Back – Wards. Usually you follow my day, my yesterday, in pictures going forwards but today we are going backwards because that’s just what happened.

So we are starting with a sunset. Out to the West.

The West barn gets beautiful diffused late afternoon light.

I tried to get Wai closer to Jude using food. But Wai shies off the moment he is finished. He is more afraid of pigs than he is of humans. Which makes no sense considering his history. And Jude is so small. How could Wai possibly be afraid of Jude. Was he once attacked by an ant?

Poo Bum Jude spent a good part of yesterday playing in the sun filled straw. And will again today I think. Even when it is very cold the animals and birds gravitate to the sun.

Jude is happy as a clam. Though I have never considered clams particularly cheerful. He still has a runny bottom. I don’t know how he is surviving with this endless leaching of nutrients but he is lively and hungry for his rice and vegetables every time now.

I started early feeding Jude and am writing to you this morning with my morning coffee(s) – one is never enough!

Time to go to the Other Side!

Have a lovely day.



34 Comments on “BACKWARDS –

  1. While most of the time they get along quite well, our ten-pound cat terrorizes out eighty-five-pound yellow lab once or twice a day. The dog could eat the cat up in about two snaps, but the cat reigns over the whole show here. So there you are. 🙂

  2. Love the pictures today…and love the image of Jude peeking out at Wai. Very cute!

  3. Maybe Jude is allergic to rice. My beagle had bowel issues for months before the vet discovered she was allergic to rice and wheat. She had no more issues once we cut that out of her diet.

  4. Perhaps Jude will sneak up on Wai while he’s asleep. I once had a Siamese kitten that wanted to be friends with a very old and grumpy Burmese. Every time the Burmese fell asleep the Siamese would try to curl up next to her and in spite of vicious reprimands, he eventually wore her down and she accepted him.

  5. Beautiful photos today. Jude is so small. Or is Wai so big? I hope they become friends. Have a lovely day.

  6. Poor Wai, it strikes me that his fear isn’t based in any logic we can understand, and encompasses almost everyone and everything except probably you. Maybe continued exposure to small, harmless Jude will calm and relax his fear.

  7. These pictures are so INCREDIBLY beautiful. My heart sort of aches looking at them. From the meditative cow to that blessing of a sunset to that darling not-100% piglet playing with straw on his head…all I can think is how full life is.

  8. It appears Wai has made friends with Tame, hopefully he will come to accept little Jude in time. Laura

  9. I wonder if Jude must be missing whatever gut bacteria comes with his mothers milk? Which probably means he will sort it out over time. I imagine he’s now getting lots of the gut bacteria that are more normal for pigs, being in the barn. I always eat yogurt for gut problems but I’m not sure it’s going to be helpful to him.

    • That is absolutely the problem. He has yoghurt in his milk once a day. Once he is balanced again I will not change anything- and he will do ok. I have rebalanced him three times now so I believe he will get better this time too.

  10. I heard pumpkin was prescribed for a dog’s diarrhea and avocado for a baby. Would Jude consider either?
    So touching about Wai. Had no idea!

  11. Maybe one of Jude’s problems from not being able to nurse from his mum is food intolerances and that is why his bowels are runny. We had a dog once who was intolerant for colourings and preservatives in normal dog foods and I have dozens of things I can’t eat so maybe poor Jude might be stuck with that situation as well. Probiotics? Try isolating the foods he eats to one at a time? Lovely photo of Wai and Jude through the gate at each other 💕

    • He only eats vegetables and milk
      – I know what his problem is and he will get better. I don’t feed my animals (or myself) preservatives it food colourings. He will be ok -and is improving every day.
      Good thoughts though- thank you!

  12. Such beautiful pictures, all of them. The steer with horns, in the straw, makes me think of Christmas Eve.

    I was told many years ago by a nurse that bananas can be constipating in large’ish quantities and they should never be a gift to a new mother in hospital (they have enough to worry about). But I have used bananas for myself and my daughter (when she was little) to help solidify things when we were “off” (as well as a cat once or twice). I’m guessing it is a combination of the potassium and the fructose/sugar, which is good for healing. I know you’ve balanced Jude before, but I wonder if a small bite of banana once a day with his veg and milk would help? And it could be phased out fairly easily once he is regular. You’re brilliant when it comes to animals and the foods they need, but thought this might be a consideration.

    Good luck little Poo Bum Jude, Miss C will fix you up.
    Chris S in Canada

  13. Aunty Del has such a sweet, interested, loving look. She’s a beautiful cow. I think you’ll get little Jude settled again. He looks like he was having a lot of fun in the straw, typical little one, doesn’t take much for them to have fun. It would be wonderful to be someplace where there is so much sky all around.

  14. Oh, it is chilly! The sky looks good though. I have not seen blue for quite a while. Grey would be even better. This orangish tan is getting old.

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