Children are one of my favourite things.

I mean – Children are a lot cuter than kittens.  Most of the time!

John and I went to a graduation party last night. And in between taking the wonderful family shots, I let Camera House loose on the little children. I love taking shots of little children almost as much as taking shots of kittens.



And when I got home the girls and Fede were playing cards at the dining room table.  I loved seeing that. party-153

I made a rule that while they were doing the dishes, Fede had to name every dish he washed in English and the girls had to name each dish in Spanish.  I think we broke the ice.

Good morning. After our long lunch yesterday we all kind of collapsed into intertia, then John and I milked the cow (who was very naughty) and then we went out. Leaving all the guests to fend for themselves. (They are grown ups – they can FEND) So today we are all going to rev back up again and get some work done.  The girls are very interested in my 1940’s kitchen (without the rationing)  and we will finish the chicken caravan (Fede has remnamed it, he could not get his head around the tractor reference.) and then transfer the-egg hatched chickens into it.

Plus piles of gardening and a good amount of fencing and, of course, the water project. If all goes well I will document a water system for you.

I hope you have a lovely day. I have three stunning young people staying so I am certainly going to have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm




37 Comments on “Graduations

  1. What fun you are having, and what great photos! Interesting that, wherever they are from, young people are never far away from their cell phones!!

  2. Ha ha – give me the kittens anyday! I do like the idea of the washing up game though – muy bien hecho 😉

  3. The young are always photogenic, even the desperately ugly babies of some species. It’s that special quality of wonder and freshness they bring to life. It reminds us of when life was magical, everything was new and the world was an undiscovered country. You’ve captured some of that beautifully, even the older young in the kitchen.

  4. Looks and sounds like a lovely day was had by all! Don’t you just hate it when Lady Astor is naughty? We are milking again, now that both of our mama goats have kidded, which is wonderful! But, Taylor, our oldest mama, who was always the perfect milker, just yesterday decided she would lift her foot and try to kick the milk bucket at every squeeze. Very frustrating indeed! Our ‘goat lady’ said to hobble her back legs while milking and she’ll most likely stop it altogether. Sure hope so! Do you think gently hobbling her back legs might work for Lady Astor?

    • Some people do but Lady get absolutly out of control panicked when i try to tie her leg back, she throws herself about and simply wrecks the place, You cannot even spray or wipe her with solution for the flies, she goes wild, eyes rolled back wild, so everything must be done slowly with no surprises.. 1000 pounds of out of control cow with a hige swinging udder in my little milking shed is terrifying.. we just perservere, . she kicked me a good one last night though, i have a perfect black and blue hoof mark on my leg.. sigh.. maybe she will be better today.. c

      • Gosh Celi, she sounds dangerous! Very great that Our John is there to help you! But what about when you’ll be milking twice daily? Hopefully lady will ‘get with the program’ and settle down and enjoy it. That may just happen when she stops nursing and her udders fill until they are uncomfortable and she wants to be milked. Fingers crossed!

        • i don’y think cows care about being milked they just care about food, and I will slowly take the calf off her so that I still only milk once a day – there are whole dairy farms at home that do that and with Lady’s small production I think she will be fine..

  5. Wonder photos of fun!
    Can cows be bipolar? Out of character behavior for the Lady, especially if Our John was with you for the milking. I suppose it is her way of keeping things lively, and attempting to detail to you just WHO is really in charge 🙂 Enjoy your work day Miss C.

  6. I bet you are looking forward to milking Aunty Del rather – in what … another 2 years or so? How does Lady A behave if Our John milks on his own? Laura

    • Aunty is old enough to be bred later this summer.. she can be calving when she is two years old which is in August.. so YES I am looking forward to milking her and letting Lady raise her own baby plus one .. c

  7. My Kelsea graduated high school yesterday, which was lovely, but made me much more emotional than I had expected.

  8. An angry cow, that’ll you need! The next time I’m back in the village I will ask my friend what she did with the naughty cows that didn’t liked being milked.

  9. It’s wonderful to have a night out and do something different. Gets those neurons firing in the brain again. Sorry to hear you were kicked. So dangerous and painful. Not good. Wondered how long you get to have Fede with you?

  10. We got rain yesterday and today too. Looks like it missed you–for a change. What card game were your young people able to play? And I’m sorry that Lady A kicked you. She’s a handful for sure!

  11. Yes, the children are fabulous. There is one there that I can’t take my eyes off of though, the little one in the navy/pink/white striped shirt. She looks exactly… and I mean an actual double… of my daughter at that age, which would be about 45 years ago now. It was quite unsettling at first, when I saw the photo you posted, but now I’m used to it I wonder about genes and all that sort of thing… heh heh — it is said we all have doubles and maybe there are just so many ways to mix up DNA, so here is a vote in favour of that theory. Looks as though the kids had a good time for the day … and you too!
    hmmmm Lady A not cooperating does sound slightly frightening…. and ‘doozes’ of bruises doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Hope you can find a way to settle her down again.
    As of yesterday, the heat and humidity levels are up and feels like summer has finally and most definitely arrived. Hope for you too ~ Mame 🙂

  12. Hello to all. – I am new to the Fellowship of the Farmy. I am reading blog & comments for about two months now and I am so so pleased about all what I find here. It makes me really happy to be allowed take part in all of your living, Celi. It brings back a lot of memories and thoughts of a better life being connected to nature.
    I love the photo with your staff playing cards – it so family-like, I really wish to be in. And I love your rules while dish washing. That’s great! And ice breaking of course. Well done! – My aunt did it with me once while making the dishes together when I was ten – but with multiplication table training, which I did not enjoy so much then…
    Have a nice time together – xoxoxo

    • So glad you are here and part of The Fellowship – thank you so much for commenting and allowing us to meet you.. Have a loovely lovely day Irmi.. c

  13. I love having little ones around, the sound of their chatter and seeing the world from their level is fascinating. I love the photo of the ‘farm hands’ playing cards, it brings to mind many an evening when we sat ro0und the dining table noisly playing game after game. That kick to your leg sounds nasty, I think you might need cricketer’s shin guards!

  14. I forget it’s your summer until I see these warm colourful lively lovely photos of people celebrating and enjoying themselves. You captured the essence of it. And the photo the girls & Fede playing cards takes me back a loooong way in my memories 🙂

  15. My biggest smile this morning is not for the admittedly uber-cute kids’ photos but the one you took of Fede and ‘the girls’ in happy late evening card -playing. And dish-washing would have been hilarious 🙂 !! Would have loved being there to learn a bit of Spanish myself!! Kathe’s comment incomparable – yup, caravan rather than tractor for me too and must remember ‘gypsy chickens’!!! Hope you ALL have a great night . . .

  16. Hi Celi. I love summer parties in the country that have loads of kids. Especially if they are city kids, who will take away memories of playing in the hay beyond the twilight when the fairy lights come on, with all the sights and smells and freedoms of being able to just run forever. Often with kids they’ve never met before and will probably never see again. But for that day they were friends… Looking back on their childhoods as adults, they will remember the party, but they won’t remember why they where there or where it was, but they will remember the magic of a country party in high summer. Your wonderful photos captured the essence of that kind of party. Cheers Sarah : o)

  17. What a fun experience the farmy is turning into for the young people–and maybe even Miss C. 😉 You captured the essence of children so well. Sorry to hear Lady A wasn’t having a good milking day.

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