Yes 15F is -9C. In other words – a wee bit chilly. Luckily my animals are a tough bunch. I look forward to carrying many buckets of warm water today! Being an adult immigrant means that I am always doing mental equations. Our brains have a foot in either country. Fahrenheit to Celsius. Pounds to Kilograms. Ounces to Grams. Miles to Kilometers. And so on.

When I feed Jude his vegetables Boo and I stand guard so the roosters and cats don’t steal the baby’s food. Those roosters are a menace. They might be great mousers those roosters – I often see one running past with a mouse in his beak ( usually being chased by the others as mice are a delicacy) – but they are terrible thieves.

Boo is watching that food dish very carefully. It is looking perilously close to the edge of the bale. And anything that falls out of the dish Boo is allowed to clean up. Fighting for food makes pigs eat more, this is one of the many problems with raising little pigs alone, so I also pretend to be after his food by shoving him about a bit at feed time – he works hard to keep my hand behind him – twisting this way and that, and eating faster.

Jude has quite the appetite and is very quickly putting on serious winter fat. He loves sweet potatoes and bananas and bread and pasta and peas the most. Typical baby! I feed him small bowls of solids four times a day and his bottle of rice and goats milk three times a day.

My new weather format gives you the temperature outside as I write in the morning as well as the forecast. It is Ridiculously cold this morning.

I am going to work on Jude’s new bedroom today. His new game is pushing all his bedding out of his baby crate – not a clever pig- time for him to move into his big piglet quarters. This area is a tiny creep room Fede and I built years ago in anticipation of Tima’s piglets that never came. He can push his bedding all around that space but still be in a warm area. And his heat lamp will be more secure.

So I am going to adjust that opening for a bigger piglet today and let him play in there for the day while I watch for the problems. Then I will let in the pet pigs and wait for the next set of challenges.

If it does not work I will take him back to his baby bed without too much trouble and rethink it.

I hope you have a good day!



31 Comments on “MINUS NINE

  1. My word that is cold! It’s very mild here at the moment. Jude has grown so much, so quickly. I’m glad his tummy troubles seem to be over. Have a great day. 😀

  2. Too cold brrrr. Much happier with my 36C here. Jude seems to be growing everyday as we watch him. Have a good one. Laura

  3. Interesting that competition helps the babies put on weight faster. It makes perfect sense. Sharing space with Tima should make him grow at lightning speed!

  4. Cold down here too! 25F right now, but then we are ‘supposed’ to get a warmup for two weeks! I am keeping my fingers crossed that happens!!! 🙂

  5. This is way too early for cold like you have… we are cold here too, for the South. I really love all of your photographs today. Who knew browns, blacks and a touch of gold could be so beautiful?!

  6. I always learn something new. Rooster catching mice. Although, I guess I should have. I saw a youtube video of a chicken killing a rattlesnake. They really are small dinosaurs.

  7. I learn more psychology in one day reading this blog than I did in a year way back when. Temple Grandin has nothing on you.
    If you ever leave the farm you could become a therapist seeking myriad solutions for patients.
    Love the photos of Jude and Boo.

    • What I would really like to do now is go out to California and help with the injured and traumatized farm animals saved from the fires. I feel desperate for them.

  8. Beautiful photo of Mr. Feathers!! And the pix of Jude are so clear – usually he is more blur than pig because he keeps running around so busily. Guess the only good shots we’ll get are those of him eating or sound asleep – grin – and those are just fine! Duckies look like they’ve fluffed up for insulation. Do have a wonderful day, dear one! Minus nine does not thaw hoses, does it.

  9. Brrrr. I am always calculating the other way, grams to ounces, Celsius to Fahrenheit, inches to millimetres etc. because of writing to my family and friends in the US–bilingual! Boo is amazing how he watches and knows… xx

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