For the first time in a million years ( it feels like) I am off out for lunch with a friend!

Bright, cold, sunny day yesterday and of course snowing again today. But I will not be deterred.



25 Comments on “IN A MILLION YEARS

  1. I hope you have your posh boots on! And maybe a bit of lippy?
    Jude is looking much sturdier and more these days. It may be misleading, of course, but that’s the impression I get from your photos. Speaking of which, that second shot of Jude and Ton in convoy is so funny; their markings are very similar!

  2. Hope you have a lovely day out. Pictures are wonderful today… as well as Ton and Jude, the shadows really grab me. — Mame 🙃

  3. Great to see Jude striding out with such confidence and outside too. Those plonkers are huge. Shame about your lunch date, you sure deserved a treat. Laura

  4. Celi!!! don’t stay home ~~ get your boots on and get in that pick up and get outa dodge!! We have at least 3-4 inches here and just got home from an appointment ~~ just drive carefully and you’ll be fine!!! It stopped snowing around here about 10AM . Love these pictures today!! Ton having fun guarding Piggy Poo!! I love some of the animals are just good ole buddies when they hang out with each other all the time!!! Now go for lunch!!!

  5. Oh this disappointment was just too much! Some planned fun for a change–and the gd snow! I’m sorry! Another bummer!

  6. But thank you for the funny TonTon-Jude convoy–as Kate said. But what about Boo! Where was he? On his day off perhaps?

    • Ton is in charge of the babies outside. Whereas Boo never leaves my side, Ton knows exactly where that baby is every minute of the day. He watches him like a hawk which is just as well as it will not be long before Jude escapes.

  7. Sorry you missed your lunch out. Snow storms can be very unpredictable and not worth challenging. You would never guess you had that kind of snow in the forecast from those wonderful photos. Jude looks wonderful and I love how Ton is keeping an eye on him.

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