Hang In There

You know the rule!

I have to write the first thing that comes to mind INTO the header.

And Hang In There was the first thing that came to mind.

I have engaged a very talented young man to clean up The Kitchens Garden (TKG) site AND join The Sustainable Home (TSH) with its workshops and newsletter and swag and all that good stuff) TO The Kitchens Garden.

So everything will be on one site. It is going to be WILD!

(The cows are getting too fat on John’s good hay so I am putting them on a crap-bale diet. The last thing I need is a cow too heavy to get up).

So, at some time in the very near future (by June I hope) we will all be dragged kicking and screaming into – well – a more streamlined look with TWO awesome sites working together.

I have neglected you all lately. Time to change all that and LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Get this show back on the road! All that stuff!

🦋 I really, really want to empower our people to make real resilient planet-friendly changes that they can sustain.

💦I really, really think that small changes to a complex organism (like our lives) can activate massive change. Especially if we work as a team to create a movement.

🎶 And I really, really love that you are along for the ride.

The Kitchens Garden is a fertile breeding ground of ideas and trials. The Sustainable Home will share that knowledge.

To do all this I have to be able to make a little money from TKG and SSH so I can go back to working on the farm and running the trials and workshops and blogging with you all more often. We need to get back to basics!

🌼I need to get back outside!

Duane (who will be building our new look TKG and adding The Sustainable Home (TSH) ) has told me that my pictures are way too big and not loading fast enough for you. Hmm.

Say Hi to Duane!

So can you tell me if you think TKG is loading faster for you today? They are too big still but at least I have optimized them a bit.

(The blog is going to load super fast after Duane is finished with it!)!

It won’t be long now. Soon we will be back in the barn full time.

And The Kitchens Garden meets The Sustainable Home will become my full time job.

God the relief after I made this decision!

Have a gorgeous day!


49 Comments on “Hang In There

  1. I’m sending the bunny picture to my friend Audrey in New Zealand – she has two house rabbits! I love the fact that he’s in front of the fire with the dogs.

    • Thank you Beth.

      Getting the sign up organized for the Sustainable Home newsletter will be a game changer. Then the farm blog can refocus on the farm and the TSH side can be where all that lands.

  2. Great news ! And thanks for pulling us all together….I love your photos (I turned several of them into drawings & paintings, lordy, I hope that’s OK), so I’m happy they will still be a part of the blog. This is a all so exciting….wheeee !!… can hardly wait.

  3. Compared to the Home and Blog page links, this post loads much faster. C, are you saying that the Kitchens Garden will be behind a paywall/subscription in the future?

    • NOPE! The Kitchens Garden is just the same. I may add a few paid links here and there to pay for maintenance as this site is getting SO BIG things are falling over. But basically it is the same just MORE.

      On The Sustainable Home site there will be an opportunity to sign up for the FREE newsletter and also a chance to buy workshops, consults, subscribe to the Deep Dive Newsletters, Speaking dates – stuff like that. The Amazon page will be cleaned up.

      This way the farmy blog stays as the farmy blog. It will be prettier though! But familiar and good.

  4. In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is considered to be the luckiest of the 12 animals..and this being the year of the Rabbit..it should be a great one for you! 🙂

  5. Your Site seems to load the same as always. never had a problem with never had a problem loading your pictures.

  6. I’ve never had a problem loading the photos. I make mine smaller to avoid storage with WP from becoming a problem. Good luck with the web site combining.

      • As I finally get more organized, purge more and take time to decide what is really important for what’s left of my time, this little place is becoming a comfortable home. Have not had to turn on the heat this year. It stays warm on it’s own. Even all the LED lights, etc, keep my power bill quite low. I cooked for the week today. It will do nicely for my last address. Snow today, tomorrow and Tues. I love watching it. I have a safe place to walk inside during bad weather too. 🙂 Hugs to you my friend.

  7. Your photos/pictures are not too big! Your blog opens up immediately for me. I love the bleed edge you have your photos-
    when I was working on my BFA thesis for Photography I was using film cameras and when I would hand print the photos whether in color
    or black and white I always let the negative edge to be shown. As my work was about water it made the images seem to float on the paper.

  8. I’ve never had a problem with any of your photos, Celi, on my ancient Mac computer (except missing them very much) or now on my brand new Christmas present large Mac desktop & I say Hooray! for all your happy sounding enthusiasm at last for new prospects & endeavors. I’m with Mad about the courageous brave Bunny & beloved Good Dogs. Bless all their dear hearts & you & your John for his care of all the Farmy Creatures Huge & Small in this New Year! I’m looking forward with you, Judith

  9. Photos were fine today but I’m on a tablet. Usually read on laptop and in the past have had minor issues at times. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am that we are coming back around to the farm!! I have so missed it as the central home for TKG.

    • Sometimes even people walk around in a circle! Just got to finish this semester and get the workshops happening:

      I will still travel of course! But that is normal for me.

  10. Celi, I love your pictures today ~ especially Bunny with Boo and TonTon! Well your title today “Hang in there” has been my title since Nov 2nd ~ my beloved husband went to sleep in his chair ~ I was outside for a while and came in to find him ~ called 911 and they came and worked on him a long time but not one beat. If Jerry had heart problems we didn’t know it ~ I’ve been in such shock and deep sorrow ~ missing him beyond words. We had just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary Oct 18th ~ Up until covid we traveled to many places around the world and he was begging me to get another trip booked cause he was ready to get back in the air to “somewhere” ~ Australia and New Zealand. He is my 2nd husband I lost in a shocking instant death. Dale died 30 years ago in ’92 ~ brakes went out in a huge hog trailer with 56 250 lb market hogs and made the pickup swerve into a big telephone pole ~ front left drivers wheel head on ~ steering wheel caused major aorta rupture. Both were very precious husbands ~ people have always said “Carol, you are so lucky to have 2 very wonderful husbands. So my heart has been very heavy with many tears and I think of other people who go thru these difficult times of sorrow. Glad to see you back here ~ hugs to my Boo Boy. Hope all keeps going well for you.

    • Oh Carol! You poor old thing. What a horrible shock. You must be feeling awful. Doesn’t matter how lucky you were that is still so hard.

      I am so sorry.

      Blessings to you, and Old Boo sends hugs straight back.

      I will keep you in my thoughts – for strength. You have been one of The fellowship for years! Love. Love. C

      • thanks Celi ~ shedding many tears ~ right now too. Thanks Boo ~ I’ll love your hugs 💕💕💕 Love ya’s.

  11. I love these plans… and am looking forward to the Sustainable Home Zooms. Btw I don’t and never have had speed issues with your photos loading. However, for my own blog I do minimise the photo size before uploading; a little time consuming it involves opening and saving every pic at low res but reduces the amount of gbs used of the WordPress site storage. There are apps that can make it more efficient but for the small amount of photos I use, manually works for me.

  12. Like Dale, I downsave my images to make them smaller but not so much that you can’t click on and enlarge them. I’ve been on WP for more than seven years now, and I’m still using a free site, despite frequent posting with images. One of these days I’ll go back and delete some of the earlier and not very interesting posts to clear some space so I can keep going even longer. I’ve never changed the way my blog looks either, it would feel weird to see it looking different! But I feel your excitement at the evolution of the Kitchens Garden and the Farmy community, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how your vision for it translates into visuals. Your photos are always beautiful. You need to convert that into revenue: I’d love some of your huge skies or sunsets or frosty winter wastes as postcards, for example.

    • Yes! I should do that! I have a little on zazzle but as soon as I can ditch the day job I will be back in business!

      It has been a bit of a hiatus really – with the pandemic and all – all that stuff knocked me off my perch.

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