Midnight milking

On my way down to once a day milking I milk every 18 hours for one cycle. This changes the cows from twice a day to once a day without trauma. But within that cycle is one midnight milking. It is actually a rather nice milking period once I have woken the cows up and brought them in. It is quiet, the lights are low and there is no fuss or bother, last night I had  some nice classical music (Bach – cellos) which I turn up loud and I took out a very strong coffee and a glass of wine  (in my jar with a lid so no bugs flew into it), and the cows and I had our midnight date. The sounds of the night are all muted, the pigs shuffle about and resettle and the cows and I work together.  It takes about an hour and a half to milk and clean, strain the milk and tidy up completely and I rather drew it out last night enjoying working alone in the dark.


Today I milk in the evening and then by Saturday we are landed neatly back onto a late morning milking and ready to proceed with one milking every 24 hours. From then on I will milk after second breakfast. A perfectly civilised hour.  Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we get into our new rhythm easily.

Tonight I am loading everyone up into The Boat (my newish truck that seats six)  and taking them  to the Italian restaurant way off down the road for our monthly woofer dinner, where the food is lovely, the owner has got in some New Zealand wine for me and no-one has to cook or do dishes.  (Last nights dishes took NINE minutes – a very heavy night in the kitchen). So I might give myself a proper siesta. pigs

I have made marscapone for the chef as a present. I make mine with lemon juice which is a cheats way but is still delicious. It is still straining in the fridge but should be done by tonight.

Marscapone is like creme fraiche but easier.  Very easy actually. Just heat four cups of  cream to 190F, add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice (or vinegar) – stir until it lightly curdles then take off the heat – cool a bit then strain for about 12 – 24 hours in the fridge.  It is lovely and creamy and lightly tangy. Perfect on everything. cows

Easy peasy.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi




36 Comments on “Midnight milking

  1. Easy peasy…Love that phase. I think I will try to include it in my world. Enjoy your dining out tonight.

  2. what a lovely post. the narration was so direct and delicate that I felt like I was living that exact moment… and the funny thing is I have never milked a cow!

  3. What a civilised and peaceful milking session you’ve described for us. I love the ideas of the girls giving up their milk to the strains of Bach cellos. I must try your mascarpone recipe with some lactase-treated cream; I’ve had to give up the commercial variety because of lactose intolerance.

  4. I am most surprised the cows do not object to this late milking, but on the other hand it may seem like a midnight feast of sorts 🙂 Milking after second breakfast seems more civilised indeed. Laura

  5. Have a great dinner! Homemade mascarpone sounds lovely and what a wonderful gift. Do you make your own yogurt? Do you have instructions for that? I want to try to make some but afraid to do it.

  6. I have a question do you use a bug (mosquito repellent) they have been biting me like crazy! Thanks-Marsha Kern

  7. Trying to picture the cows smelling the coffee and listening to Bach while you and the bugs and the wine get to work. You have a way of unifying life’s small moments into something larger and rather pleasing!

  8. I love marscopone..absolutely delish! But I think that your homemade is far better than i buy in the supermarket and I am not clever enough to even attempt to do it myself..also it is not possible to get real cream in Bulgaria. They have the cows but no cream !!!…I really hope that you will enjoy your meal out ..it sounds yummy..lots of love   

    Sent: Friday, September 23, 2016 at 1:32 PM

  9. The pictures of the fields today are exceptionally beautiful, so easy to tell that autumn has arrived. Have a wonderful dinner tonight.

  10. Have a fantabulous evening! I am currently almost kitchen-less and almost bathroom-less, utility as soon as I’m back up to proper cooking speed I’m going to make mascarpone!

  11. That sounds like such a peaceful night with the milking cow, Bach,and wine . The pictures are beautiful. have a wonderful day☺

  12. Aw, the vision of waking sleeping cows…… I know when I have to wake my pups it is such a lovely time…… stretch yawn…. wag…. Do Cows do the same?

    I’m sure all the animals must have thought you have your days and nights mixed up!

  13. I read your title first and thought, “What fun!” If you give the cows wine they will make mascarpone themselves!
    I went to a chef’s birthday a few years ago and the cream cake was the most delicious I’d ever tasted (and I’m not a cake person). When I mentioned it to his wife the next day, she told me it was mascarpone, which explained everything 🙂

  14. Midnight milking with wine and Bach sound like something no male farmer would think about. lol. Their loss! Have a great excursion tonight. 🍷😍

  15. How absolutely gorgeous! Coffee, wine, Bach with cellos [uhuh, quite my cuppa 🙂 ! ] and some very, very relaxed cattle I bet more than willing to part with their contribution to the theme!! Do hope you had a fab dinner with your wwoofer crowd . . . no dishes and delightful offerings . . . glory Hallelujah!!

    • Thank you, Celi, because these days there is oft simply too much for us to process . . . naturally I thought of Yo Yo Ma whom I have adored forever , but I did not realize what I had somehow missed in my interim . . . Prince Albert Hall last year . . . OMG . . . if you do not hear of where I am forever and a day : that surely is IT!!! huge hugs Eha

  16. Everyone already said what I would have said, and probably even better than I would have said it. Smoochies, Your Gayle

  17. There is an urban, or maybe rural, legend here about ‘cow tipping’. Claims if you sneak up on a sleeping cow you can easily tip it over! Can’t say I’ve ever tried it.
    My chef son in law brought a cake to a celebration that was baked by one of the wait staff at his restaurant. It was a lemon cake with mascarpone, easily the very best cake I’ve ever eaten!

  18. Got me on the marscapone .. You know something? I would love to have been with you while you were doing that midnight milking .. Sounded special. I have to ask, what was the NZ wine?

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