Then a step sideways

I had to put the two badly hurt piglets to sleep.  I had hoped they would recover but they were getting less and less able to move about, their legs were useless and their crying had become piteous. It was only going to get worse for them. So I had to call it.  Putting them to Sleep is how my Dad used to say it too. Euthanise is not a word I use often.  DSC_0538

This leaves the five, two of whom are looking great and refuse to let me help them feed anymore.  Two are very shaky but eating well with help.  Number five is not sure yet.  So I am still on two hours feeds for these two weak ones.brassica seedlings

Molly has developed a limp so I am escalating the supplementary feeding of her eleven babies.  They are so demanding. I would have liked to leave them with her for at least six weeks but I may have to wean them earlier. She is such a good girl – they share her food bowl all the time and she does not mind at all.  I am sure she is just trying to help me train them to eat so they will leave her the hell alone. piglets

Yesterday I got out and did some fencing – it was such a joy to be out in the fields with my tools just puttering about – I had my phone with the alarm set for the babies but the air was lovely after that rain. clouds

I have visitors coming for dinner tonight so I had better get a wriggle on.  Plus I need to get the room ready for the new woofer. I hope he likes pigs! DSC_0520

I hope you have a lovely day.



39 Comments on “Then a step sideways

  1. Well done Misd C..not a nice decision but the right one. It would be inhuman to let an animal l congratulate you my dear friend

  2. You made the right call…poor sweet babies. I hope the others thrive- especially the weakest one.
    Glad you are getting more help- big hugs to you.

  3. A sad decision, but the right one. Having had to put countless small furry & feathered ones “out of their misery” (as my mum would say) it’s not nice. But necessary. Glad the remaining piglets are doing better now.

  4. I don’t think you could do anything else. Good news about the lively ones though and fingers crossed for the weaker ones. It looks like Boo is keen to help 🙂

  5. It is hard to make that call, but you know when it is necessary and the humane choice. It will be great to have the extra hands once the Woofer arrives. Enjoy your dinner tonight.

  6. You are the human. They are the animal. Humanely, lovingly is the best we can offer sometimes. Farm life moves on, doesn’t it? Molly and her piglets will get us through. Glad you caught a bit of “normal”, however brief. Been thinking about The Cadet and wondering if she was still around.

  7. Sending you positive energies to deal with all that is happening on the farmy. I’m glad the woofer will arrive tomorrow! So cool to see the plants ready for the fall garden! We are beginning to plant our fall crops as well! xo

  8. Yes, we’ll take the sidestep in the hope that tomorrow will herald two forward again. Rooting for the 5 remaining piggies. Enjoy your r&r tonight. Laura

  9. I’m glad your help is coming and you got a breath of fresh air for a moment. Any respite helps, I’m sure. My heart goes out to you. Never an easy decision but one I would make too. Have a wonderfilled Sunday.

  10. You constantly remind us that farming is not all pretty pictures of tiny animals, this latest litter of piggies show us the heartache you go through. Thankfully you did what you had to do and then had the chance to get time out doors to work on the fencing. Hammering and banging is a real stress buster. Enjoy your visitors this evening and fingers crossed the Woofer like pigs.

  11. I hope you’ve regained your energy and are not in the quitting farming mood. Of course I want what’s best for you, but I would miss the Farmy. It must be so hard though…crushing sometimes, and yet you always rise! I understand sideways…I feel like so am moving sideways so often. But then again I’m a cancer and that’s what we crabs do. Lots of love.

  12. So sad but it sound like it was definitely for the best. You’ve really been through it–I’m so glad help is coming.

  13. I know that the decision to put those two piglets to sleep wasn’t easy, those kind never are. It’s hard to say what kind of injuries the poor little things had and you gave them their best chance. I hope the remaiin five do well. Enjoy the beautiful day.

  14. I’m so sorry about what you have been through with the piglets and Tahiti. It is very sad, but you seem to be handling it with such practical care, as you do everything. We are all rooting for the remaining piglets.

  15. Wild woman of the prairie… your life is not easy, and yet the struggle catapults you to drive on. Because that is what any wild woman would do.

  16. Ah C. yes, sideways step is surely better than the backward ones….bless you. I love that shot of the sky from the farm yard…I bet it felt so good to be out there inhaling those sweet, healing breezes after all you’ve been through these past few days.

  17. Well done. A hard decision, but made humanely. You sound a little more optimistic about the rest, so we will cautiously allow ourselves to hope. Poor Molly the teenage mama, she just wants her life back but she’s doing a good job all the same. Bear up, Miss C, you’re steering a hard course, but we’re cheering you along. Fingers crossed for a piglet loving, kitchen trained, hard working WWOOFer.

  18. Sorry about the poor little piglets. At least you have a distraction with your visitors tonight. Have fun and I hope the new woofer is a lot of help.

  19. Yes a difficult but necessary–and KINDNESS to the suffering piglets. I sure hope you have a nice glass or two or three of wine tonight. Kick back with your guests. And your woofer is serious help.
    Tomorrow we are having the basement concrete jackhammered to make way for indoor tile/sump pump installation. Just dreading this. No a/c and no hot water for a couple days. Plus dust galore I guess. I’m too old for this!

  20. You know how to do the right thing…your strength continues to amaze me. Those hard calls show how much our animals… pets or otherwise, are left to the care or loving and educated, experienced hands. Your hands and your heart qualify. Enjoy all the good that you bring. I look so forward to your posts.

  21. aww, thanks for the update and sad for the two, but the most merciful i think. you obviously have the experience to be able to know who will make it and who won’t and you’ve done everything humanly possible for all of them. hugs and wishes for the rest –

  22. I wish you all the best, dear Celi! And a very well outcome to all that you are facing right know! You are so great!

  23. I think I prefer to say ‘put and end to their suffering’, it lends the honor the act deserves. Always always a difficult decision, so sorry you had to make it.

  24. A hard call but a good call. A compasionate balance, with time enough to rally if able and a compassionate ending. Your change of energy outside today and enjoyable company tonight should carry you a bit further 🌹

  25. ‘Going to sleep’ is one of my comments also: it has a lovely gentle tone to it . . . sincerely trust the worst is behind you for this time and that the new wwoofer will get the plot and fit right in . . .

  26. Dear, dear Celi, This was a difficult post to read and I’m thinking it was even more difficult to carry out. But you did the best thing for the poor little piglets and I am proud of you for taking that step.

    What will become of Tahiti? Will she become food for the freezer or would her rapacious actions taint her meat, making her flesh inedible? And what will happen with the little piglets? Will they be eaten? You made a wise though very difficult decision, and I as well as the rest of the fellowship, support you in your actions 1000%.

    I send you oceans and oceans of love and understanding, along with a considerable dollop of good faith and knowledge of a job well done, Your Gayle.

  27. Bless them and bless you – and now it is time to get on with the getting on lest we wallow in the mire and misery. (I don’t remember where I picked that up – but it is a good line that I need to put on a sheet of paper for myself too) Is that Nanny Boo looking in on the piggies?

    Where is the new woofer from this time? I hope he likes pigs too – or maybe fence building or barn repairing…. Didn’t the wind shift the barn a tad where the doors are more off than before?

    17 days until I leave on a small adventure….. I’m not ready for a trip – but alas I trip I will go for my hubby. Trains Trains and more Trains….. I have married a man who’s 1st love are his model trains and all steam trains…..

  28. What a tough week you’ve had. Sorry that had to happen, farms sure have trying events. Glad to see the cute pics of the piglets in the garden.

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