Kitchen Mama

Yesterday our two girls Molly and Whitney were the 1940’s Kitchen Mamas.  They are travelling together, have known each other since kindergarten, though they go to different colleges now and like all old and fast friends are a perfect team. And by the end of the day after making bread, muesli cookies, ice cream, quiches for lunch and pizzas and salad for dinner – they had sore feet. But were very proud of their work, and we were very happy to eat it!
border collie

What a perfect way to have a holiday with your best friend. They will be here until Monday.

girl in kitchen

girls fencing

Fede worked on the Enterprise with some help from Tane and the naughty goats. Very naughty goats.

Later. We ate outside – observed by a pride of cats laying in the sunflower patch.


I hope you have a lovely day.

We will. Fede is the kitchen Mama today. The girls will be outside with me though it is meant to rain.

Life is Great!

Love your friend on the farm,


p.s. Almost forgot to tell you. We all sat around the table in a very dark room last night and candled the turkey and peacock eggs. It was  almost a religious experience seeing all those little developing embryos. Everyone was terribly quiet as I slowly lifted each egg into the light. We even saw one move. AND every single one has started to develop.  The girls are so disappointed that they will not see them hatch. But at least they have seen the candling. Exciting stuff!  Molly took some photographs – I will see if we can get one to show you tomorrow.

Love, love,




35 Comments on “Kitchen Mama

  1. I love that all your young visitors can just drop into the tasks of the Farmy as though born to it. It makes me think that you must have a very clear and easily understood way of explaining the job in hand, and then just let them go and trust they’ll do what’s needed. You’d be the ideal boss! How’s my lovely Tima doing? Any sign of impending piglets?

  2. Those goats are going to be trouble, but I’m sure it will be interesting. Great news about the eggs 😉

  3. The CATs – I laughed out loud….. Was it worth for them waiting and watching? Did they get their treats after?
    And WOW to the candle ceremony – a real religious experience – what a gift to watch that………..
    Thank you so much for all – you’re so special, Celi!

  4. Help. Young people. Company. Good workers. Happiness for all.
    {and the kitchen island/cart looking thingy….point me to where I can source one}

  5. Does that mean poor Fede has to do the work of two people by himself…but having seen his other achievements he will do well.
    How exciting to be candling..I have never heard of that before.
    All of you have a great day….Has the weather got any better yet?

  6. You are shaping so many lives, young and old, with your farm. I love that the candling was such a solemn and intimate experience. I hope all continues to grow and develop as it is supposed to. 🙂

  7. Are both turkey and pea chick eggs in the incubator?

  8. I am in awe! You have some of the best expressions. Reading this brings life back into balance. I’m so always ready to see the world going well. Have a wonderful day, all of you.

  9. I think it’s wonderful how the dogs always supervise every single job : )
    You are blessed to have the farm life. I miss it!

  10. Naughty goats!!! But I LOVE the crop of ginger kittens you’re growing. Should be a good harvest. 🙂

  11. I keep repeating myself what joy I get from supervisors Ton and Boo . Always in the thick of things. Love the goats. I note Fede is left-handed. Love the cats in the sunflower bed. I can’t wait to see candling photos and sunflowers all grown up.

  12. Molly and Whitney sound like they have found a home from home. Exciting news about eggs, I have fingers knees and toes crossed!

  13. Sunflowers are not doing well here. Too wet. I think they are rotting before they get a chance to sprout.

  14. There will be a few sad and reflective moments when the girls go . . . and Fede will forever have a connection with the farmy . . . but am thrilled that the gals will return to College with skills unable to be learnt there and stories of which most classmates will be jealous . . . many of us cannot make bread and as many balk at ice cream . . .

  15. How wonderful that 2 old friends have come to enjoy The Farmy together, and make new friends. Love the photos especially the field of ginger kitties 🙂

  16. How delightful are your farm guests! More memories being made to last a lifetime.

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