But where will the Angels Sit?


Do you ever wonder where the angels sit? When people come to visit with their angels.  The door banging twice. Girl. Angel. Because, really, there is only so  much room in my little house. Angels take up as much room as a person though a lot less air.  Even though an angel can change the atmosphere in the air in the wink of a wimple.  And they must come in,  they do not like to be left out in the weather. Have you ever seen an angel who has been left out in the rain – it is a terrible sight. Crumpled like tissue paper, poor things – it takes an age for them to dry out and puff back up.  And for obvious reasons it is very important not to let your angel get too close to the fire to dry out. So you can’t just leave them outside when they visit. They must come in.

I mean,  when they travel with you they can sit in the back seat very happily – with their legs crossed, their hands in their laps and wings folded neatly.  Sometimes they read a book. Angels are great readers. How often have you lost the book your are currently reading! Often, right?! They nick them when you are busy.  So they can keep up. Angels hate to be left out. They want to know every last thing you are thinking. Nosy buggers. Anyway when you are driving they like to sit quietly in the back seat and  look out of the window. They never get huffy when  you get lost because they will always be able to find you.  Though try to get them out to see the sights with you and they will turn surly. Best to leave them sitting quietly I have always found.


My guardian angel’s name is Alphonsus and he spent  last night in the barn because when he came in after chores he found another angel sitting in his seat. A STRANGE angel just sitting there watching, watching Fede cook, arms folded, wings neatly stowed.  The look on that angels face – you would have laughed! Alphonsus  went and laid on the bed for a while, spent time in the shower, sat glumly in the glass house then gave up and stomped out to sleep in the barn.

But where is an angel to sit? pig

Some people have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to their guardian angels.  They don’t realise that there is a huge white feathery presence walking beside them (or behind them in the back seat of the car) moving potholes, hissing at cats and giving the bad people the tiniest of nudges.  Or poking a cow just to see what happens, sleeping in the straw with the calves and perching with the chickens.  (They call that Slumming It.)

Sometimes an angel can make you invisible – have you ever noticed that? This happens to me all the time. I go into a store or (God help me) a bar and no-one sees that I am there. My mother used to tell  me to get the money out of my purse and wave it about -(this has been happening to me all my life) ” that will get their attention.”  she said. But really it is just my angel, standing right in front of me so I am just a vacant space. I have never quite worked out why Alphonsus does that, there must be a reason –  but as you probably know angels don’t like to explain themselves either. You know how to tell when a person is in tune with her angel? She will be wearing sunglasses a lot. It is the glare you know. All those white feathers. And angels are always so clean. I am always deeply suspicious of such cleanliness.

Anyway, I have beds and chairs enough for all my visitors but am still having trouble accommodating all their angels. You would think they could double up. I have known angels who share seats with their people. These are lovely angels.  They will very kindly sit in your chair to warm it up for you on cold days (though they draw the line at warming up the toilet seat so don’t even go there –  my angel will widen his eyes and pinch his nose haughtily at the very thought) and sometimes once you sit down they arrange their wings so you can sit more comfortably. Do you know that feeling when you sit into a seat with a big sigh, and you feel warm and you make that descending aaahhh sound? And immediately your feet feel better. Yeah? That is when your angel has made sure that your seat is comfy. And is probably sharing it with you. Alphonsus shares.


Of course not all angels are good like that. Most of them prefer a seat or perch of their own and if there are not plenty of high perches they can get a bit antsy, and then they will sit on the floor and arrange for tripping. Tripping is a favourite trick of Alphonsus’s. The other night I  turned the lights out to look at the eggs, and then jogged sideways to get a pencil and Alphonsus swiftly shifted a box right into my path. I tripped and heard the snort. Angels snort – did I tell you that?  I don’t think they mean to be mean but sometimes they get bored. I mean angels live a long time – I inherited mine from my Grandmother Dorothy.  She died just before I was born so I guess he waited around. He is good at waiting. He is a waiter.  He holds grudges too. You already know that Alphonsus spends a lot of time tinkering with electrical things, like our dishwasher – on the blink, the washing machine – not spinning, the fridge – drips through the floor onto the washing machine –  he runs the batteries in my vehicles down (sometimes all at the same time) and stands watch at the door when the shower is running in case he feels like turning down the heat.

Poor Alphonsus. He is going to hold a grudge now about the number of angels in the house.

My angel  is very shy and seldom  mingles with other angels but he is good about showing them to a perch and offering them a drink, things like that, just good manners really but after that he puts his pajamas over his fluffy Pan legs and goes out and sits in the car and stares in the other direction until they leave. He is not a very social angel. And he absolutely does not like to share my chair with anyone.

I have a pile of very chatty angels in the house right at the moment. They like to sit high and tend to dangle their feet over the edge of the loft floor, brushing your head with their feet just for fun. They catch text messages in the hands and toss them to each other for a while and they muck around with the time so it goes too fast, and the clocks show all different times. They hide kitchen utensils, which if you ask me is a bit cheeky since they are visitors and all and every pudding bowl in the house has gone missing. Boo has taken to answering back when given a command, a short bark just a little too often for comfort so I am fairly sure that one of these visiting angels is egging him on,  probably making faces or something. Most dogs can see angels, though Ton does not like them as a rule – not the visiting angels anyway and often goes and sits in the car with Alphonsus and sometimes Godot.  He likes Alphonsus. They both like sitting in the car. Godot sits on top.

But what about the visiting angels,  where are they to sit, all these angels?

I am going to have to think on it.

Love your friend on the farm


PS. Good morning. At lunch yesterday I asked a question.  “You are leaving. I am not sure where you are going but you will be gone for a long time and you are probably never coming back.  You have two suitcases and ten million dollars. What would you put in the suitcases?  We had great fun with this.” (Naturally Alphonsus has to carry his own suitcase.)  John looked at us like we were all quite mad and said he would put the Ten Million in his suitcase.  Of course.

I wonder what you would put in your suitcases.



73 Comments on “But where will the Angels Sit?

  1. That was beautiful. I think sometimes when they need a little rest, they sit on the pik sunset clouds and just look down and smile. Mostly mine sits on my shoulder 🙂 She’s called Luciana and my godmother gave her to me….

  2. My angel doesn’t take up much room – she is only small: Tinkerbell size. Your house sounds a tad crowded! I would put books in my case.
    It’s a lovely day today- the perfect temperature for this temperate zone blogger.
    ViV xox

  3. Thank you for the reminding me that my angel is here. Though I don’t know his/her name. It has always been a mystery to me who it is. Same with Evie’s. I think it must be her angel who keeps spilling things.
    Maybe you can ask Alphonsus if he knows.

  4. Photographs would go in my suitcases. Ten million dollars can never replace the photographs of my children, especially the photos of my son who has passed on.

  5. Mine doesn’t have a name, but he’s a him, and I think he watches over me when I fall asleep in inappropriate places (it’s the pain medication…), which happens quite a lot.
    My suitcase would contain a sewing kit, my best kitchen knife, my camera, my chiming clock, my silver Russian ikon, my laptop, and (because I am now very rich and it’s a very, very big suitcase) the Husband, without whom no adventure would be either complete or enjoyable. I reckon that’s a pretty good adventure kit.

    • We talked about the people and pets thing and decided that they would be coming along wherever we went anyway, but then we realised that they would have suitcases too and then there would be sharing and then – oh dear! c

  6. I would put flash drives in my suitcase – dozens and hundreds of them. The drives would contain every family photo ever taken, and e-book files for my e-reader and computer which would also be in there, of course. An mp3 player is also a necessity, with its requisite SD cards full of music. And there would probably be a chameleon and a few tortoises tucked in there, too. And maybe my life-sized cut-out of Severus Snape. He folds up rather small in a pinch.

  7. I really enjoyed reading that, but be honest….has the sun gone to your head? In my suitcase would be my angel….not mone
    . An angel I need..money I can do without

      • Yes I do and it was a great bit of writing that you did, it was just so different from your normal subjects…I did not intend to be critical, I loved it…it made me smile and I shall read it again

      • I wonder if it’s because all the Biblical angels are male? I can’t remember any female ones – offhand I can only think of Gabriel and Michael, there are probably others but I’m pretty sure no females.

  8. Gracious, my main guardian angel has always been my grandfather, who died before I was born. But I have an awareness of another now that I am older, though we’ve not introduced ourselves. And of course, I have the house spirits, who have been so irritatingly mischievous lately that I’ve thought of smudging the place just to calm them down. In my suitcase? Passport, my favorite pareos, camera, books, and a sketchpad and colored pencils.

    • A the House spirits, yes I think there have been some living with this house for quite some time, and maybe Alphonsus has made friends with them.. c

      • I wondered about that. I thought I saw some interesting ‘reflections’ in the windows that have been in photos of the Farmy buildings/garden.

  9. I’ve been feeling quite invisible lately. Guess it’s my angel protecting me from something. Although I’m getting a bit lonely…

  10. I thought I was the only one who knows Angels exist. Nice to know I’m not. You have made me more aware of mine again today. I have seen mine and heard it. I have never asked for a name????? Silly me, I was just glad to have the protection and care. Mine has smacked a treat from my hand when I was trying oh, so hard to lose some weight. But the real stories have only begun to be written. Your Angel has prompted you to write this to start one heck of a conversation. And to remind me to write the rest of the stories. In my suitcase would be loads of love and kindness to dole out everywhere I travel. I’d need nothing else. The money would go in the bank silly. So I could draw it from anywhere and give it to those that needed it. My first thought though, when I read the question was the same as Viv’s, Books. Mine could be digital for a trip. Not so heavy. The Angel I saw had no wings, only pure bright light. Truly amazing. I now have to go have a think. I know all the Angels in your house will always find a place to sit there. Ask them not to be so mischievous. Hugs to you and all your Angels.

  11. In my suitcase you would find a camera, notebook with pens, a couple of favorite books-All the Light We Cannot See! Also my computer which would contain my pictures, my millions would be on a debit card. What else is there? I suppose a different pair of shoes and a change of clothes. Dog on a leash and daughter in hand. Let’s go!
    Love the challenge:)

  12. How enchanting! My angel thanks you for reminding me she’s here. I talk to my angel the most when I am shoveling the compost into our big bin. She finds it terribly amusing that I seem to need a good pile of manure to spark my reflective self. Ha! Celi, this is my favourite post of all time. Such a wonderful, magical glimmer of the invisible side of the farmy. In my suitcases I would put: my laptop, my camera, my sketchbook and pencils and pens, my donkey hoof tools (having that much money they will be travelling with me!), my two favourite ‘rereadable books’ (Our Mathematical Universe and The Joy of X), my reading journal, our wedding quilt, and clothes for every season – but just two of each.

  13. I better start looking for my angel, I need one right now. As for what to put in my suitcase, I have to think about that. When my parents friends had to leave their homes to flee they took their children , food and warm clothes to survive .

  14. What a lovely narrative. This would be a beautiful book, for all ages. I can see the expressions on Alphonsus face. Now to find someone to illustrate it.

    Have a lovely day with your angels.

  15. Maybe one of my favorite all time posts. Angels visit me all the time. I never thought about places for them to sit! I will think about them differently now, thanks to you. Beautiful young people, beautiful angels. Such an illustrious crowd! And people cooking delicious things for everyone to share! You must feel like you have reached Nirvanha!

  16. Funny, I don’t think much about angels, although I do believe in them. Do you suppose some of us don’t have them? Maybe a departed family member is put in charge when other angels are not available??
    10M and 2 suitcases, not coming back?? Let me think on it a bit and get back to you.
    Tell Our John that I though he may not be able to lift $10M, but Uncle Google told me that $10M in $100 bills only weighs 22 lbs.

    • Ha ha .. i will tell him!! Good skills. In my own tiny mind I think everyone has angels – maybe you are her first person – and she is a very gentle quiet angel..

  17. Sounds like you have not an angel but a house sprite or imp! Why would a being sent by God to guard and guide you intentionally trip you or cause your appliances to fail? 🙂 I like to think my guardian angel is here to help and I am well aware of it most of the time; it’s those times I think I’m doing it all myself that I get smacked with the reality and things start to fall apart. I’d probably leave one of the suitcases at home and, like Your John, put the money in the other one and then just go.
    Mary in Southern California

  18. Oh my, those are the flowers I had in my yard way back in March. My yard has roses and lilies now, the hollyhocks and sunflowers are almost ready to bloom. The weather in this country is so varied, isn’t it? I don’t know what my guardian angel’s name is, but he looks like Fonzie.

  19. Does everyone have her/his personal angel? I don’t think I have one. If I did, I’d ask it to help my sister’s slacker angel to do a better job of watching out for her.

  20. Thank you for reminding me that I have an angel–I mean I know that I have one and have had one for many years–I just haven’t thought about the angel in real time for awhile–one just gets used to knowing there is one and then takes the angel for granted–sorry my angel.
    and I know that my angel has saved me from at least 3 car accidents by how my car reacted to each one–not my doing–
    I also know that there is a dark spirit about — have lived in at least 2 places that I could not get comfortable in–even though they were lovely places and just had to move out–and once here shortly after I first moved in — I felt a black presence come though the door and head to the bed where I was sleeping and I remember being very very afraid–I do know that it never got me–I either woke up in time-or my angel chased it away before it got to me–that was sooo scary that even now 10 years later I can still remember it!!

  21. oh this was such a fun read- did Alphonsus help you with this? I think so! I think I’d pack a few essentials for me and my sweetheart and I’d swap one suitcase for a cat carrier for our Lucy til we got to where we wanted to be. Cannot leave our Lucy…no sirree bob.

  22. Ci, this would make a wonderful book – could be for children, but I can see it as a “gift” book for adults/ grandparents/ graduates/special people. Check with your illustrator/publisher/Roxie. Quite lovely and comforting.
    (and i have always had angels)
    Sturdy jeans, a couple of t-shirts, soft sweatshirt, sandals, one pair comfy Keen shoes, hat, smart phone(with cords) and tablet, passports,and 3 mousies, bag of rawhide bones, and the money (to pay first class spots for Ed, Molly, and RC Cat who are all leashed like octopus arms to me)

  23. I didn’t know that angels were apt to make mischief: I thought that was down to the house gremlins. I, too, loved this post and thank you for reminding me my angel is always with me. Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly… 😊

  24. I have two “car’ angels who ride on top of my car……..they’re wild looking girls……flowing bright hair, they wear stripy stockings and brightly coloured bohemian clothes, wings tucked away, and when it rains they put up these big bold umbrellas with spots and stripes. They laugh and giggle a lot, and make sure I go the right way …or even better, the wrong way, to avoid an accident about to happen or a traffic jam. And they always find me a parking spot right outside where I need to be. My inside angels are dignified and quiet, sit wherever they like and dress in soft flowing pastels…more brightly coloured hair though. They murmur quietly and whisper things….move that computer cord, you’re about to trip, that kind of thing. and at night, they stand watch, one at each of the 4 directions, facing out. Mirrhi usually sleeps near the east angel. Visitor’s angels perch on the backs of chairs usually, or get underfoot in the kitchen or annoy the cats, push them off the couch so they can sit there….they don’t always have nice manners! Loved hearing about everyone’s angels.

  25. Angels… oh, Celi, you are so so cute!
    I’m still smiling all over………. and aaaaaaaaaah……… so good.
    Best post ever – thank you so much!

  26. Oh haaa, this reminded me of the movie “Michael”…did you ever see it? Michael was a real life angel. Sort of! Great movie! I had an angel when I was a kid, although at the time I didn’t know he was an angel. I just thought he was an tiny, imaginary friend that sat on my shoulder most of the time. His name was Willy. I still think of him now and then and how he helped me through some bad times in my childhood.
    Sounds like there are one too many angels in your house at the moment… 🙂

  27. This has to be read for a second and then third time! Love the relationship you have with Alphonsus but surely you can ‘tick him off’ about those electrical appliances! Some matters are not funny!!!! I have two angels and their names are ‘Daddy’ and ‘Karen’. I had an extraordinary relationship with my father, now dead some 40 years: somehow I see him and hear him every day wherever I am tho’ in a very comforting and relaxing way. Karen was a close friend of my MIL’s who could be quite a difficult person. She always knew when to put her arm around me – we did not need words. Melanoma took her many moons past but still see her impish smile wherever when I look up . . .

  28. Brilliant conversation about angels! Mine likes to drive… I’ll often be on a trip and suddenly realise it’s not been me at the wheel at all, and I’ve also had some amazing escapes. I never feel alone, sometimes it gets quite busy what with angels, muses, visiting spirits of loved ones checking in and so on.
    What a great around the table conversation… in my suitcase would be my first pillow, the usual family hand-me-downs, photos, pictures I have lugged around for more than 30 years packed amongst my ratty old flannie shirt, favourite jeans and ugg boots. If there was room, my stainless steel teapot, 2 china cups and an old cotton blanket that makes anywhere home.

  29. I’m always so late getting to read… crazy busy here. I love this post! Yes, I have two angels (makes me think I must need two for some reason – doesn’t everyone have more than one??). The female one drives me batty. She pokes at my head a lot. I know what it is… my mind is busy and her poking interrupts. I know I’m supposed to have a more quiet mind. She’s just reminding me. She also makes me laugh a lot. And I have a young male angel too. I’m not always aware of him, but he’s more serious and compassionate. He never talks. I just feel his presence and understand why he’s here when he shows up. I don’t always sense him around so maybe he’s just got a part-time job with me, and moonlights with others. 🙂

  30. I am way late in adding my few words. Yesterday was spent searching high and low for an angel. I think I might have a naughty one who hides my glasses, kitchen gadgets, the hair brush I used two seconds earlier and my lipstick … you name it she has it! 😦 It is enough to make me run away!

    My first question would be where will I go and how? Modern day travel is full of rush, fuss and hours hanging around airports. Flying is out for me, so I would wish to turn the clock back a little and join a world cruise that would allow me time to really visit each continent. An opportunity to meet all the bloggers I follow or who virtually visit me. The $10M converts to £6,508,086.40 GBP, with that in my pocket or on plastic I would need little in my cases. I would treat myself to a Tablet of the technological kind (there would be enough of the swallow-able variety in my bag) and a dozen USB Memory Sticks to store my photos. Coming from Ireland, we learn to dress in layers to cover all weathers so anything extra could be purchased as required for the various temperatures.

    I like travelling alone, you meet more people that way and everyone has a story!

  31. Oh dear – I was I had read this yesterday. I put in my suitcase a cash card that was pre-loaded with the million dollars (it packs much easier than the cash) -> ha John!
    My iPad and charger so that I could continue to read your blog. A camera – a good camera because I love to capture moments with photography and after that – I have not a clue. Maybe my pillow as I love my down pillow and my travels would not probably have good pillows.

    My first stop would be IL on your farm….. yes, I would want to meet Shelia, Boo, Ton and the whole farmily. From there – I don’t know. I want to see Europe, but not as much as I want to see rural America in every state/region possible. Isn’t that insteresting that I want to see America before lands outside? New Zealand and Australia are higher on my to do list than Europe even. Maybe while I am visiting – we could map out my destinations.

    I think I have multiple angels. All past relatives that come and go. I think Aunt Bet is with me the most or at least I feel her the most. I feel Aunt Bobbye and my Nannie often too. Nannie is always with me when I’m in the kitchen! She loved to cook or rather ‘feed’ her loved ones…. I think if she could feed them and not cook/clean -> that would have been the perfect solution. Bobbye is with me when I sleep most often. She makes me laugh when I sleep and was such a prankster. Aunt Bet – she is there when I’m thinking or fretting about something. I can feel her smooth my wrinkled brown and run her fingers in my hair. (most of the time telling me I should do something with it as she was a hairdresser!)

    I’m so happy to know you have angels that are in your home too. I also believe I have pet angels that follow me…. but that is another story.

  32. I have often felt angels. In the year before my cancer diagnosis, when I was so sick and no doctor could tell me why, our yellow lab Bree would sit and stare and something unseen above my head and shoulders. She would bark and bark gleefully at them wagging her tail all happy like. I would reassure her they were my angels, there were two, and that they had not come to play with her. She was always so happy to see them. Gotta love those angels! Chris

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

  33. Wow! This is a great post, I think you are a very old soul Celi….As I was reading this it reminded me of what my mother and grandmother always told us about Angels & fairies and which ones were best to call apon when you needed them in different situations.
    Suitcase…good question…photos, soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, underwear, sunglasses, passport & a first class ticket to parts unknown.
    Great reminder of angels, thank-you I needed that.

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