Morning. Dark. Wintry Mix. I hate the wintry mix because it often results in Ice. And I hate ICE. The day before yesterday we had over three inches of snow. Then yesterday that melted and the ducks had a grand day.

It was sloppy wet. As the temperatures zoom up and down.

I am glad I have exchanged my clown pants for ski pants.

My old clown pants have gone in with the Grumpy Old Pet Pigs. When I make their bed I mound up the straw and lay old jackets, clown suits, etc. on top of the straw. Wai and Tane always manage to work their bodies into the straw that has an old clothing blanket on the top so they end up Under the blankets and are covered up for the night. Tima just lies on top of everything- I think she is menopausal and always hot!

I am happy with my new togs. A friend sent me this old pair of her ski pants and they are light and warm and dry fast.

Those Carhart bib overalls ( clown suits) that they all wear around here are so heavy, dragging down on my shoulders and back and the wetter they get the heavier they get – getting heavier as the day progresses and staying wet all day. Plus they are expensive! A change is good.

It is so slushy here now and I am sure the slush froze over in the night – there is more snow in the forecast so we are going to get a lot messier.

I am not complaining though – just reporting. Anything is better than fire. Paradise and its surrounds is where the army should be. They should be building shelters for those desperate homeless people in burnt out towns going into the winter living out of their cars, instead of putting razor wire around border towns to keep other homeless people penned out – creating riots out of desperation.

I am sure those people in Paradise – at least whoever is left, would welcome tent towns – as long as they were not surrounded in razor wire and an army of guns.

I am horrified. And worn out by the horror. Even though I am safe and warm – still … I am not an immigrant delivered to these gates through desperation but I am an immigrant.

What can I do. What can we do. And here I am talking about which warm pants to get, surrounded in fat well fed pigs.


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  1. America is a country of immigrants and that is what made it the great country it is today. I remember driving through the town of Paradise about 10 years ago taking my daughter to a summer camp nearby and thinking what a beautiful name for a country town.

    • Ellis Island used to process hundreds sometimes thousands a day. And all with paper and pen. I wonder if they had the army there too. When a particularly big ship came in. I will research it. I guess nothing is easy.

  2. There will be change. It’s happening at the House level up from the grassroots level. Just look at all the women and different ethnic groups who just got elected. It’s not fast enough, but this will be looked on as another dark period in America. Those folks in California deserve better. Puerto Rico deserves better. It’s up to us to keep working for a better world.

  3. Yes, how wonderful it would be if all the troops recently sent to the border could go and help the rebuilding efforts in California. That is what makes sense!

  4. Ooh ski pants, what a good idea! Did you get a similar sort jacket too, or should I be encouraging Tima to pass the hat around in the barn? The tv footage of Paradise has been horrendous, but the very best always is to do what keeps your farmy safe and warm. We are so far away and worry about you. Laura

  5. I agree with all your points, Celi. I know all of us are glad to have you here in the US. & writing this blog where you can have your say. Good to have the new winter apparel choice that makes the hard work easier doing. Ice is not good at all. Watch your footing out there.

  6. Thank you for saying something about Paradise. I live in the smokily apocalyptic Bay Area and we are all heartbroken about the fires in our state. It is not snowing (Lord we need rain so badly), but temperatures do get around freezing at night, and it’s hard to think of all those folks without a home. Many have been provided tents and many are sleeping in cars. Over 10,000 people are displaced. It will take many years to rebuild. We are all afraid that this is the way our state will always be from now on, with climate change. It’s all very sobering.
    I wrote a post about this, and reasons why fire is becoming more of an issue, if any of you are interested.
    Your ski pants sound perfect. 🙂

    • 10,000 people without homes is truly awful … and winter coming. And fires still burning. I have no words. Even breathing that air with all those burning chemicals and plastics – it must be dreadful.

  7. Sometimes the news is so desperately awful that the only way forward is to look for the helpers. See how heroic so many people are. See how many people help in big and small ways. Because otherwise it all feels like hell on earth.

    • This is important, to remember there are people helping in small and big ways. To know this. My friend G was evacuated from Oroville to the Gridley Fair Grounds, with her goats, dog, cats, a chicken. She’s living in her car with her dog, while her animals are cared for, warm and safe and fed, in pens undercover. Her animals are ok, but there are many who are not…..orphan lambs and horses, chickens with burnt butts (her words), an alpaca with burnt feet, being tenderly cared for every day, dressings changed and being coaxed to eat, surgery for a burned pig, her own chicken given a heat lamp. All volunteers, all caring, gentle, loving people, whatever is needed is given, says G. truckloads of animals and people just keep coming, and they’re all welcomed, given care and support and whatever is needed. Food and clothing for the humans. It’s distressing to hear of so much pain and loss and I am moved to tears every time I read her blog, tears for the injured and lost, but also for the goodness of people just doing what’s needed. Lights burning brightly in the darkness.

  8. We have seen footage here of the homeless and the devastation, but not of guns and razor wire… This sounds inhumane. Surely people who have survived what must have felt like the apocalypse should be treated with compassion, not this cold indifference. There will be more deaths: from desperation as well as from cold.

  9. There are places where we live here in CA that the smoke is so thick you an see less than a mile. School sports have been cancelled, people are advised to stay indoors, and those with allergies are really suffering. Our home is just a couple of valleys over and a bit south of Paradise. I feel so deeply nI my heart for those folk. NOW, regarding ice, my biggest woe is black ice. You don’t even know what hit you while you’re merrily spinning in circles in the highway! Aren’t ski pants wonderful!? Little animals are looking great! How is Jude doing in this new experience?

      • Nope. not in this smoke! No cyclists that I’ve seen, either. There’s really no place to go because Southern Cal is burning too. I have a daughter and grandson living down there, and a daughter in Fresno – both are suffering! Take a breath of good clean air for us, would you Ceci? Most appreciated!!

        • I am flying into Fresno for Christmas. Fresno (on a good day) has the second worst air in the country so my research tells me. Smoke in there as well would be dreadful.,

  10. We are living in the smoke of the Paradise (Camp) fire. And we are surrounded by people wearing masks. The death toll continues to rise… amen to your comment about where we need assistance.

    • It does sound like something out if a bad sci fi novel doesn’t it. And how long will your air be bad for. I hope you are wearing a mask. That chemical smoke can do real damage

  11. Good idea re the masks, Annette; I have a contact living not far from the Paradise fires who tells me it’s a ‘toxic smoke’ they have there due to all the manufactured things burning. Along with those who are suffering direct losses from the fires, this toxicity is a real threat to the much wider community. I fully agree with you, Miss C, re the wiser use of resources… and I’m fully aware of the situation but still wonder where the minds of those in positions of control are. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize and take action on the needs.
    Hope you can stay dry and warm, Miss C. Must be so difficult in this weather. Love your pictures today. — Mame 🙃

    • They so desperately need rain. A week of drenching rain would save lives at this point. But then what if the poor people living out of their cars and tool trailers .

      • They certainly need relief from the drought but I fear a week of drenching rain would start off more mud slides again. It’s an awful situation for sure.

  12. Empathy is what makes us feel for and with creatures including humans experiencing circumstances other than our own… unfortunate (at best) and devastating (at worst), and also in the best of time to celebrate good fortune. It can feel terrible and hopeless when we can do not much other than witness but to feel that oneness is far better than not. And where our hearts go out to something, healing energy follows ♡

  13. The few refugees that got this far seem to be getting accommodated. Most came here because they have people here, but are still camped out in garages and parking lots. I am amazed at the positive attitude. We will make it work. We always do.

    • They must be so tired after that incredible walk. Surely this is not unusual for people to band together for safety and support as they travel. The pioneers did the same thing.
      I am glad to hear that some have reached their friends and families.
      And it is heartening to hear of the positive attitude of you and the people in your town. Thank you for that.

      • I was about to explain that they did not walk, but instead flew, and their arms are now very tired; but really, they drove here. We are more than two hundred miles away. Refugees tend to migrate here because of the campgrounds.

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