopefully there will not be a war.


It is Memorial Day here so we will have a lovely lunch outside with The Matriarch.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm,


47 Comments on “Early Girls

  1. Oh that was a lucky thing! Wishing you a wonderful day too. We’re off to the “campo” for an outdoor family meal in Spain. It’s raining and grey but I will inject them with some British fortitude and we’ll carry on regardless!

  2. Welcome to the Farmy Molly and Whitney.
    Will Scotty be available to beam the tractor up when you need to move it? Love the new water tanks, simple but effective, perfik 🙂 Lovely power post today, enjoy your bank holiday, hope you are feeling better today. Laura

  3. Are you applying a larvicide to these water troughs (so as not to be breeding bazillions of mosquitoes) – or maybe placing a larvae-eating (gold)fish in each? – Have a wonderful day!

  4. Nice looking tractor! We have a tractor as well, getting the birds in is easy, but getting them out is a pain! What is your exit strategy?

    • Work at night. Shut yourself and the boxes into the tractor and fill the boxes before opening the door.. usually at night they are pretty docile.. (though I put a miners torch on my head!) c

      • ah okay. so there’s no alternative to climbing in the tractor? I had visions of scooting them off stage left. We can make this easier!! I’m sure of it!

  5. that does look to be a huge chicken tractor – how much does it weigh? and how will you move it? how many layers do you plan to put in it? or is it for meat birds only?

    • It is too heavy for me to move.. this is why I am calling it the enterprise – I am hoping the boys will build me two Shuttle coops that can dock with the Enterprise then go for walks on the field with a load of chickens.. Meat birds and layers.. about 60.. c

      • Clever names for the coops! 😉 be careful with the heavy stuff – hard on our bodies. pastured broilers will be good eatin’ for sure as will the eggs. Chicken tractors are a conundrum; gotta be heavy enough not to blow away, but light enough to move. All the best!

  6. Oh Ms C: Your automatic waterer looks like a charm! Could you post a bit more on the construction? We (I) need something like that for my sweet cows!

  7. Yes, as is tannachtonfarm, I, too, am very curious about how The Enterprise will be moved about. I can only imagine Our John’s face when he saw it! 🙂 Sounds like you are ‘rockin’ and rollin” on the farmy with lots of wonderful help! xo

  8. So, everytime the Enterprise gets moved, the song from Star Trek will be hear from the field!

  9. We have a farm here in Santa Cruz called “Dirty Girls”. I love that name and their produce. Have a relaxing Memorial Day picnic.

  10. Wish the new girls a hearty welcome for me. Why doesn’t John like the chicken tractor? Do you have to hitch it to a tractor to move it? Naomi is a clever girl, but naughty – we weren’t allowed to get on the table when we were young!
    Have a happy day.

  11. The Enterprise! That’s a hoot! Does it have wheels like previous chicken tractor? Oh wait! Star ships don’t have wheels! 🙂 Frederico is not going to want to leave with all those lovely young ladies about! Please ask him if we can have the recipe to those gorgeous rolls! Now I will have the theme song to Star Trek in my head all day!

  12. Yay, for the helpers. They look ready for some hard work. Naomi was so cute, I had to pin her picture on Pinterest. I will see it forever. The bread looks too yummy. Chicken wars?? That will be a new one I hope we never see.

  13. Beautiful young ladies, delicious looking bread, cuddly kitten and one extremely intelligent calf… heh heh
    I am so curious about The Enterprise. Does it have a floor? And, if not, how to keep the marauding mink, or what have you, out and the chicks safe? Being referred to as a ‘tractor’, does this mean it has wheels by which it is dragged around with? From the photo, I can’t tell if there is a chicken-wire covering for a ceiling, or if it is open and, if open, of what purpose the whole thing is… lol
    Your sunset is just glorious
    Hope you are feeling much better today… and may you have a loveRly one too ~ Mame 🙂

  14. Oh I hope you answer all the questions today, as they are on my mind too. A spectacular sunset! Yesterday, WFMT interviewed the lyricist for that special song, SUNRISE, SUNSET. He said the music was first, and then he almost effortlessly wrote the words. They just fell in place.
    I get such a kick out on TonTon–ever at the side of the newcomers, ever watchful. And I have one question, what if it doesn’t rain all that much? Is it back to hose-dragging ?

    • I would fill the tanks once a week or so if there was no rain – so there will always be some hose dragging just not as much and not as far.. c

  15. MKL and I were discussing what a chicken tractor actually is. His grandfather raised prize-winning chickens, and yet he has never heard of one. Can you explain?

  16. The non stop train from Dublin to Belfast is called the Enterprise, I hope yours moves as smoothly and swiftly. I bet I know how you will lure the chicks out … in the same way you win over your John … with a tempting good feed just out of reach!
    I love the water system I hope it makes your life simpler and saves lugging buskets of water about. How wonderful that Molly and Whitney arrived early and ready to play their part. Maybe they heard you had a good looking & talented young man in residence. 😉

  17. Often in my workplace I espouse adoption of technology tools to work more efficiently, so I love seeing how it’s applied to The Farmy in kind in arks and waterers. It’s lovely also to see the visitors whose stays are an exchange of ideas and experience 🙂

  18. Hope the whole family had a very, very happy Day! With a long lunch!! Well, it looks as if ‘Enterprise’ has been permanently named and I am wondering how it will be moved also 🙂 ? Hugely and warmly amused that Federico has become Fede . . . . a family member for certain!!! With an ever increasing knowledge of English!! love to you all . . .

    • The wonderful thing about this blog is how we all share the drift from Federico to Fede.. but in all the other areas as well.. and yes – we had a very long lunch.. I do love the summer! c

      • Your summer has yet to arrive Missy! But hope you had a glass or three and a lot of laughs . . . . sleep well Milady!!!!

      • I liked your closing line, “Love your friend on the farm,” (a gentle exhortation? Easy to respond to..But I would make “friend” plural.) Not only have I grown to love the animals and feel close to the farmy people, but I enjoy listening to all the commenters. Such a nice place to visit each day!

  19. How will you move the chicken tractor? I imagine a line up of strapping young people on each side while you yell 1-2-3-HEAVE!

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