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Midnight milking

On my way down to once a day milking I milk every 18 hours for one cycle. This changes the cows from twice a day to once a day without trauma. But within that cycle is one midnight milking. It is actually a rather nice… Continue Reading “Midnight milking”

Shopping as Therapy? Nope.

I know that when many women go shopping they will look at shoes (and yes I do need a new pair of warm gumboots for the winter), or new underwear (reaching for a rag in the milking room yesterday there was a pair of… Continue Reading “Shopping as Therapy? Nope.”

Help Comes

And it is Good. The day before yesterday I roared through the day getting ready for the new woofer plus working with the rescue piglets every few hours. The five are still alive but one is very low and there are two who still are unable to get… Continue Reading “Help Comes”

Then a step sideways

I had to put the two badly hurt piglets to sleep.  I had hoped they would recover but they were getting less and less able to move about, their legs were useless and their crying had become piteous. It was only going to get worse for… Continue Reading “Then a step sideways”