Another Reason To Walk Down The Back

Don’t just sit there – get up and walk!

I know right ? (wriggles in chair and sits up straighter) – our bodies were not designed for a sedentary existence. When I was working with the online tutoring company I spent way too long sitting and I ached! My whole body went out in protest to all the sitting around. Now that I am active again I feel so much better, no more achy joints (or bottom).

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time is not natural.

Walking every day is mandatory on a farm. And now we have a new reason to walk all the way down the back. Follow me and Boo Boo because Ton always chooses to sleep on the verandah and wait for us to return.

Mature Berkshire hog standing in the doorway of his trailer home.

Good morning Jude.

Gap in the trees looking across to a corner of the wheat fields.

Through the gap in the fence.

Young trees - cloudy skies.

Past the Fellowship Forest. Forests take a long time to you know – which is why I am adding Fellowship Bushes to help with our Carbon Co-Pay.

Past the asparagus that is so sad after last nights hard frost that I am not looking.

The Ditch that was a Creek

And over we go to the Ditch that was a Creek.

Can you see my shadow, taking a photograph of the tracks through the long grass down to the ditch. (I will get a better shot this afternoon without the shadow).

I want to know who is making those tracks and whether it is a bastard mink because you know I hate bastard minks badly enough to wear them as a hat. And they like to make their burrows along ditch banks. But then again it might be a rabbit. Nothing too big though.

So I have borrowed one of those trail cameras, and set it up down there to watch that track. And the ditch, and see what we can see. I know the coyotes walk this track when they are out checking the perimeter of their territory so maybe (I hope) we might get a shot of them one day.


Even colder this morning but the sun is out!

Weather in central Illinois Monday April 24 2023

😒 Still cold. Maybe I hate April more than I hate May.

Here is a post from April 2020 – I was looking for weather related stuff. But got pandemic related stuff. And nothing at all about the weather. It still makes for interesting reading though. Plus I have discovered a lot of lost months. I am not sure how that happened but I am getting in touch (again) with wordpress to see why that happened and where they are.

I don’t want stuff lost.

Have a great day!

The sun is out here!


PS – All you Substack subscribers – (thank you so much for choosing the paid subscription of $5 a month – your faith in me is beyond wonderful) – today is Story Day! If you miss it I will leave the link in the comments later today and again tomorrow.

I am off to edit it now.

37 Comments on “Another Reason To Walk Down The Back

  1. Wonderful photos and great advice. You made me sit up straighter when reading your post! Have a great week- hope it
    gets warmer! xoxo

    • I know! I need to have some kind of bell that says – Sit Up, Get Up! I can go so deep when I write hours can pass without me noticing! Then all I can feel in a numb bottom.

    • I had thought of that. Maybe I should put the camera where Boo does not walk – I might after we find out who is knocking that grass down. I think it may not be a mink because of all the grass knocked down like that – may be a rabbit. Minks stay very close to the ground. Bastards.

      • Yes, I think it’s bigger than a mink. Do you get many wild rabbits? My farmer is having trouble at present with rabbits eating the new vegetable shoots.

        • Rabbits! How nasty for him. We have never had a problem with rabbits when we had vast numbers of barn cats and nubile dogs. Lately though I am seeing more rabbits than before. And though Ton does not even notice now – he does not even hear thunder- Boo will see a rabbit then look to me for permission to chase it. I can only imagine that training him to be gentle with Nelson has done this. I say yes chase it- and of course it is long gone by then.
          So – yes. We are getting rabbits.

  2. Good morning Celi……I do like checking in with you each day…..thanks for this. Living in AZ where it is already 94 degrees on April 24th makes one wish for colder weather like yours. Oh…..I so hate the heat!
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. Lovely farm walk today, thank you. Lovely shot of Jude. Long time since we’ve heard about the ditch that was a creek! Boo is amazing waiting for your permission to chase a rabbit. Love to Nelson💕

  4. Ton-ton is old now, isn’t he? I feel for him. And also, if I recall, you said he’s deaf–I practically am too. So, please, don’t be too hard on him. He’s earned his rest.

  5. Funny, as I read this I’m on my daily walk . I was tired when I got home after working and commuting and almost went straight to the couch, it’s remind myself how much better I always feel after my walk, and here I am!

  6. So what sort of bushes are you considering down in the forest? Or are they going anywhere that needs a bush?

    • It depends on my strikes this spring. I just grow bushes from my own bushes so hydrangea, lilac, all those others here – I do have a guy who grows natives to this area and sometimes he shoots a few my way if they have not sold.

  7. We love to walk and are back in to it again now the weather has cooled off… there are still snakes around yet but not as many and they are slower.

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