Camera House changes hands

Do you want to know how tall Sheila my beautiful big fat pig is? Molly got to have Camera House yesterday afternoon. I am almost 5’8″, and Sheila comes up past my hip. pig and woman

That tall.

dog training

Below is Boo – Feigning tiredness  to get more attention.

dog and girl

Watched carefully by the dis-approving masses – as you can imagine.


Though they got their fair share of the attention.girl and cow

girls and cows

We thought we would let the peacocks out for a walk yesterday, which was all very well –

peacock in tree

Until Mr Flowers flew up into the tree.

peacock in tree

Then decided to spend the night up there – screeching about every 15 minutes.

peacock in treeThe girls are going to visit Chicago today so Federico and I will try and get him back into the Peacock Palace. We have a new girl coming today too – although a woofer she lives not too far from here so is hoping to come down for day trips which might be really convenient – the animals and I will meet her today to talk about this.

Pania did not join the peacock walk as she was busy sitting on her eggs. Interesting.

I was Kitchen Mama yesterday and the girls were Miss C. They had a great time too. And everyone got feed, water and cuddles.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm,




46 Comments on “Camera House changes hands

  1. I had no idea that Sheila was such a tall girl! I’m so glad that you posted that photo. Good morning to you all!

  2. Look at Boo Jump!!!
    {5’8″?? I always imagined you a picket rocket, but you are my exact height! 🙂 }
    Great pics Celi, love the one of you and Sheila ❤

  3. Loved, loved yesterdays post, thanks 🙂 Mr Flowers was maybe expecting Mrs Flowers to deliver his supper el fresco last night? I’m of similar height and I now think I probably need to lose a Sheila before visiting the Farmy. Laura

  4. Oh, that’s so lovely, and such a treat to see you in the pikkies! More of the camera house exchange please. Oh, if I were there I imagine I wouldn’t get any work done for the photo ops! (well, not farm work anyway, although there might be a vast photo library!)
    Tell you what, when I saw that photo of Mr F up in that tree I immediately thought that you need a huge butterfly net. Possibly one of those pool things to get debris out of the water…you know the ones? Then just sneak up to that squawking bad boy and bag him up. Probably won’t work as well in real life as it does in my imagination…lol.

  5. I love seeing that wild hair – and you’re just a 1/2 inch taller than I. Mr. Flower’s cracked me up. I didn’t expect him to be the wayward type!! haha!

  6. Oh, I would have loved to see Mr. Flowers fly! I’m sure he imagines himself master of all he surveys, and he may not take kindly to being brought down to the Peacock Palace again.

  7. At least 100+ cms high and that is measured to my five foot seven inches. Lovely relaxed photos today. I hope that with Federico’s help you find an easy way to recapture Mr Flowers. Enjoy your day and may the weather be with you.

  8. So nice to see you in some of the pictures for a change Celi! And also to see that you finally have some warm and sunny weather! So wonderful!!!

    • A WWOOFer is someone who is a member of the organisation WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

  9. Our Effie was about a s big as your Sheila – more of a brute though!

  10. Ah, Boo…. his silly antics make me smile! And Miss Sheila – what a pretty girl she is.

  11. Also, Woman with Athletic Dog who should be on a basketball team. It’s nice to see the Person of the Farmy on the other side of the lens for a change!

  12. Sheila really is a fantastic size and it’s not obvious without a person in the picture for perspective 😉

  13. My Sheila is a big girl! It looks like everybody is having fun x

  14. I had no idea you were so tall! You always talk about your scrawny arms and how wee you are…so I had developed a very well-developed impression that you were a petite, tiny thing. Sheila IS big! But I was expecting that. In my imagination, her proportions are mythic. I love your farm, and I love the happiness it spreads and I love all the happy help you are getting these days. Just great!

  15. The KING of the farm is reigning high overhead. Mr Flowers knows his place and is simply proclaiming to the congregated hoard that he is in charge.

  16. I think, Mr. Flowers is lost and does not know his way back – as it is with cats sometimes…
    Or to speak freely with the proverb: The higher you fly, the deeper you fall – he’s afraid, isn’t he?
    What a beautiful day at the Farmy.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  17. oh Lordy! Screeching every 15 minutes all night long…I bet that kept the B””””””d minks away and any other predators…would he be in any danger out there by himself?
    My goodness Sheila has grown very big ( whisper…lots of pork chops,) I love Sheila , she is a lady with character

  18. Sorry for the Sunday – there’s a special holiday today, called ‘Corpus Christi’…. That’s why I felt like Sunday.

  19. Love that first young woman/fenceline/cow shot. The lines simply draw my eyes into the frame and beyond. You have a great crew. Nice to see images of you, too. I also stand your height.

  20. That last photo of Mr Flowers in the tree is really elegant. No chance he will fly away, is there? That would be a disaster. My goodness, I had no idea Sheila was as big as she is — she’s HUGE. You wouldn’t want to become her enemy, that’s for sure. The pictures are lovely today and a super nice treat to see you in them.
    And thank you, garybuie, for the explanation of a ‘woofer’ as I was wondering that too. I also wondered where all these wonderful workers came from, Celi, and now I know that as well; sounds like a terrific resource.
    I didn’t comment on yesterday’s entry, about where to put the angels to sit, as I was entranced by the whole thing and spent most of the day looking for mine, if I have one. If I do, then she/he has remained a mystery and not come forward. Maybe one day it will happen.

  21. Love Mr. Flowers’ grand tail. He must check out space for it ahead of time. Hope he comes down of his own accord. Love Boo jumping. Would kill for hair like yours.

  22. Oh my- that is one fine pig! Your photos are lovely- such a nice way to start the day with your gorgeous images!

  23. Lovely photos! It’s always nice to have a visual of you. The land is rich and lovely and green and your sky looks FREE OF STORMS! Which in farming world is a HUGE blessing! Although, rain is good in small doses. We are finally starting to dry some here…supposedly today is our last day of storm for a spell–temperatures are expected to knock us the 90’s, we have been in the 60 and low 70s for months now. The heat will be a huge curse and a blessing all wrapped into one.


  24. You should enrol people into your levitation training courses!
    Now, Sheila on a weight comparison … ?

  25. What are the girls wearing on their legs? When I saw the shot with Boo I thought it was a brace!

  26. Dear Celi, I am the eldest of five children. (I just turned 70, so perhaps “children” is a bit of a misnomer.) We were city kids. Every summer we would visit an aunt and uncle who lived on a farm and unwisely named all the animals. One day my little sister Robin came into the dining room and asked, “Well, who are we eating tonight?” Love,Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

    • This made me laugh. My sister was given a lamb to look after, it was one of triplets and the mother abandoned it. Her little girls called it Happy (after Pharrell’s song!), but it was a ram and as it grew bigger it started butting them and then they grew terrified of it. One day my 4-year-old niece told me quite matter-of-factly, ‘We had Happy the lamb for tea tonight!’

  27. Mr F looks like King of the Castle 🙂 Lovely to see you in situ, and with your tall fat pig!

  28. I don’t believe it: singlet tops and shorts . . . it is warm in central Illinois!!! So glad you all are defrosting 🙂 ! And please do pass the Camera House onto others more often . . . just loved the photos of Miss C, especially Miss C interacting with the four-leggeds. Did not realize I was sharing the Comments Lounge with a row of tall chorus girls – am 164 cms, which if I can still remember back to the 1960s equals about 5 foot 4 inches . . . gave me a chance to wear high, high, high heels and still be shorter than husbands dear 😀 !!

  29. How good to see you out from behind the camera. And Sheila! Ton is so attentive. Mr. Flowers truly thinks he’s King of the Farmy way up there! I hope you were able to get him down.

  30. That is one big pig. If she were any taller you could ride her…though I’m sure that would be undignified for both of you! Love your hair!

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