There is about an inch on the ground and it is blowing a cold Northerly. Winter is already making its presence felt.

Jude the Poo Bum Piglet has at last got control of his digestive system and is improving in leaps and bounds. I cannot get a decent picture, as the moment I crouch to ground level he is racing towards me.

This is good stuff. Though now he REALLY wants to be friends with the pet pigs and all these meetings need to be supervised lest they scare him off.

Move along – move along – nothing to see here. The picture above is of the three pet pigs. Tima, Tane and WaiWai. All tucked up in bed waiting for the cold snowy night to begin.

I have started selling the last of the spring hogs which means driving my big truck and trailer off into the early mornings on Monday’s. Thank goodness I had a good drive on Monday because this morning is a slippery mess with wet snow falling then freezing solid.

The moment the rat house paddock is cleared I will bring Sheila up. She is limping and I want her closer to home.

Might take a few weeks though so I have told her to hang on down the back in her root cellar with poppy and molly.

Now that the below freezing cold is here I am carrying buckets of warm water to the animals as well as their feed so everything takes twice as long. I hope there is a thaw soon so I can get the winter hoses sorted for the cows water. That job was delegated as it needed tools and ignored and then I forgot to follow up on it. My fault. Now the hoses are frozen. Everyone is sorry but not as sorry as me as I carry buckets of water to cows!!

At what point does reminding someone of something become nagging?

I hope you have a good day.


WEATHER: clear, cold and windy. -2C here this morning.

39 Comments on “MORE SNOW

  1. I DON’T like this really cold and windy weather and snow yet!!!! It’s NOT Christmas yet ~~ so stay 45 deg. cause my flowers WERE still blooming ~ now dey dead and me sad.😢😢 So cold that Tima, Tane and Wai gruntin’ and snugglin’ together keeping each other warm!! And Piggy Poo Bum living the life of Riley!! Hey it’s good here!!! An I ain’t goin’ nowhere else!!! Miss C is the bestest!!!

  2. As far as the animals are concerned – nag away until the job is done😁. Laura

  3. No snow here, but plenty of wind, and freeze warnings for the next couple of nights. Your bucket-toting reminded me of 1983, when an extended hard freeze broken pipes all over Houston, and I had to join the throngs at our complex’s swimming pool to get buckets of water for toilet flushing. As for nagging — when it’s important, it’s never nagging. It’s insistent encouragement.

  4. My barn faucet is already frozen this year in the mornings.. Normally that doesn’t happen until January/Februrary.

  5. I can imagine carrying water for cows. When the hydrant froze in the barn I had to carry water to the donkeys and they drank twice as much because I took warm water. Of course the path going downhill to the barn was always frozen and slippery too. Hope it won’t be long before your hoses thaw and you are set up properly. You don’t need that extra work. Stay strong.

  6. I’m with you, I hate reminding someone to do something as it feels like nagging. And I was in a relationship once where I was the nagged/controlled person. So I abhor having to remind anyone of anything.

    Cold! I AM not READY. We leave Friday for a Bahamian cruise – one last HURRAH

  7. Yeah, good question about when reminding becomes nagging! And the tough part is that no one wants to be a nag! It is a tricky balance, that’s for sure!

  8. For some crazy reason this year, I got my winter hose setup done early. I can’t believe we have this bitter cold and even snow already in Oklahoma! Your region really got hit early. Hopefully, we’ll all get a reprieve from the early winter threat and have some warmer days without moisture, to get caught up and prepared for winter! I loved the photo of the hay “lumps”. That made my morning!! Ha ha!

  9. Ah no… Like you needed yet another chore. For me, nagging is if you have to ask for a third time. Once is just asking, twice is reminding, third time is nagging.

    • The trouble is, once you’ve asked someone else to do something, shouldn’t it become their responsibility to get it done? Why does the reminder become the nag?

      • You make a good point, but my personal experience is that the issue can be transactional; unless I’m clear that I want it done NOW, it’s seen as a job for Sometime. If asking for a third time doesn’t make that clear, I’ll start doing it myself, which tends to produce an effect, especially if the job is messy or heavy!

        • Ah, well; sadly if I “stop nagging” and start to do the job around here, the intended participant usually thinks that’s just a perfect solution:/
          If I ask that something be done, it’s usually because I need someone else to do it (and in a timely fashion – before it’s been forgotten; )

  10. Is it possible to nag oneself? Living alone I am a note writer, and have my daily calendar filled out– helps me keep tabs on things I must remember. I would never want to imagine myself a nag and this self would not take kindly to being nagged I think 😉
    We had our first frost just a few days ago and the nights are cold, but rain is coming back and with that a bit of warmth. I am using this time to get all my winter things ready and handy.

  11. Meant to ask this when it popped into my head the other day… The possibility that Piglet’s constitution might just straighten itself out, now that he’s out rooting around and getting lots of natural Piggy Pre/Probiotics? Glad to hear it’s working!
    So, would having a running, electronic list (say on an iPad, or whatever) be considered nagging? Job done? ✅
    Job not done yet? Automatic reminder:)
    (It truly sucks keeping track of your own list and everyone else’s as well – been there:/ )

  12. Cecelia, I have a request. Some background. I read your blog faithfully until I lost my phone this past spring and since I dont have the best memory, I had to recreate my list of bloggers, but didnt put you back on my list, only because of memory issues,,and one blogger I follow just posted something that triggered my memory and I have now remembered you and have you back. my request is this.. what salve concoction did you use to heal Wai Wai, as the post that triggered my memory was one about the fires in California and how my friend is at a shelter with her goats and a pig was brought in badly burned and the vet came and did some surgery. I tried to go back in your archives but couldn’t find it. I will ask her permission if I may let you and your community know of her blog, and also am asking your permission if I may post on her blog to come to your site. Thanks so much!!

  13. Cecelia, I have a request. Background on this.. I read your blog up until I lost my phone this spring and had to recreate my list of blogs I follow. I have memory problems and forgot yours!! but one person I did remember just today jogged that memory and I have you back. She is a woman in the midst of the California Camp Fire, and has had to flee to a shelter with her goats. At this shelter rescue animals are being brought in, and one badly burned pig just underwent some surgery. Could you be so kind as to tell me where in your blog to find the Salve concoction you used on Wai Wai? I would like to pass that info on to my friend. I will also ask her permission if it is ok to put her blog on this site and vice versa – may I give her your blog info as well. You both are amazing women, as well as the communities of followers on both both of your sites. Thank you so much, Peggy

  14. I love the mounds of straw sheltering the 3 pigs. So smart they are! You need a fall check list like a pilot to keep your farm company humming along. Nagging does no good but yelling in the wind helps. Good luck and keep warm.

  15. Yes. Why is Sheila limping? Worrisome. And oh aren’t we all sick of being labeled nags!! Women have been handmaidens of the lord for ever so long and then to add insult to injury badmouthed for it.
    Frozen hoses. What a bummer. I hate putting them away for the winter—having to drain. Ugh! I finally wised up and laid it out on the sloping driveway. 😃

  16. Ah yes, I was just saying that [here on the other side of the globe and seasons] that this feels like Christmas weather, way too early; I wonder what actual Christmas will be like.

    • December last year was very dry and hot,and we were wondering what on earth the rest of summer would be like, but it cooled right off in January, with only the occasional hot spell. Hopefully t his early cold doesn’t mean a long cold winter for Miss C.

  17. We are happy to read that Jude the Poo Bum Piglet is feeling much better and we just love the photo of him running up to you. We are supposed to get some snow on Thursday and Friday. We like cooler temperatures but not the snow so much. Thanks for sharing the great photos. We would love to be relaxing with the little pigs. Looks very comfy. Have a great day.

  18. I find Winter adds an extra layer of exhaustion and my life doesn’t ramp up to more work, like carrying warm water and trying to check on an out of the way pig. Something about cold weather is additionally exhausting. I can’t imagine how exhausting yours is.

    I like Winter when I’m experiencing a bit of insomnia. It seems to help me sleep more soundly. But there is no doubt that being tired when you are only 3/4 of the way done with the jobs at hand is NOT helpful.

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