A little JOY

Molly took her piglets into their weed garden yesterday.
piglets play






They played and played for ages. Running at top speed playing dodg’ums jumping over the top of each other, smashing into each other, ambushing each other, honking and grunting with delight until Mum called them in for dinner and I closed the gate for the night.


I hope you find loveliness today too.

Love celi



44 Comments on “A little JOY

  1. Adorable piggies!! And what a spectacular last photo, is it sunrise or sunset?

  2. Just look how lavishly chubby and contented they are… all shiny and smiling. Molly is such a good mum. I’m glad you found some joy to share with us, Miss C. Do you know yet which are gilts and which are plonkers?

  3. Just found a dose of loveliness right here, thank you!!! I love the joy that young creatures of all kinds feel. We need to bottle it and take it into age with us.

  4. Piglets sure do know how to have Big Fun!!! And they do indeed bring laughs and joy! Love the pics!!! xo

  5. heh heh… “footballs with legs”, indeed. That’s how I picture the size of them to be too. Wonderful fun! And the last photo appears like a painting; it’s really beautiful. Thank you for your joy! Hope your day is a grand one too! ~ Mame πŸ™‚

  6. They are so cute. My mother always said that : where there is sadness, look around, and you will find happiness.

  7. how wonderful to read that Molly at least is getting on with the job…they seem very happy to be out and about. But what of the other piglets?  

    Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 at 3:32 PM

  8. What an adventure they had. If pigs dream they must have carried their day over into sleep, running and jumping and living a pigs life.

  9. They are so freaking adorable my sweet friend. I showed mom the pictures and she was all ooohhh and aawww (I think she is having piggy fever). Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  10. Charming photos. And like everyone above agree we all needed that! And the sunset OMG. But I must say I’m going to have to investigate Instagram. I’m envious of the sounds. I didn’t know Instagram has sound.

    • When you play a video on instagram you will have sound. My gmail account will no longer receive video or images from my phone, the files are too big (so i cannot load them into the blog) so this is the best way to use the phone to show you an even more instant side of the farm. c

  11. I really delighted in the video on Instagram, what utter joy those piglets were having. Best to you and ‘the five’. xx

  12. I too loved the piggie video on Instragram… loved the contrast of the Farmy sounds in beautiful Broome… from where I posted on Instagram the twin of your sunset πŸ™‚

  13. Well, my time limits and your Instagram are not exactly friends but I can imagine the joy this unruly mob found in the ‘forest’ they discovered!! So, it’s half-good, isn’t it dearHeart . . . πŸ™‚ ?

  14. The farmy needed some smiles and Molly’s gang came through for you. Bless them!
    We’re in for more beautiful red sunsets, much like the one you captured, for the foreseeable future.. The fires out west are sending ash particles into the atmosphere. Sure wish there was a better way.

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