I Know, I Know

There is something of an Autumnal air to the colours in the images I am collecting now but only in the surrounding crops.autumnal

The farm and I are holding on Tooth and Nail to summer.


I dread the winters here. Winter will come I know – but I prefer not to think about it yet.dsc_0425

It is the weekend which  means my help all stands down (they leave next week!) so I had better get to work. dsc_0451

I hope you have a lovely day


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  1. Love the photo of Egoli (is it Egoli, or Marmalade?) demonstrating how you hang on Tooth and Nail… And your woodshed certainly looks ready for the W word.

  2. Autumn is a lovely time, especially in America where a lot of the trees turn red. I always thought they chose very good dawns and sunsets, in films, to get extra orange light on the forests, until I lived there and saw the beautiful red leaves first hand.

  3. Yes, I’m hanging on to it as well! Our last 90 degree day will be today and then the temps drop into the 70s. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to swim daily in the lake until now, but that will stop for sure next week. 🙁 As one who lusts after stacks of firewood, I’m wondering if you have enough put up for the winter, or will be stacking away more. I know it’s more difficult to come by in your neck of the woods! xo

  4. Right now we are wondering what happened to spring – straight from freezing to boiling. Love the organised wood shed. Laura

  5. We do try to tuck those thoughts of things we don’t especially like or want right out of our heads don’t we…until one day we wake up and they slap us in the forehead, laughing and saying “I told you so”

  6. It’s been butt cold here for weeks now and my squash has not yet ripened. I think I got it in too late. Next summer will start earlier and maybe it won’t be as cool as this one was. The summer before was HOT all the way through. Just can’t count on the weather I’m afraid. I can understand why you would not want to see winter. You can turn into a Popsicle in a flash. I have plenty of padding to keep me warm. 🙁

  7. Strange how one minute it was hot and sunny ..then suddenly overnight..much cooler. I already have my woolly socks on ,cardigan and fingerless gloves. I am a cold mortal. Autumn is very beautiful even here in Bulgaria.? I love to see the different coloured leaves..until one day there is a big wind and whoosh..they have all gone

    • I just love it when people chime in with where they live. It’s always a good geography lesson when folks we care about Live in different states or different countries. I, for one, live in Sacramento, California. From (San Francisco to) Sacramento, I lived in Sacramento for 13 years. Then I left for a six year stay in Longview, Washington, returning to Sacramento 3 1/2 years ago because my daughter, Marzieh, had a baby girl. It has been quite a ride, but now I am blessed with this little girl in my life, a little girl who got served pork & beans and said she didn’t want to eat the beans because they were feisty, and did not want to try on the chokers I have been making (I’m a jeweler) because she didn’t want e choke, so you can see a bit of my delight. And I, too, love the aesthetics of your wood pile. Sending a summery waves of love your way, Your Gayle

  8. Hey it is SUMMER still in Texas – I would love to send you this heat! Our T-shirts arrived yesterday. Two for us and Two for friends who have two blue heeleres like Little Boy Blue (BOO). I can’t wait for them to have their tees. These two have been my ‘support’ many times this year….. so I think the tees will be perfect thank yous.

  9. I’m with you Cecilia. Dread winter nowadays. Never used to though. Lovely shot of colors and of course the cat.

  10. I got my tshirt yesterday too! It is still very hot here too tho they promise (ha) some slight relief next week. We don’t get those beautiful leaf changes here. I admit that I have been a leaf peeper while in the northeast USA one fall years ago. It was quite a sight.

  11. We got the weather button switched over very suddenly yesterday as well (here in coastal Maine). I don’t think we are going to have our usual blaze of color this year because of the drought, everything seems to be going yellow and then to brown. It makes me sad! But, we may be getting a touch of Indian Summer end of this coming week, with a few days hitting 70F!

  12. I love he colours of fall and the clean, not too cold, air. Piles of wood is always a promise that everything is all right for the days ahead. Hang on to those last vistages of summer. You certainly work hard at preparing for the hard season. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. September has been lovely and I hope it continues through October. I love this time of year in Mi. Have received my tee and love it. Great quality, so soft. And the photo and Lurch motto are so sweet.

  14. I want to see a photo or 2 of the new Truckinator for the farm. Thanks. it’s a guy thing to see trucks.

      • Oh, you two: I already ‘tried’ and was told it was just a ‘farm truck’ 🙂 ! Well, a rather important ‘farm truck’ to my/our way of thinking . . . so ‘try, try again’ . . .

        • I tried too, but as Celi pointed out, “it’s only a truck”. Perhaps we should just hope for a fortuitous glimpse when she has it loaded with WWOOFers and equipment and dogs and perhaps a peacock or two…

          • *soft Sunday laugh* . . . but naturally not her . . . . or a shoulder or shadow at best!!!!! Hoping . . . . . . .

  15. Shout out from Connecticut. We are having a mix of humid days and breezes at night. Who knows what is next, the weather changes so fast. Our tees came in yesterday. They are soo soft and cannot wait to wear mine. Thank u for creating them!

  16. I’m not ready for winter either, but it is klnocking on our door…snow in the mountains all around us!


  17. It’s getting late in the year and I am leaning into wanting my new calendar. I am IN LOVE with this calendar, so am urging the process on to purchase. I know, I know…just one more flippin’ thing, right? Just what you needed. Much love, Your Gayle

  18. It has dropped 20 degrees here in the Az Desert at night and 10 degrees during the day, in the last week. Which is a low of 65 at night and a high of 90 during the day, actually pretty nice.
    We are moving to New York on Tuesday. I have not lived in any winter to speak of, this should be interesting. I have been in snowy weather on vacation or visiting relatives but living in it is brand new for me.

  19. A lovely wood pile! One of my granddaughters loves everything pig-related. I know she’ll love this tee. Thanks!

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